When we think and look from the traveler's perspective, there are a few countries holding a diverse diaspora and supporting tourism too.

These countries are likely to be on the bucket list of many people. However, then comes the USA, which nevertheless is ' everyone's favorite' and an 'all-time country ' to visit.

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With the top cities of the world like New York, it is a dream come true. And what's more in the box?

Not just this, here is a list of the amazing Music festivals in the US, that would have a special place in your memory box, so Book your USA visa online soon.

Upcoming Music Festivals in the US in 2023

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Here’s a list of the Upcoming Music Festivals in US.

1. The So What Music Festival

The So What Music Festival, without a doubt is, one of the most lively Upcoming Music Festivals in US. It is scheduled on June 24th and June 25th this year.

Music never forgets to render solace to one’s soul. With these top music events, you can surely have memorable experiences with the top US Upcoming Music Festivals. 

2. Outside Lands Festival

Outside Lands Festival will take place from August 11 to 13th this year. Book your USA visa online This amazing festival takes place in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco California.

Be it the curation of the perfect music beats or the unique luxury experience the festivity offers, it would take your heart away for sure. The SOMA tents along with wine and beer lands are other noteworthy marks of this event.

3. Riot Music

The best music piece has a never-ending feel. And that is what the Riot Music Festival reminds us. The festival began in 2005 and is a multi-day festival.

If you have a love for music, then this is your idea of a perfect date! From hip-hop to rock to much more, you can find it all here.

Moreover, the sideshow performances and the delicious food makes the aura more special. Still thinking?, get your USA tourist visa online soon.

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4. Austin City Limits

When the love for music is endless, then the fun to experience it should be never-ending too. What do we have for you?

The most famous Austin City Limits Music Festival, which is one of the best Upcoming Music Festivals in the US in 2023 is a must-watch.

It presents numerous performances and the most intriguing stage acts lined up one after the other. It is scheduled for the month of October, so Book your USA visa online.

5. Joshua Tree Music Festival

There is no second thought to the fact that music is food for every soul out there. Do you reside in a family having crazy music love?

Well, the Joshua Tree Music Festival is one of the best Upcoming Music Festivals in US. 

The unique aspect is it is a Global Music festival. It is scheduled to take place in the month of October. So, get ready with your USA visa online and be a part of this wonder!

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