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Apply Visa Online For These Popular Destinations.

Popular Destinations

Apply Visa Online For These Popular Destinations.

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We Take Care Of Your Online Visa Application

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Like exploring new places

Click on globe below to know more

Like exploring new places

Click on globe below to know more

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The Services We Offer

We at Visa2Fly offer many services - visa processing, travel insurance and SIM card services being some of them.

The number of Indian tourists travelling to international destinations has increased by 15- 18% per year. To keep up with this, Visa2Fly has fast and reliable visa processing services available. We offer contactless visa services such as e-visas, which keep everyone’s health and safety in mind during these trying times. Our other visa services are also customized to Covid-19 regulations to include minimal contact - clients will not need to leave their homes multiple times. You can apply for visa online with us, and we will come assist you at your doorstep: this is our specialty. We have information on visas for all countries - and we offer services for them as well:  Whether you need an Australia tourist visa or a Japanese tourist visa, we are here to help.

You’ll be pleased to note that we don’t just offer a tourist visa - on our webpage, there are business visa and transit visa options as well. Along with offering these services, we assist you at your doorstep, process the online visa application, receive the visa on your behalf and deliver it to your home, safe and sound. Even if it is a visa such as the Singapore visa for Indians - which is rumoured to be tough to obtain, we at Visa2Fly know exactly how to move around these obstacles. We know both popular destinations and rarely visited gems well, so our familiarity and professionalism in terms of keeping your documents confidential, assisting you well and delivering your visa is unparalleled. New features such as health check-ups and Covid-19 check-ups are also available on our website - your health while travelling is our priority. 

Not Just A Visa Company

Let’s say you are travelling to UAE - apart from visas for Dubai, you might want to know more about the area: things to do, places to visit, food to eat… Since, we love to explore and travel just as much as you do, our services extend beyond the monetary realm.

Our interactive globe on the homepage tells you fun facts about every country you might want to visit, and our blog gives you more details on the same! Along with travel tips and tricks, like how to travel with a pet and surviving a long-haul flight, of course. If you want a Malaysian tourist visa, as well as ways to travel to Malaysia hassle-free and things to do here, the combination of our services and the blog page is sure to be of use. We also love to post about our travel experiences, relatable memes and travel news updates on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Check out our social media handles to be up-to-date on all the happenings :)

As you may have noticed, we like to share our knowledge with you, especially if it means that your travel might go down more smoothly. For this reason, we also have information on visas and travel requirements for visa free and visa on arrival countries/ zones. As you can see, Visa2Fly has all you need for a smooth-sailing trip :)

Why Choose Visa2Fly?

Because you don’t have to move a finger - have you son’s lunch to prepare? Or a busy online meeting to attend in half an hour? It’s okay, even if you don’t have much time to step out of the house and obtain your Canadian tourist visa - because we come home to you. And we keep your information safe. We also assist with tracking visa application, and personally help you face-to-face in any visa choices you will have to make. 

We don’t just give you a choice to buy visas - we give you all the choices in-between. Our priority is to enable you with as much information so that you can make an informed decision. Because of this, common visa rejections are a thing of the past with Visa2Fly. Our visa personnel are highly skilled in finding any errors that might deter your application process, as since you are seated in front of us throughout, you will be privy to all this information.

You will not have to fret about any of the documents being less or inadequate - our people will personally flip through them in front of you, and make sure that you are aware of all the inner workings needed. If you are short on travel insurance (which is sometimes necessary for visa applications, especially the Germany tourist visa and other Schengen countries) we can arrange for these to be provided to you.

The extra convenience of having a person to do the job for you means that you will have more to do in the day - it’s hard to digest, we know ;) You might ask, what about interviews? What about times when my presence is needed? Well, when we say that we’re here for you every step of the way, we meant it. For processes like the US tourist visa, where you need to attend an interview, we will assist in every way possible. To help book your appointment in front of you - choose a suitable date and time, as well as send you reminders to remember to attend. After your visa has been approved, we will collect it and deliver it to your home as well - so there’s no need to worry!

Visas Simplified

Primarily a visa company, Visa2Fly is owned by Hashbug Tech Private Limited. We offer more than just visas, though, because we believe that offering other travel services (like B2B hotels, currency exchange, SIM cards and travel insurance) on the same platform enables convenience and travel-readiness at the single click of a button. 

The aim of our company was to build India’s first truly online visa application platform, and so far, we’ve been doing well. As some of our previous clients have stated, “The doorstep visa assistance made it so easy for me to get a visa done for me and my family.” - and you could be next! Our priority is to maximize the success rate of the visa process, through thorough checking of documents and end-to-end assistance - this minimizes the hassles and uncertainties related to visas for clients, and makes sure they are all set for the start of a good trip. If you’d like to book your next visa and are looking for where to do it, consider Visa2Fly - visas, truly simplified.

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