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Along with its meticulous process, the fear of rejection is what makes the visas full of hassle. However, there are certain ways that might boost your chances of acceptance.

First, be authentic; in all proceedings and documentation. Majority of applicants get rejected if they misrepresent themselves through faulty information- illegal personal assets, lack of evidence to prove your eligibility, incorrect name or date of birth, etc.

Second, follow the standardized country-specific checklist to prepare the complete list of documents required. Swear by the rule of ‘All for one’ to prepare all the possible evidence to prove the genuineness of your original documents. Ensure an attention to detail, all the required documents should rightly be presented at once; you’ll not get second chances.

By all means present a foolproof indication that you will not overstay. Your status of employment, pre-planned itineraries, and the booked travel tickets will play a key role in this. Additionally, you should possess a passport with at least six months validity when you apply international countries visa.

You should mandatorily showcase the availability of funds sufficient enough for the visit and the entire period of your stay. Keeping all the documents duly attested will help you maintain the authenticity.

This in no way implies 100% guarantee of a successful visa application, and hence must only be referred that way.

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