Foreign citizens who aren't exempt from this Visa Waiver Program must obtain the Tourist visa (B1 or B2) to travel to the United States for short visits for either reason of pleasure or business. Examples include travel, vacation, visiting relatives and friends, medical treatment, business meetings, or private leisure.

Applying for a USA travel visa and getting it approved can be a difficult task since thousands of people apply for the same. As such, having properly submitted an online US visa application with all the required documents is a must to get approved.

In general, applicants want to know the likelihood of being approved before deciding whether to submit an application. In this regard, we came up with an inventory of documents that can be used as proof to convince the consular official that you will be returning to your country of origin after the brief visit.

The following information is meant to be used as a reference only and does not guarantee your application for a tourist visa will be processed successfully. It is up to the discretion of your U.S. immigration officer whether to grant or reject the visa request.

Here are a few suggestions that can increase your chances of getting approval for a U.S tourist visa


Having a job in your country of origin will not guarantee that you will get your visa granted. Immigration officers also take into consideration the duration of your previous and current work, the type of job that you have or had, and also your present salary.

The length of your trip to the US is also a factor to be considered by Immigration officers, who will most likely question applicants who plan to stay for more than a couple of months. It is crucial to take into consideration the nature of your current position and the permissible leave your company requires, so you'll need to submit an Employment Certificate that states your job title, date of start and current status, as well as the amount of your salary per month or year and leave certificate. The evidence you provide will serve as a reference to the immigration officer to review your application.

Family Obligation

Family obligations can be a good example. Elderly parents who require your presence to attend to their needs. You are also required to look after your children or grandchildren in particular when they're still going to school. The applicant must submit official documents that establish familial relationships and letters from medical professionals describing the medical needs of the family members that are dependent and documents that establish the current school enrollment of the children.

It is also possible to obtain support letters from relatives, in which they confirm that they will take care of your beloved ones when you're away. This can help you answer the questions from the immigration agent regarding who will care for them in the event that you are traveling to the U.S.

Property and Personal Asset

An individual's likelihood of leaving is if they have homes, have properties, or large sums of money in investment accounts in their home country. Although financial assets are necessary to prove the capacity to justify the trip, the evidence of assets such as property and financial assets can also show the applicant's connections to the country of origin. The evidence could include the ownership and management of real estate properties or a business or home.

Community Involvement

Presenting evidence of how you are involved with your community could boost your odds of getting your visa accepted. This can convince consular officers that they are content with your participation or commitment to a particular community-based activity and that you're likely to stay in your country of origin to participate in this activity.

Travel History

Suppose you've previously traveled out of your country of residence to visit a tourist destination, and you did not stay too long or adhered to the permissible stay allowed by the legal immigration system and customs regulations. In that case, you are more likely to have established an agreement with the immigration official to ensure that you do not exceed your stay in your trip to America and that you return back to your home country after your trip.

National Museum of Singapore

If you're a fan of historical sites, visiting the National Museum of Singapore should be on the top of your list. The museum, located in a colonial structure is Singapore's most prestigious museum but it's certainly not old-fashioned. Take a tour of Singapore's past through multimedia exhibits that cover issues ranging from the city-state's creation to the melting pot of modernisation.

The more documents you can provide to prove you'll be returning to your country of origin, the more likely you are to be granted your visa.

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