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The United States of America spans roughly 4500 kilometres from the West Coast to the East Coast. It is one of the most culturally, geographically and ecologically diverse countries in the world! The country is divided into 50 states and each state has its unique traditions and customs which are in...

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The United States of America spans roughly 4500 kilometres from the West Coast to the East Coast. It is one of the most culturally, geographically and ecologically diverse countries in the world! The country is divided into 50 states and each state has its unique traditions and customs which are in...

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Important Information

Important visa information for USA

Tourist visa for USA from India

All Indian passport holders require a valid visa to enter USA.

Applicant must have all the mandatory documents while applying for USA Visa online as mentioned in requirement tabs above

In addition to the documents mentioned, our visa experts or the concerned embassy may require you to furnish additional documents to process your visa. Your cooperation in furnishing any such additional documents is essential for a positive outcome.

If all the documents are not ready at the time of agent visit then additional charges levied when agent visits your residence again

The fee may vary for the country if the rate of the embassy fluctuates.

Frequently Asked Questions !

  • Do Indian travelers need to quarantine after arriving in the USA?

    Although Indian travelers do not need to be quarantined upon arrival in the USA, those traveling must be fully vaccinated with a Covid 19 vaccines approved by WHO and must present a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72-hours of boarding. You must also present a Proof of Vaccination Certificate during boarding.

  • Do you need to be vaccinated to travel to the USA?

    Yes, Indian travelers and tourists must be fully vaccinated by Covid 19 vaccines approved by WHO. (Covishield and Covaxin both are approved)

  • Which vaccine should Indian Travelers take to visit the USA?

    Indian travelers and tourists must be fully vaccinated with any vaccine which has been approved by WHO for Covid 19, Covishield and Covaxin both are approved.

  • Do I need a negative RT-PCR test report even though I am fully vaccinated to enter the USA?

    Fully vaccinated travelers must also present a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72-hours of boarding

  • If I am an athlete coming to the USA for a competition, what kind of Visa do I get?

    You will need to get a B-2 Visitor visa when you apply for US visa online. This is generally referred to as a ‘tourist visa’. Please keep in mind that other than prize money from said competition, no money obtained from the sport must be received by you. E.g., you will not be able to coach/ get paid for coaching while on this type of visa.

  • Is there more than one type of visitor visa?

    Yes. Both tourist and business visas fall under the “Visitor’s visa” category. B-1 visas are business visas, and B-2 visas are tourist visas.

  • I am traveling with my child. Would they need to be interviewed as well?

    If you are traveling with a child below the age of 13, they generally do not need to be interviewed. However, it may be safer to bring them along with you just in case any questions are asked.

  • I am traveling with senior citizens. Would they need to be interviewed as well?

    If the senior citizens in question are over the age of 80, then they generally do not need to be interviewed.

  • Do I need to bring all the supporting documents mentioned, or is one enough?

    When you apply for US visa online, This will depend purely on your case, and is not generalizable to every applicant. These supporting documents will be used to further validate and strengthen your reasons and chances of getting a visa. They will usually be checked at the interview stage.

  • Are there any specifications for the photo requirements?

    The photos that you will submit must be taken within the last 6 months - they also must be in colour, with the image size such that 50% - 69% of the image's total height comprises of the face. This usually means that the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (22 mm and 35 mm). A neutral facial expression must be maintained, with both eyes open. Please keep in mind, that the photo must be taken with a white background.

  • Are there any travel purposes which I cannot do on a visitor’s visa?

    Yes. These include:

    • Study
    • Search/find employment
    • Get paid for performances, or any professional performance before a paying audience
    • Arrive as a crewmember on a ship or aircraft
    • Work as part of a foreign journalist/reporter/any other form of information media
    • Permanently reside in the United States
    • Come for birth tourism - i.e., for the sole purpose of birthing your child, hence granting U.S citizenship for said child.
  • How long would I need to wait to get an interview appointment?

    This depends on the consulate you approach. Other factors that may influence waiting time include the type of visa, as well as the time of year. Usually, Indian nationals would need to wait 25-40 days for an appointment when you apply for US visa online.

  • I want to come to the USA to receive medical treatment. What kind of visa should I opt for?

    You would need a B-1 visa - this is generally referred to as a ‘business visa’. If you are visiting someone who is admitted into a US hospital, you would need to get a B-1 visa too.

  • What kind of questions will I be asked at the interview?

    People are usually asked about the purpose of their stay, as well as the duration and place of stay. How they will be able to fund their trip, as well as their current employment situation are also taken into consideration.

  • How much prior to my trip must I apply for a US visa online?

    Since the waiting time for an interview is around 1 month, we suggest applying for your visa at least 1.5 months prior to your departure date.

Online USA visa application

What USA Offers

Due to the size of the country, it is impossible to see and experience everything in a single trip. You must research properly and decide the cities (or states) you wish to see and the kind of experiences you want. Almost all the states have unique landmarks or attractions that tourists must visit. Times Square (New York), Grand Canyon (Arizona), Statue of Liberty (New York), White House (Washington D.C), Las Vegas Strip (Nevada) and the Kennedy Space Center (Florida) are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. There are 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in America, out of which 12 are National Parks and 10 are cultural sites. You’ll find natural attractions, historic buildings and sites, museums, clubs and beaches across the country. Las Vegas is the perfect destination for those looking for an exciting and entertaining vacation; for a tranquil and relaxing holiday, Hawaii’s beaches are the place to go! There is so much to see, do and experience that it is guaranteed to be a holiday you won’t forget! You can apply for an India to USA visa at Visa2fly! We assist with online USA tourist visas and online USA business visas.

U.S. Visa: Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people all over the world. Travel and tourism was greatly impacted by the pandemic as well. But the United States is once again ready to welcome all its tourists back with an open arm. To travel to the USA, the tourists need to provide proof of their vaccination before boarding as well as the negative report of COVID-19 of maximum 3 days prior to the day of flight. The passengers who are fully vaccinated will not be required to quarantine themselves but semi-vaccinated might have to do so. Hence with a couple of policies the United states of America is ready to welcome the travelers to its culture and wilderness again. Tourists must ensure that they have a valid US Visa and must also follow all the rules and regulations mandated. You can easily apply for a U.S. visa online! Make sure you fill your online visa application USA properly and well in advance to ensure a hassle free process.

Weather, Transportation And Culture

Given America’s large expanse, the climate varies across the country. The US is divided into six climatic zones (Hawaii and Alaska excluded); Northwest Pacific, Mid/South Pacific, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and the Southwest. The Western and Southern parts are generally warmer and the Eastern and Northern parts are usually colder. The best time to visit America is from May to September but make sure you check the weather of the places you visit before.

The United States has plenty of transportation options to choose from. Most of the major cities and towns have well-developed local transportation systems like railways, metros and buses but visitors can also choose to hire Ubers or Lyfts. As the country is geographically wide, the country is well connected and you can travel via flights or trains from one state to another.

The United States of America is probably one of the most diverse counties on the planet and the culture is heavily influenced by the enormous number of immigrants that have settled there over the years. The culture is influenced by the Native Americans, Asians, Caucasians, Latinos, Africans and many other communities from around the world. Each state has its own essence and its unique cuisines, customs and traditions. There is never a dull moment here as there is a celebration of something almost every other day! The fusion of so many diverse cultures and races is truly heart-warming and brings out the best of humanity. Some festivals and events you must attend are the Kutztown Folk Festival (Pennsylvania), Mardi Gras (Louisiana), Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (New Mexico), Boston Seafood Festival (Massachusetts) and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (California). To experience these mesmerizing events, complete your online visa application USA at Visa2fly!

Visa, Flights And Accommodation

Indian Tourists need to apply for a USA visa well in advance. Tourists and travelers can easily apply for a USA Visa right from the comfort of their homes. The USA tourist visa procedure is easy and tourists can easily apply for a USA visa online. All you need to do is fill the U.S. visa application online and pay the respective USA Visa fees. These fees will differ depending on the kind of USA visa you require as the USA offers a range of different visas (transit visa USA, business visa USA, tourist visa USA etc.) and even USA visas with different stay periods. Make sure to plan your itinerary well so that you can select your visa type, book your flights and accommodations comfortably. The USA has plenty of accommodation options; ranging from some of the best luxurious resorts in the world to budget-friendly Airbnbs and hostels as well. You need to research and figure out the kind of amenities you require and if they fit in your budget and then book your accommodation.

Process For USA Visa

Tourists and travelers from India can now apply for an India to USA visa right from their homes! Just fill the online visa application USA that is suitable for you. You can apply for a Business Visa USA, a Tourist Visa USA or even a Transit Visa USA by filling the U.S visa application online. Our team will assist you with any help you need while completing your U.S visa application and process. At Visa2fly we offer end- to-end assistance; making your USA visa obtaining process simple and hassle-free!

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