The pristine beaches and rich nightlife have made Dubai a go-to travel destination for international as well as Indian tourists. According to the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, the Arabic city attracted 806,000 Indian tourists in the first three months of 2023.

Apart from its popular nightlife, theme parks and resorts in Dubai are also the go-to tourist attractions for people who look for adventure and unique fun.

You might think that Dubai is all bright lights, high-rise skyscrapers, and lavish lifestyle, however, it is so much more than that! Dubai has a unique Arabic culture that appeals to tourists offering so many activities for them to enjoy on their vacation.

Theme parks and resorts in Dubai are among these tourist attractions that have entertained people around the world for many years. There is never a dull day at these Dubai theme parks and resorts!

Our comprehensive guide to the best theme parks and resorts in Dubai will help you plan out the perfect day filled with fun and joy for your family.

5 Best Resorts in Dubai: