The visa interview process is not as big a rock as it seems. With the basic tips on how to present yourself, as well as how to communicate accurately and confidently, one can be prepared for the interview.

The visa interview process likewise, comes with its own set of challenges and holds a higher degree of significance. This is because, despite all the documents in place, your visa interview could be the deciding factor in making the overall decision. 

However, there is no need to worry. The below blog deals with everything you need to keep in mind to ace your visa interview. 

From the kind of color tones you should pick, to the hairstyle you should follow, to some quick tips and tricks that could surely help you perform better, we have got you covered.

Importance of Visa Interview

As said, the visa interview process could actually be the deciding factor in you getting your visa and failing to get it. 

Therefore, you should not take it casually, rather be active and prompt about it. At the same time, worrying and being anxious would not solve the purpose. Let's look ahead and know all plausible answers to the questions that must be in your mind.

It's generally a good idea to dress in business attire or business casual clothing. This means wearing a clean, well-fitted outfit that conveys professionalism. Examples include a suit, dress shirt, blouse, or a nice dress.

Tips to Dress Right for Your Visa Interview


Well, a thin eyeliner with light makeup, if you want to go for makeup, would sum it up. Do not overdo or use darker eyeshadows and lipstick shades. Remember, you have to reflect on your true self to ace the interview. 

Therefore, with nude makeup, you can work on keeping your authenticity intact. At the same time, if your nail paint is chipped, repaint it before going to the interview.


You can use a good scent. Picking up a very loud and tacky kind of aroma would not leave a lovely impression. So, it should always be something mild and long-lasting. 


Firstly, you would need to remove the piercing. Secondly, any jewelry which makes a loud noise and is too tacky should not be worn. When you pick the jewelry, you have to go for something simple and elegant. 

For instance, small studs and minimal rings in hand would be enough. When we talk about work-related jewelry, then gold is the most preferred one. Avoid wearing anything else like diamonds. 


Formal blazers with solid colors are the key to looking formal each time. Patterns that have a lace or net in them, should surely be avoided. When you are wearing a blazer, do not follow the three-button rule. 

The shirt shouldn't have a loid pattern, for instance, polka dots, a plain shirt would be the best. Remember to avoid wearing a Khadi or leather during your visa interview.


Formal pants that match the solid color of the blazer could be worn. Moreover, women can go for a pencil skirt that stretches to the knees. 

However, it should be properly ironed. If the female dress code for visa interview includes an Indian Dress code shall stick to an Indian Plain Salwar and avoid any other pairing such as that of leggings or churidar. 

Tie Knot

Well, for the tie, one could place hands on some modifications. You could try different knots like the Cafe Knot or Eldredge Knot. They would add a ton of style without you looking informal or unpresentable.


A simple black dress with strong lines and structure, cap- or long-sleeved, and textured tights can convey your professionalism to the interviewer. 

Avoid bright colors or shiny material, as these can appear too informal or casual. Consider keeping the length of your dress below your knees and, when in doubt, choose a more modest neckline


In simple terms, completely avoid wearing loafers, sneakers, or sports shoes for that matter. Formal leather shoes are the main basic option for men and heels for women. The color choice should be a solid color accompanied by a solid color pair of socks as well.

Hair and Hairstyle

Get your hair done approximately five days prior to the date your interview is scheduled. Extra long and unshaped hair would never leave a good impression.  

Use a gel to keep them more organized on the interview day. Keep your hair neat, preferably in a ponytail or a low bun. The basic intent is that your hair should not come out on the face.

Facial Hair

Shaving your beard and keeping it neat reflects you are a better and more organized individual. 

This was all about your attire and overall presentation.

What not to do?

  • It is to be kept in mind that one should not go to the interview in t-shirts, bathing suits, corsets, or any upper and lower set having a fluorescent color combination, or anything else which appears very loaded. 
  • Broken slippers and trousers and T-shirts with subliminal messages.
  • Furthermore, it is very important not to wear any kind of revealing clothes. You should be covered and appear decent for the interview
  • Mini skirts or tight dresses should not be worn. If you intend to wear a dress, a plain formal black dress could work well.
  • Be on time and arrive a half-hour before the scheduled appointment so that you can get into a state of calm before entering the interview room.
  • Comfort Matters!. Remember the more comfortable you are, the more confident you will look. And thereafter, it adds more points to your overall performance. 

Key Takeaways for Visa Interview Dress Code

Let's have a quick overview of the main points that you should remember throughout

  • Avoid loud colors at all costs
  • Do not pretend to be someone you are not
  • Be comfortable in your overall clothing 
  • Be confident while answering even if some questions appear indifferent 
  • Remember to carry all essential documents. Make a folder beforehand.

How to Ace Your Visa Interview 

1. Be Concise

Refrain from diving deeper into long stories or explanations. Keep your points short, however, precise to the asked question.

2. Do Practice 

Another important element, which would actually bear fruit is practicing. The best way is to speak about yourself in front of a mirror.

3. Basic Étiquettes

Basic manners and body language go a long way in deciding the outcome of your interview. Keep your body language humble, at the same time strong enough to reflect your purpose.

4. Thorough With Resume

During the interview, you should avoid looking at your resume time and again. It should be on your mind with clear details and pictures. As it is your experience!

5. Tonality 

Again, despite all the precautions, tonality plays a huge role apart from dress code for visa interview.

No matter how well your documents are arranged, if you negatively respond to the conversation at large, then it would not give a good impression at all. Therefore, remember to stay calm and composed even when they abruptly question something you don't have a direct answer for. 

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1. How should you introduce yourself?

Answer - You can start by mentioning your name and occupation.

2. What is an important factor apart from visa documents and dress code for visa interview? 

Answer - Being true to your reasons and not hiding relevant information is a must.

3. How long would the interview last?

Answer - The interview would last 15-20 mins at max.

4. Is cracking the interview very difficult?

Answer - No, it is not at all difficult. You just have to be thorough with your details, documents, your intent, and the reason for visiting the country you are visiting.