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How to apply for a Dubai visa for Indians?

Applying for a Dubai visa is easier than ever with Visa2Fly. Just follow these simple steps-

  • Visit Visa2Fly’s website and select Dubai as the country of travel.
  • Choose the purpose of your visit/type of visa- tourist or business.
  • Provide your personal information, including your name, passport number, and the date of entry and date of exit.
  • Upload the required three documents- your passport, recent passport-sized photographs, and a scanned copy of your PAN card.
  • The documents will be validated by visa experts; within the processing time of 3-5 business days, the Dubai visa will be mailed to your registered email address.

Applying for a Dubai visa has been made effortless with the introduction of the online application process.

Indian tourists can now complete thevisa application conveniently from the comfort of their homes.

The user-friendly online portal provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free application experience.

Do Indians need an E-visa for Dubai?

Yes, Indian citizens mandatorily need an e-visa to travel to Dubai. The e-visa is an electronic visa that allows you to stay in Dubai for up to 60 days.

The two types of tourist visas include Standard and Express; with 3-5 & 1-2 business days processing time respectively.

What makes Dubai one of the favourite destinations for Indian tourists is the short journey, multiple low-cost flights, and the easy process to get a Dubai tourist visa online.

You can as well decide if you want to apply for a single or multiple-entry visa.

Visa2Fly can help you easily apply for a Dubai visa from India. Known for expanding ventures and strong commercials, a business trip to Dubai can be extremely fruitful.

You can easily apply for a Dubai business visa online with us. The Business E-Visa from India allows you to stay for 14 days in the country.

Types of Dubai Visas for Indian Tourists

Dubai Tourist Visa

The Dubai Tourist Visa is the most common type of visa sought by Indian tourists.

It allows visitors to indulge in tourism i.e the myriad of attractions, entertainment, and cultural experiences that Dubai has to offer.

  • Dubai Tourist Visa (30 Days):

Price starts from INR 7,300 - Ideal for Indian tourists planning a short visit to Dubai for leisure, sightseeing, and vacations. It allows a stay of up to 30 days.

  • Dubai Tourist Visa (58 Days):

Price starts from INR 14,700 - Suited for those seeking a longer stay in Dubai for tourism purposes. This visa permits a stay of up to 58 days.

Dubai Business Visa

Business Visa (14 Days):

Price starts from INR 17,300 - Designed for Indian business travellers attending meetings, conferences, or exploring business opportunities in Dubai. It grants a stay of up to 14 days.

Dubai Transit Visa

Price starts from INR 3,600 - For Indian tourists who have an onward flight journey through Dubai, the Dubai Transit Visa is the perfect solution.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa

To successfully obtain a Dubai visa, Indian tourists must provide the following documents:

  • Indian Passport:

A valid Indian passport with a minimum validity of six months from the intended date of arrival in Dubai.

  • Passport-Size Photographs:

Recent passport-sized photographs (as per the specifications provided) that clearly depict the applicant's face.

A copy of the confirmed flight tickets, including the dates of arrival and departure.

  • Proof of Accommodation:

Valid hotel reservations or an invitation letter from a sponsor specifying the place of stay in Dubai.

  • Financial Documents:

Proof of adequate financial resources to support the travel and stay in Dubai, such as bank statements or salary slips.

Benefits of Applying for Dubai Visa Online

Convenience and Time-Saving

The online application process for a Dubai visa offers Indian tourists unparalleled convenience and saves significant time.

With just a few clicks, travelers can complete the application from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and visits to visa centers.

This streamlined process allows tourists to focus more on their travel preparations and reduce unnecessary stress.

Access to Reliable Visa Application Services

By applying for a Dubai visa online, Indian tourists gain access to reliable and professional visa application services.

The online platforms provide comprehensive guidance and assist applicants in navigating through the process effortlessly.

This ensures accuracy and minimises the chances of errors, reducing the risk of visa rejection due to incomplete or incorrect forms.

Assistance with Document Verification

The online visa application process also facilitates efficient document verification.

The digital platforms allow Indian tourists to upload the necessary documents securely, ensuring that they meet the required specifications.

This eliminates the need for physical document submission and ensures a faster verification process, enhancing the overall efficiency of the visa application process.

Dubai visa online - Eligibility criteria for Indians

The eligibility criteria for Indians applying for a Dubai visa online include, but not limited to:

  • You must be a citizen of India.

  • You must have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your travel.

  • You must have a confirmed return ticket to India.

  • You must have proof of the accommodation or hotel reservation.

  • You must have sufficient funds to cover the expenses during your stay in Dubai.

About Dubai

Boasting up your bucket list, with nothing but lavish opportunities, Dubai offers you a thrill that may entirely change your outlook.

The elusive view of the tallest building in the world- Burj Khalifa and the world’s biggest shopping mall make it all worth the visit.

Not to forget the traditionally designed architecture in the skyline. Millions of tourists visit Dubai to partake in a range of activities like sandboarding, dune bashing, etc. Looking for something luxe? Book your Dubai Visa Online, and live the 7-star experience.

There is something for people of all age groups to do in Dubai. For children, there are amazing theme parks, aquariums, and safaris.

For teenagers, there are numerous amazing malls, indoor skiing, the souks of Deira, etc. Depending on your age, you may decide to prepare an itinerary so that you can spend an extended period of time in this wonderful emirate.

Pro tip: You get to experience the nightlife, but you cannot afford to miss the day's escapades either. Your bucket list should also include Abu Dhabi- the financial capital of the UAE.

The drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is only about 170km. There are multiple modes of travelling from flights which are typically 45 minutes to driving (by taxi or bus) which takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Financial requirements for a trip to Dubai for Indians

The Indian applicants are required to provide a bank statement for the past six months showing a balance of at least4,000 US dollars or the equivalent in Indian rupees, which is approximately330,000 Indian rupees.

How to check your Dubai visa application?

You can easily check the status of your Dubai visa application online using your Booking ID.

Along with the real-time trackability of your visa status, our team of visa experts will assist you in every step of the process, taking care of the complexities and updating you with the changing visa requirements, so as to leave no chance.

Arrival guidelines

There are many budget airlines to Dubai or to Sharjah along with plenty of legacy airlines. Accommodation is also plentiful in the country.

From hostels to hotels one can choose their living quarters as per their preference. Beware though that in peak season, availability of all types of accommodation becomes scarce and prices can increase exponentially.

Ok to Board Dubai

While OKTB is not mandatory, you can check with your airline in advance to see if you will need to obtain an "OK to Board" approval.

Moreover, if you have an ECR stamp on your passport, you will need to obtain an "OK to Board" approval from the UAE authorities before you can board your flight to Dubai.

We are here to provide you with any assistance you may require for your online visa application.

Things to remember when travelling to Dubai

  1. Get your currency exchanged: The currency in Dubai is the UAE Dirham (AED). You can exchange your Indian rupees for AED at any currency exchange bureau in India.

  2. Pack light: Dubai is a hot and humid city, so you'll want to pack light clothing. You'll also want to pack comfortable shoes, as you'll be doing a lot of walking.

  3. Be aware of the culture: Dubai is a Muslim country, so it's important to be aware of the local culture. This means dressing modestly and avoiding public displays of affection.

  4. Respect the local laws: Dubai has strict laws, so it's important to respect them. This means not drinking alcohol in public and not smoking in non-smoking areas.

Find the in depth detail here -Things you need to know before travelling to Dubai

Summary – Dubai Visa for Indians

Today, it is possible to get a holiday package or travel on your own on any budget.

The first step is to apply for a Dubai visa under an appropriate visa class such as - a Dubai visitor visa, Dubai transit visa, Dubai tourist visa for Indians, Dubai business visa etc.

Visa2Fly’s service of Dubai visa application online submission makes getting a Dubai visa hassle-free.

Indian travellers can easily apply for an online Dubai business visa application or a Dubai tourist visa application right from their homes.

You just need to fill out the online visa application for Dubai and choose the type of Dubai Visa you require (Business visa from India to Dubai, Tourist Visa from India to Dubai) and leave the rest up to us!

Then comes booking a flight ticket - there is a flight to Dubai from all metro cities and also from many tier-2 cities.

There are many budget airlines to Dubai or to Sharjah along with plenty of legacy airlines.

Accommodation is also plentiful in the country. From hostels to hotels one can choose their living quarters as per their preference.

Beware though that in peak season, availability of all types of accommodation becomes scarce and prices can increase exponentially.

And, once you arrive at your dream destination, then what next? Read more on how can you make your dubai stay the most memorable one -Top things to do and places to visit in Dubai