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In 2019, in the glorious pre-pandemic times, Dubai was one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In 2019 16.73 million people applied for the Dubai Visa! Out of these Dubai Visa for Indians accounted for almost 12% of the total visas. Thus a whopping 1.97 million Indian tourists visited Duba...

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Dubai tourist visa online


In 2019, in the glorious pre-pandemic times, Dubai was one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In 2019 16.73 million people applied for the Dubai Visa! Out of these Dubai Visa for Indians accounted for almost 12% of the total visas. Thus a whopping 1.97 million Indian tourists visited Duba...

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Important Information

Important visa information for Dubai

Dubai visa application online

All Indian passport holders require a valid visa to enter Dubai.

Applicant must have all the mandatory documents while applying for Dubai Visa online as mentioned in requirement tabs above

In addition to the documents mentioned, our visa experts or the concerned embassy may require you to furnish additional documents to process your visa. Your cooperation in furnishing any such additional documents is essential for a positive outcome.

The fee may vary for the country if the rate of the embassy fluctuates.

Frequently Asked Questions !

  • Do I need to quarantine on arrival in Dubai?

    Indian travelers who are fully vaccinated with Covishield do not need quarantine on arrival in Dubai.

  • Do I need to be fully vaccinated to travel to Dubai from India?

    Yes, you need to be full vaccinated with Covishield to travel to Dubai from India.

  • Do I need a PCR Test to travel to Dubai?

    Yes, you need to have a negative PCR test report , for which test must be conducted within 6 hours to undertaking the journey.

  • What are Visit and Service Visas?

    Both visit and service visas fall under the Tourist Visa category, however, the stay periods and validity of both differ from the regular Tourist Visa.

  • How long is the visa processing time?

    As long as all required documents are filled and submitted correctly when you apply the Dubai e-visa online, visas will normally reach you by email within four working days of your application.

  • In the event of my application being rejected, will I get a refund of my visa fees?

    Currently, the UAE Immigration does not refund fees for rejected applications. However, security deposits will be refunded within four (international) working days of the application being returned.

  • Why was my visa application rejected?

    The UAE authorities do not disclose reasons for unsuccessful visa applications in the case of a Dubai visa for Indians, so specific reasons as to why your application was rejected are not available to us.

  • What if stay beyond the mentioned stay duration as per our evisa?

    If you exceed the stay duration on the e-Visa, you may be required to pay fines, be deported, or otherwise forbidden from future travel to UAE

  • Can I get a long-term visa online?

    Long-term or residency visas are not issued through this system. In case you would want a long-term visa, you would need to contact the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) for more information.

  • What if I am currently in the UAE under a tourist visa, but have recently been informed of transferring here work-wise?

    Anyone already in the UAE can apply for a change of status or can exit the country and come back.

  • How do I obtain a Transit Visa?

    Transit visas can only be provided by airlines, and are available only if an applicant has an onward itinerary from DXB (Dubai International Airport) to any 3rd Destination and not immediately returning (turnaround) back to the origin.

  • Do I need a separate visa for each entry, if I plan on stopping over in Dubai on both my outward and return trips?

    You require a new visa each time you enter the UAE, so the answer is yes.

    It is possible to apply for up to two visas for anyone itinerary through the system. Each visa must be applied for separately – upon completion of your first application, the process for your second visa may be started. If your itinerary permits, another alternative to consider would be a multiple entry visa.

  • What you should know about A (DATV) Direct Airside Transit Visa?

    Among Indian Nationals, only those with a visit visa or green card issued by the USA, as well as Indian nationals with residence visa issued by the UK/EU are eligible for visa on arrival. Other citizens of India require a prearranged UAE visa.

  • Is it mandatory to get a COVID-19 Medical Insurance for Dubai/UAE Visa?

    It is not mandatory to obtain a COVID-19 Medical Insurance at the time of applying for the visa. However, it may still be a mandatory document to have prior to traveling to Dubai/UAE.

  • What is OTB and how can I get one?

    OTB or OK To Board is a mandatory requirement for Indian passport holders to be able to board any flight to Dubai/UAE. This is a verification of your visa by the airline you are travelling with. To get an OTB, send your valid visa to the airlines and they will mark an OTB against your PNR.

  • What is the fee for OTB?

    If you have already booked your flight tickets, send them to Visa2Fly's experts and we will apply for the OTB free of charge.

  • What are the COVID-19 test requirements for Dubai Visa?

    COVID‑19 polymerase chain reaction PCR tests are mandatory. Travellers will need to take one test 96 hours prior to departure, and another test upon arrival at Dubai. You must bring an official, printed certificate in English or Arabic to check in – SMS and digital certificates are not accepted.

  • What all does the Covid-19 Medical Insurance cover?

    Depending on your insurance policy it may cover emergency medical care and repatriation costs should travellers contract COVID-19 while travelling and need to return home.

Apply for dubai visa online from India

Dubai Visa: Post COVID-19

Dubai is open to tourists once again. The UAE has started accepting Visa applications for Dubai Tourist Visas and Dubai Business Visas for travelers traveling from India. It is however mandatory to get a Travel Insurance and Covid-19 certification prior to entering the country, the traveler has to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test issued within 48 hours after the sample was collected and a certificate showing that the traveler is fully vaccinated. Please check for the latest information about COVID-19 travel and testing requirements prior to traveling through Dubai. You can apply for a Business Visa India to Dubai, a Dubai Transit Visa or a Tourist visa India to Dubai. Travelers must bring an official, printed certificate in English or Arabic to check in – SMS and digital certificates are not accepted.

Dubai - A Popular Tourist Destination For Indians

What makes Dubai one of the favorite destinations for Indian tourists is the short journey, multiple low cost flights and an easy process to get a Dubai tourist visa specially with the Dubai Visa on arrival for Indian tourists. Dubai has also started an easy process to apply for Dubai Visa Online. Dubai offers something for everyone. From the tallest buildings in the world, to dune bashing, there is a plethora of things to do in Dubai. It is also easy to visit Abu Dhabi which is the financial capital of the UAE. The drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is only about 170km. There are multiple modes of traveling from flights which are typically 45 minutes to driving (by taxi or bus) which takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can now easily apply for a visa from India to Dubai online and obtain your Dubai visa at Visa2fly!

Something For Everyone

There is something for people of all age groups to do in Dubai. For children there are amazing theme parks, aquariums and safaris. For teenagers there are numerous amazing malls, dune bashing, indoor skiing, visiting the souks of Deira etc. Then there are the evergreen favorites such as a visit to the Burj Khalifa, Dhow Cruise, a short visit to Abu Dhabi, hiking etc. Depending on your age, you may decide to get a Dubai student visa or a Dubai work visa so that you can spend an extended period of time in this wonderful emirate.

Visa, Flights And Accommodation

Today it is possible to get a holiday package or travel on your own to Dubai for virtually any budget. First step is to apply for a Dubai visa under an appropriate visa class such as - Dubai working visa, Dubai visitor visa,Dubai transit visa, Dubai tourist visa, Dubai business visa etc. Visa2Fly’s service of Dubai visa application online submission makes getting the Dubai visa a hassle free and effortless task. Then comes booking a flight ticket - there is a flight to Dubai from all metro cities and also from many tier-2 cities. There are many budget airlines to Dubai or to Sharjah along with plenty of legacy airlines. Accommodation is also aplenty in Dubai. From hostels to hotels one can choose their living quarters as per their preference. Beware though that in peak season, availability of all types of accommodation becomes scarce and prices can increase exponentially.

Process For Dubai Visa

Indian travelers can easily apply for an online Dubai business visa application or a Dubai tourist visa application right from their home! You just need to fill the online visa application Dubai and choose the type of Dubai Visa you require (Business visa India to Dubai, Tourist Visa India to Dubai) and leave the rest up to us! We are here to assist you with any assistance you may require for your online visa application Dubai. Once the COVID-19 situation gets better, Indian tourists and travelers can apply for visa India to Dubai online. At Visa2fly, we assist you with Dubai tourist visas, Dubai Business visas as well as Dubai transit visas!

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