About Spain

The Kingdom of Spain is situated by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and its other island territories.

The country has some of the best beaches in the world and it even has natural pools too! Spain has a rich, historic, vibrant, and unique culture that offers its visitors some of the next experiences.

It also has the second-highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world due to its long history of invasions and the subsequent historical influence on the country and its people.

They celebrate festivals almost all year round and each one is different. Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali are a few of the most influential Spanish artists that left a mark in the field of Art. The cuisine too is some of the best with dishes like paella, mariscos, pimientos rellenos, and aromatic wines.

Do Indians need a visa for Spain?

Spain is part of the Schengen Area and thus Indian citizens are required to obtain a Schengen visa to visit Spain.

A Schengen visa allows travellers to visit any of the 27 European countries in the Schengen Area for a short stay of up to 30 days within a 90-day period. Deciding the purpose of your visit is the first step in planning a trip to Spain from India.

  • Tourism: If you are visiting Spain for tourism, plan your itinerary based on the places you want to explore. Spain offers a rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, and delicious cuisine. Make a list of the must-visit attractions and activities that interest you the most.
  • Business: If you are traveling to Spain for business purposes, ensure you have all the necessary documents and invitations from the companies or organizations you will be visiting. Plan your schedule in advance to make the most of your business meetings.

Indian Tourists visiting Spain must fill the Spain tourist Visa application, upload the required documents, and pay the respective fees. Your Spain tourist visa application will take a few days to be processed after which you will receive it.

The process of applying for a Spain visa for Indians is fairly simple and convenient. You can go ahead and apply for a visa for Spain from India. Once your visa is approved, you can book your flight tickets and then proceed to book your accommodations.

If you plan on visiting Spain during the peak tourist seasons, make sure to book your accommodations well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

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Spain Visa for Indians - Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a Schengen visa for Spain (and other Schengen countries) may vary slightly depending on the purpose of your visit. However, the general eligibility criteria for a Schengen visa include the following:

Valid Passport:

You should possess a valid Indian passport with at least two blank pages and a validity of at least six months beyond the intended stay in Spain.

Travel Itinerary:

Provide a detailed itinerary of your trip, including flight reservations, hotel bookings, and any planned activities in Spain.

Proof of Accommodation:

Show evidence of accommodation arrangements during your stay in Spain, such as hotel reservations or a letter of invitation from a host if staying with family or friends.

Sufficient Funds:

Demonstrate that you have enough financial means to cover your expenses during your stay in Spain. This may include bank statements, salary slips, and a sponsorship letter if someone else is financially supporting your trip.

Travel Insurance:

Purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000/50,000 USD valid for the entire duration of your stay in the Schengen area.

Spain Trip - Financial Requirements for Indians

A budget-conscious traveler can expect to spend around INR 4,000 to INR 8,000 per day in Spain, excluding flights and travel insurance. However, this can vary depending on individual preferences and the level of comfort desired.

Our Guide for Spain Visa Application Online

Today, it is possible to plan a trip to Spain on any budget, either through a holiday package or by traveling independently.

The first step is to apply for a Spain visa under an appropriate visa category, such as a Spain tourist visa, Spain business visa, or any other relevant visa type.

With Visa2Fly's convenient online visa application submission service, Indian travelers can easily apply for a Spain visa from the comfort of their homes. Whether you need a Spain tourist visa application or a Spain business visa application, our platform streamlines the process, making it hassle-free.

You simply need to fill out the online visa application for Spain and select the appropriate type of Spain visa you require, and leave the rest to us! Our platform ensures a smooth and efficient visa application process, making it easier for you to focus on planning your Spain trip.

Begin your travel preparations today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Spain!

How to Check the Visa Application Status for a Spain Visa?

You can easily check the status of your visa application online using your Booking ID. Along with the real-time trackability of your visa status, our team of visa experts will assist you in every step of the process, taking care of the complexities and updating you with the changing visa requirements, so as to leave no chance.

Things to Remember When Travelling to Spain

  • Travel Insurance - Consider getting reliable travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen events. It is mandatory for a Schengen visa application.
  • Currency - The official currency in Spain is the Euro (€). Familiarize yourself with current exchange rates and use ATMs or exchange bureaus for currency conversion.
  • Electrical Adapters - Spain uses Type C and Type F electrical outlets, so bring suitable adapters for your electronic devices.

Travel Checklist

Spain is a culturally rich and lively country that offers its visitors a kind of zest that they will not experience anywhere else.

The country is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites like Calat Alhambra, Dalt Vila, and a few of Gaudi’s works too. There are many marvellous cathedrals that you can visit along with many such historical and architectural wonders dotted across the country.

People love to visit the many tranquil Mediterranean beaches that feature seaside towns, serene fishing villages, and even sea resorts. Other than its historical and natural attractions, Spain is popularly known for its laid-back and relaxing culture.

However, on the contrary, Ibiza is also known as one of the(if not the) party capitals of the world. Every year, world-famous artists and visitors come to Ibiza to perform and experience partying like nowhere else. The festivals here radiate unmatched energy.

Every year in August, people in the town of Bunyol celebrate an hour-long food fight where tomatoes are the only weapon allowed. It is the world-famous La Tomatina and tourists are welcome to participate too. If you are looking for an energetic, exciting, and relaxing getaway, Spain is the place for you!