Being one of the most famous European countries, Spain offers many cities to explore and loads of culture to take in. So, if you’re looking to travel to Spain then applying for a is necessary.

Spain has so much to offer, from delicious food to vibrant culture to rich history. There is also plenty of tapas to enjoy. Tourists often flock to big cities because it’s easy to find. But there’s more to this country than that. You’ll find there is a place for everyone in Spain, with its diverse mix of desert, sea, and city. Because it is so difficult to leave such a beautiful country, people who have visited once are likely to return again and again.

Here are some of the top places in Spain that you must check out–

Granada and its Alhambra

Granada, located in the eastern part of Andalusia was the last city that was reconquered by Spanish Catholics in 1942 after several hundred years of Muslim-Arab rule. Due to this influence, the city is home to excellent architecture out of which Alhambra is the highlight. Alhambra and its gardens have also been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The palace is one of the major monuments of Islamic and Moorish architecture.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is located near the famous Bilbao in the heart of the Basque Country. The ocean facing city has several beautiful white sandy beaches along with richly sophisticated architecture. The city is also a top culinary destination where you will find pintxos, – the basque version of Spanish Tapas.

Playa del Silencio

Playa del Silencio (The Beach of the Silence) has been named so due to the tranquillity of the area, and is located in Asturias, in the northwest side of Spain. This beach is the best place to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. The beach is known for its picturesque beauty and its clear waters that reflect the blue sky. The beach can be accessed by foot or car through the village of Castanares. The road is long but the breathtaking view of the beach makes the journey worth it.


Carmova is a 30 minute drive away from Seville and is a go-to destination for history and culture. Considered as one of the top competitors of Andalusian capital in terms of history and culture, the city is home to fascinating preserved heritage. The city was first founded by the Carthaginians before being conquered by the Romans who built a Roman necropolis in the 1st century. If you’re planning to visit the city, then you will love its medieval gates, moorish fortresses and baroque places. The city comes alive in the evening where you can enjoy delicious tapas in small picturesque shops.

Islas Cies

The archipelago of Cies Islands is located off Galicia, and has three primary islands namely – San Martiño, Do Faro and Monteagudo. These islands are famous for their incredible and fascinating landscapes. Cies Islands is a must visit if you’re travelling to Spain as it offers a diversity of places and picturesque landscapes from forests, breathtaking cliffs to golden beaches.


Zaragoza, being the capital of Aragon and next to Catalonia, is a beautiful medieval and historical city situated on the southern side of the Pyrenees. The city boasts of intimidating architecture styles mixing different periods and styles. You can visit several emblematic monuments such as the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, and its Stone Bridge. If you’re looking to visit Zaragoza, then there is nothing better than walking along the banks of the Ebro and enjoy delicious tapas.

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