Travel insurance aims to provide aid in various ways. Any kind of unanticipated travel hazard can be overcome through travel insurance.

Various situations such as passport loss, missed flight, delayed flight, baggage loss, emergency medical evacuation, and more are covered in a travel insurance policy.

In short, such a policy helps you be prepared for an unforeseen future contingency. However, the important question is, Is travel insurance mandatory? Let’s know more about this through this guide.

What is travel insurance?

One of the most beautiful yet challenging things about life is its uncertainty. This uncertainty continues to exist when you go on a foreign trip, be it for a tourist purpose or business purpose. In times like this, travel insurance acts as your best friend.

It is a policy document that helps provide refunds for certain types of expenses as per the policy, in case of an unforeseen situation.

Let's understand it through examples.

Scenario 1

For example, a person who visits a foreign country may experience a bit of discomfort in health due to a changed environment, jet lag, or any other factor. If you want to get any kind of assistance, then the travel insurance would cover the overall health cost for it. So, you need not worry.

Scenario 2

Another scenario could be a loss of baggage. This kind of unforeseen situation is also covered by travel insurance.

Scenario 3

Well, do you know what is one of the most terrifying things when going abroad? Yes, losing a passport is. But without any doubt, travel insurance would help you in this situation also.

So in short, even though we never hope for any unfavorable circumstance, it is only the right thing to be prepared for it! Thus, the benefits of travel insurance include a long list.

What are the types of travel insurance?

Travel insurance can be of several types. Let's have a quick look.

1. International Travel Insurance

International travel insurance is the one you carry while traveling to a foreign destination. It covers the unforeseen elements, be it a medical emergency or a nonmedical one. 

2. Schengen Travel Insurance 

As the name suggests, Schengen travel insurance is the travel insurance that covers the 27 Schengen countries. So, when you visit the Schengen region, this travel insurance is mandatory to have.

3. Student Travel Insurance 

There are instances when studies travel to a foreign country with the purview of getting a better higher education.  In this case, such travel insurance works the best. 

4. Single Trip Travel Insurance

In a single-trip travel insurance, all the destinations of one particular trip would be covered. 

5. Multi Trip Travel Insurance

In this type of travel insurance, the person who has taken the insurance can avail of the benefits for not just one but several trips. 

Is travel insurance mandatory?

Is travel insurance mandatory for international travel, is a very common question that may come to one’s mind. Here's a list of  Mandatory Countries:

Mandatory Countries

Singapore, UAE, New Zealand, Schengen Countries, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Russia, Qatar, Myanmar, Thailand (during COVID), Nepal, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Cuba and Bhutan.

Note-When travel insurance is mandatory to enter a country, your airline will likely require proof of a policy before you board. Otherwise, you may be denied entry at immigration checkpoints, whether on land or at airports. In some cases, fines and convictions may apply.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

We easily understand the idea of what travel insurance is. But why purchase travel insurance? What are the advantages it carries?

Let's have a look at the benefits of travel insurance.

1. Help you save money

Travel insurance can help you save money in numerous ways. Be it a health expense or a baggage loss issue. It helps you get compensated and maintain your finances.

2. Manage for loss of passport

Many times, a scenario may occur that people lose their passports. In such a situation, you need to get a duplicate passport prepared. All this process could cost someone heavily, and when on a trip, a little extra expense could hamper one's overall sustainability. In such a situation, travel insurance may reimburse you the cost incurred in preparation of a fresh passport. 

3. Manage situation of delayed flight

Travel insurance policies differ from company to company. In case of a delayed flight, many travel insurance policies give you meals and accommodation to compensate for the time of a delayed flight. 

4. Health Cover

Travel insurance provides you coverage for various kinds of medical problems that may arise, or that persist already (like asthma, sugar, and more) when on a foreign trip.

5. Cover for trip cancellation

By any chance, if your trip is canceled, then travel insurance may be helpful. Some cancellation amounts ( calculations vary) may be reimbursed to you. This is one of the other benefits of travel insurance.

6. Assistance for credit/debit  card loss

Travel insurance can also provide some assistance in case you lose your credit/ debit card. This is another aspect that makes travel insurance highly useful. However again, it may differ from one policy to another.

7. Dental Treatment

The medical expenses of a tooth problem exceed our expectations each time. If you face a certain dental problem when traveling abroad then these dental procedures could also have coverage in the insurance. Thus, giving another advantage to travel insurance.

A few Points To Note on Travel Insurance

Now we are in a position where we know several facts about travel insurance. Now let's have a look at some more facts and points of information about travel insurance. 

  1. Read all the terms of the travel insurance policy properly.
  2. If your travel insurance policy comprises the clause for baggage loss, try to incorporate accountability for the valued items inside the baggage as well.
  3. If you are a frequent traveler, then purchase a long-lasting policy.
  4. Never hide your medical condition from the insurer.
  5. Having travel insurance would leave a good impression on Visa Interviewers.

Note- Travel insurance coverage is not always mandatory for travel. However, there are some countries which require travel insurance to enter. Therefore, you should be updated with the latest guidelines of the country you are traveling to. This will help you eliminate any kind of last-minute hassle.

How does Visa2Fly help you with travel insurance?

If the travel insurance policy of Visa2Fly suits your needs and demands, then here are simple steps to apply for it:

  1. Select the basic details like the destination, and the arrival and departure dates.
  2. You can then view the various available plans.
  3. Thereafter, one can compare and contrast the various plans.
  4. The next step is to add the proposer and traveler details.
  5. All you need to do after this is review and make the payment.

It is noted that a travel insurance policy takes a few days to come into effect, so you should book it accordingly! Our reliable travel insurance would help you avail end-to-end security against financial losses and more.

Impact of Travel Insurance 

Travel Insurance is all about taking a step forward to mitigate risk. It helps contribute to a stress-free vacation by being prepared not just for foreseen situations but unforeseen situations.

A good travel insurance plan can help you relax by taking accountability for your plausible financial risks and help you at an overseas destination!

End note

Awareness and Confidence are the top two pillars that travel insurance strengthens. You travel more confidently when you know that your medical issues have a solution orientation.

Similarly, on the other hand, this makes you an aware traveler who has taken a deep analysis of the prevailing dynamics of any trip.

Accordingly, you can choose a travel insurance policy that best suits your travel. Is travel insurance mandatory? Now, you can make a decisive answer for your travel!