Switzerland, a synonym for heaven, showcases its beauty even during May, as it touches the onset of spring season.

It features majestic mountains, heart-melting chocolates, immersive lake tours, cable rides, adventure sports and so much more.

Switzerland is a dream come true for every traveler, whether they begin a search for hiking, paragliding, exploring ancient towns, or good food.

We have heard of the beauty of this country with all the snow-covered, however, as the snow melts and fades away, the charm only gets brighter. 

Yes, visiting Switzerland in May, which is the summertime, is an equally interesting idea. Let’s learn more about places to visit, things to do, and the weather in Switzerland during May.

Weather in May

The weather in May is pleasant. It is because May in Switzerland welcomes all the beautiful blossoms, as it brings spring. The flowering trees and alpine blooms are uncovered from the winter snow

The month of May marks Switzerland's summer tourist season. The summer season in Switzerland begins in June and lasts till mid-September.

Places to Visit in Switzerland In May

Here are some places that can be best visited during May in Switzerland-

1. Swiss National Park

Swiss National Park continues to be on the favorite list of travelers. The unique thing is that it is the ideal one for all the hikers out there. So, if you are thinking of hiking in Switzerland in May, this is the right place for you.

2. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is the lake with the greatest scenic variety and indulging landscapes.  It is the fourth-largest Swiss lake and the epitome of beauty. Lake Lucerne reflects breathtaking natural scenery and is a perfect one to visit during May. Furthermore, you can stop at any of the wineries and participate in a guided wine-tasting session.

3. Bahnhofstrasse

Bahnhofstrasse is a tiny and peaceful street in Zurich. The place is filled with chocolate shops, cafes, art galleries, and a lot more. This street should be on your list because it is known to be one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping arcades in Europe! If you want to shop for any brand, say the name and it’s there on this street.

4. Discover Chur

Old towns always have a different kind of special vibe to them. The town of Chur is another such town. It is well known for its ancient preserved landmarks. It is believed that the town is 5000 years ancient. So, if you are visiting Switzerland in May, then this is another place you may explore.

5. Mount Rigi

Say the word enchanting place and Mount Rigi tops the list. The thrill of the place doesn't end here, rather it begins. This being said, it's to note that you can only reach here via an adorable Old Cog train. So, the journey and destination both are just filled with beauty! Thus, it is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland in May.

Things To Do in Switzerland in May

Let’s have a look at the activities you can do in Switzerland during May

1. Matterhorn Cable Ride

A cable car ride to see the iconic Matterhorn is the perfect plan for a Switzerland adventure in May.

The mountain’s extraordinary stature looks even more stunning when seen from high up. It is a 9-minute ride that takes you from Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, which is Europe’s highest mountain station.

2. Paragliding in Interlaken

Paragliding in Interlaken is a truly exciting adventure. All you have to do is to be prepared to soar through the sky and admire the Swiss Alps in Interlaken. The experience helps you uncover the best of Interlaken's hazy beauty.

3. Sightseeing Cruise in Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a treasure of Switzerland, with its stunning beauty. This cruise to Geneva is one of the best you would ever take.

It is once in a lifetime kind of experience and would truly mesmerize you. The Swiss Travel Pass includes this tour as well, so if you have one, you can go in for this.

4. Stroll In The Stein Am Rhein

The town of Stein am Rhein lies at the point where Lake Constance becomes the River Rhine. There are several fascinating spots to gaze at here. For instance, the Lindwurm Museum showcases the works of the 19th century.

The intricately painted facades of the medieval buildings are worth looking at. It is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland in May due to its uniqueness.

5. Mount Titlis Tour from Lucerne 

The tour of Mount Titlis is an exciting one. To reach here, you can take a train from Lucerne to Engelberg.

Once you reach the Engelberg station, there is a free shuttle bus facility available. This takes you to Titlis Valley cable car station.

The mountains of Titlis are a true gem that would surely make your trip worthwhile.

6. The Funky Chocolate Club 

We hear of and attend various workshops, but a chocolate-making workshop? While Switzerland chocolates continue to be craved all across the globe, this chocolate club at Interlaken satisfies your chocolate thrust.

Visitors learn to melt, mix, and then serve their handmade chocolate under the guidance of experienced experts. It takes place in Jungfraustrasse in Interlaken.

Events in May

Switzerland is filled with several events to make the time more happening!

1. Cheese Market, Gruyères.

It takes place on the 1st of May. It is an annual cheese market where there are tastings, cultural events, and everything going on together. It is the best place to buy some Swiss cheese because it is one of a kind.

2. International Jazz Festival, Bern. 

Craving some jazz beats? Well. this festival would please you with the magical music vibes all around. It takes place in Bern in the intimate setting of Marian's Jazzroom!

3. Tulip Festival, morges.

The festival takes place near Lake Geneva. You will be pleased with the beauty of the lake, and cherish the tulips a little more! If you are a flower lover, be ready for this festival. It begins in March and lasts till mid-May.

Accommodation Options

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Note- Prices may vary due to the time of booking and other variable factors.

End Note

The hiking trails, the green meadows, and the moderate weather of May make it perfect to pay a visit to Switzerland.

Tasting local wine and cheese at Lake Lucerne, taking a thrilling cable car ride to Matterhorn, or trekking in the Swiss National Park, you have so much to do. 

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