Stretching across the Arabian Peninsula to the Gulf of Persia, Qatar is known for having the most dramatic landscape, modern-day skyscrapers and the greatest appeal to luxury travellers. In the gratification of 32 nations, this smallest yet the rapidly burgeoning nation is all set to host the quadrennial international men's football championship. The compact architecture of Al Rayyan Stadium boasts the close-knit pitch, a perfect eye-treat for millions of fans.

As we put all our bets on Lionel Messi’s third and final golden ball, we can feel the frog jumping in our guts. There is an innate chance of Brazil coming back as football legends yet again. For some of us who believe in the spirit to witness the star-studded game & to be the loudest cheer pull for our favourite teams, we find no reasons to escape the big day.

While you’ll come across the hospitality finesse here, the country welcomes a variety of travellers- for the game, and for even more to explore. Here we beef up your list with a slew of activities-

  1. Safari in the Dunes:
  2. The magic of sliding sand dunes of Qatar allows the adventurous bit in you to roar. Encapsulating the pristine skies and the ever-changing golden rays of the setting sun, the generous expanse of arid desert must be on the top of your bucket list.

    When it comes to seeking thrill, the euphoric feeling of staying in the tents, quad bike sandboarding and parasailing over the dunes is unmatchable. To top it all off with a safari experience, head straight for a camel ride and drive right through the misty white sands of Doha. Unless you've been living under a rock, you might have heard the grandeur nightlife of Qatar, and you for sure don't wish to miss the stargazing while you lay back in your tents.

  3. Museum Hopping:
  4. Qatar houses a huge variety of museums and art galleries, and if you are in the city, you need to explore it. The National Museum of Qatar has been attracting historians, archaeologists, artisans, etc who seek inspiration from a blend of tradition and modernity.

    For art lovers, the museum screams rich history and lays the foundation for numerous artworks, beautiful carpets, inlaid metalworks and richly detailed antique manuscripts. The incredibly scenic amenity of the museums is the perfect getaway to find the world’s most impressive islamic artwork and award-winning architects. To immerse the most of islamic patterns, be sure to bring souvenirs back to your collection.

  5. Spot the Little Venice
  6. Qanat Quartier, known to be ‘Little Venice’ is simply built to perfection, and glorifies the river tour through some exorbitant intricate canals. The enchanting charm of strolling past their very own Rialto replica, and Venetian districts looms to everybody's delight.

    For a truly authentic experience, hop onto the class-apart yachts, and be served with nothing but arabian aesthetics. Expanded over four million square metres, the charming cafe-lineup of the pearl will satiate your sweet tooth clamours. In case these experiences do not catch your vibe, pack yourself a wetsuit and be sure of flaunting your beach tan.

  7. Shop at Al Wakrah Souq
  8. Rooted in the deep traditions of Middle East, the alleyways of Al Wakrah Souq gets you closer to the local traders and sway over the minds of pickiest shoppers. Snag amazing bargains on décor, jewellery, dates, bags, metal antiques and much more.

    As you walk through the lanes of the market, you’ll come across several hidden bars and restaurants. From hearty qatari dishes- slow-cooked lamb or chicken that immerses the naturally-dried spices and herbs, to freshly seasoned seafood, the country has world-class food offerings. You can’t afford to miss the authentic traditional sweet of Almond & Caramel biscuits- Kup Griye.

  9. Spectate the Archeology
  10. Often untapped, Qatar’s very own world heritage site, duly recognized by UNESCO- Al Zubarah, is a walking example of the historic importance of the country. Built in 1938, the archeological site has highly contributed to the growth of small, independent republics out of the big Ottoman, European, and Persian empires, which eventually resulted in the establishment of the contemporary Gulf States.

    Now deserted, the landscape of Al Zubarah sets an outstanding testimony to urban trading and pearl-diving customs. Not only does the site teach you on the historic importance, but bids big on trade links of the country from the Indian Ocean.

    Is it a mere coincidence that the 22nd fifa championship is about to commence in 2022? We guess not. We plan on treating your Qatar checklist in all the right ways, even beyond your expectations for the tournament.

Bottom Line

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