If you’re planning to visit the Philippines then we must say, you have a smart choice of places. The Philippines is known to be the best tourist place globally. And, why shouldn’t it be? With its unspoiled beaches, and diverse culture surrounded by nature's beauty, this country has so much to deliver! 

And, a perfect getaway to this place needs a complete bucket list, starting from applying for a tourist visa to the Philippines, which is the most crucial part of your travel journey. Without an approved visa you won’t be allowed to enter the Philippines. 

So, take the first step by booking your Philippines tourist visa online. Don’t worry, this blog will guide you on where to go when in the Philippines along with the visa requirements.

3 Tips before planning for Your Philippines Trip from India

Can I get a Visa on Arrival to the Philippines?

No, the Philippines does not allow visas on arrival therefore you will have to apply for a visa.

What Visa Type should I apply for?

Since Indians can’t enjoy visa waiver-free entry, you will need to apply for a temporary visa i.e. tourist visa to visit Philippines, if your purpose of the visit is tourism, and a business visa, if your purpose of the visit is business. 

Where to apply for hassle-free visa processing?

You can book your Philippines tourist visa at Visa2fly for a faster visa application process. We not only help with visa applications but also help you get complete visa-related information and customer support throughout.

10 Unique & Beautiful Tourist Places in Philippines to visit

Now you know the requirements to be followed before traveling. Let’s dive in to know the top ten places to visit in the Philippines!