Dubai is one of the most travelled destinations around the world for both business and leisure trips.

In fact, Dubai’s travel and tourism industry has been projected to contribute about 280.6 billion United Arab Emirati dirham to the GDP by 2028. 

With such projection, obtaining a Dubai visa has become easier than ever. But there are still some cases of Dubai visa rejection. While travelling, a visa is one of the most important documents one should carry. 

The absence of visa or invalid visa documents may lead to the denial of entry in another country.

In this blog, we have listed some of the most common and lesser-known Dubai visa rejection reasons that may cause you to face denial of visa by the immigration department.

While Dubai has initiated on-arrival visas for Indians for quite some time, there are some travellers who require a visa before arriving in the UAE.

The approval or denial of visa is solely dependent on the immigration authorities. Dubai visa rejection reasons are usually informed to the traveller. 

Wondering why Dubai visas get rejected? These visa rejection reasons for Dubai might make it clear for you. Read more to find out Dubai visa rejection reasons.

What does Dubai visa rejection mean?

Dubai visa rejection means that you have been denied entry to Dubai or UAE by the immigration authorities. You cannot enter Dubai or UAE without a valid visa.

What can be the reasons for Dubai visa rejection? 

Here are some Dubai visa rejection reasons that might be the cause of your denied visa. Make sure that you are not repeating these mistakes while applying for your Dubai visa:

  • Handwritten passports: Handwritten passport copies are rejected by UAE immigration (such as Bangladesh or Pakistan).
  • Typos or misinformation: Applicants having typos in their names, address, etc, or producing wrong information may face delay or denial of visa. The information should be true and authentic in order to obtain a visa successfully.
  • Photograph specifications: The photograph submitted along with the application must adhere to the guidelines. Blurred or incorrect dimensions of the photo may lead to Dubai visa rejection. The appropriate dimensions of the photograph should be 35 X 45 mm; with full face visibility, front view with open eyes in coloured format. The print must be clear and should maintain a continuous tone.
  • Previous active visa application: Applicants who acquired a Dubai visa previously but did not enter Dubai or UAE may face rejection until the previous visa is cancelled or expired. 
  • Failed employment visa: Applicants who acquired an employment visa under a prospective employer but failed to enter Dubai may face Dubai visa rejection.

Dubai Visa Rejection Due to Medical Reasons

All travellers entering Dubai or UAE are required to be medically fit and free from contagious diseases to obtain a visa. In case an applicant does not meet the requirements, he/she may face Dubai visa rejection. 

Here are some Dubai visa rejection reasons due to medical causes:

  • The following workers need to test negative for syphilis and hepatitis B:
  1. Workers in nurseries
  2. Domestic workers
  3. Workers in restaurants 
  4. Workers in beauty centres
  5. People working in health clubs

In case these workers do not test negative, they may face visa rejection.

  • Female domestic workers are required to test negative for pregnancy
  • Medical tests are required to be performed at government-approved centres in UAE to grant or renew a residency visa

Other Dubai Visa Rejection Reasons

Here are some other Dubai visa rejection reasons which may lead to denial of visa by immigration authorities:

  • Females below the age of 22 travelling without the supervision of their parents, guardians or husband
  • Unskilled professional such as a labourer or farmer may face Dubai visa rejection
  • Applicant holding a criminal record or proven to be a fraud
  • Misrepresentation of applicant’s identity may lead to Dubai visa rejection
  • Absence or incomplete documents in the application
  • Two applicants with similar details such as name, date of birth, address, etc, may face visa rejection