Traveling is something that never fails to please you. The South Asian part of our world has always been a welcoming tourist spot. Are you looking for a fresh change? Wanting breathtaking proximity to nature? A new and irresistible cuisine?

Vietnam carries 2000 years of history with a blend of Chinese and Indian influence. Thus, choosing to visit Vietnam would never disappoint you. For starters, book your Vietnam visa online, and start packing. To help you plan further, let’s have a look at the best cities to visit in Vietnam. 

Best 7 cities to Visit in Vietnam

1. Hanoi

When visiting Vietnam, the capital city of Hanoi offers you an incredibly diverse experience in all aspects. Be it the French colonial architecture which never moves away from your eye or the side street cafes with their own charm. Other fun things you can do are visit, The Perfume Pagoda, and Dong Xuan Market and also experience the thrill of the water puppet show. Other places of significance include Hanoi Polic Museum, Vietnamese Women's museum and more. Are you ready to experience this cultural and natural vibrance? 

2.  Ho Chi Minh City

Well, are you thinking of an adventurous motorcycle ride? Are you waiting to taste the splendid street food? Then, Ho Chi Minh City is something you should not miss visiting at all.  Do not wait, book your Vietnam visa online soon, to experience the fun of this city!

3.  Hoi An’s

A mix of nature with good food is two primary things sought while traveling. The city of Hoi An is one destination offering you a splendid canal view along with the best restaurants. Moreover, you can indulge into a wide variety of water activities as well as build a deeper cultural connection with Vietnam culture when visiting this city.

4. Hue

This city is set on the banks of the Perfume River and is one of the oldest cities in Vietnam. Baked with vegetarian cuisine and a theme of royal heritage, this is the place for all history lovers. Furthermore, cabe tours, boat tours, a one day long city tour, and tomb tours are just some of the more things you can do in Hue. The city in itself is a wonder spot where you can keep on experiencing more and more. Do not wait, obtain a Vietnam visa online soon.

5. Can Tho