Well, planning to visit a country is one thing, and making it happen is another. Vietnam stands on an upper rank among the Southeast Asia countries of the world. The vibrance of its cities, and the street food here, which can drive you crazy is worth it all. And, most importantly, the breathtaking landscapes carry a mark of its deep history and culture. However, in countries like Vietnam, you cannot book your Vietnam visa online just randomly. You would require to have a proper idea of the visa application form, the documents you require to fill it up, the processing time, and other precautionary measures. We intend to become a reliable partner for every step of the process of obtaining a Vietnam Visa online.So, let us look ahead to this step-by-step guide Vietnam visa.

What are the types of visas available?

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When you visit Vietnam, you can either have a sticker tourist visa, a business visa, or an E- visa. All the visas differ in their processing time and validity. Moreover, the purpose of your visit decides the process to book your Vietnam visa online.

Visa Plans and Documents Required

Original passport, photograph, flight details, and accommodation details are some of the basic documents you will need for all types of visas, be it tourist or business visas. The Step-By-Step Guide Vietnam Visa would help you have a deeper look at almost everything that you need to book your Vietnam visa online. But first, let’s have a piece of knowledge about the different visa plans that you can avail.

1. Vietnam Business Visa

When you seek a visit for business purposes, then this is the type of Vietnam visa online that you need to apply for. Let’s talk about the plan for this visa in particular.

It is a single-entry standard E-visa. The validity is for 30 days and the processing time would range from 6-7 business days. However, the validity and time taken also depend upon the approval of the embassy, and the price range can vary.

2. Vietnam Tourist Visa

Planning a fun family trip to Vietnam? Here is what you exactly need. The tourist visa has a validity of 30 days and is a single-entry E-visa. It takes 6-7 business days to process it.

The documents required to get a Vietnam visa online differ, depending upon the type of visa you require.

Vietnam tourist visa online

3. Tourist E-visa

A color scan copy of a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity has to be uploaded. One Color Clear Scanned Copy of a Fresh photograph with dimensions 35mm X 45 mm is needed. The background of the picture has to be white only. Further, flight tickets, accommodation confirmation, and occupation details are required.

Any additional documents might be asked for by the Embassy. Also, please note that we collect documents from your end and provide them to the embassy. So, you need not worry at all.

Visa process

The visa process briefly comprises three steps that include, submitting the visa application form, then submitting all the required documents, and then the final approval. You can easily check your visa status through your application number or passport number. Furthermore, you need not worry at all about receiving the visa. Because we deliver it at your doorstep.

Vietnam Visa Application Made with Visa2Fly

Vietnam visa application online

At Visa2Fly, we try to take every step to make your journey easier. Vietnam Visa for Indians is now a simple process. Booking your visa with ease and flying to your dream country is now possible! Certain features that makes the application easier include

  • 1. Skip taking Passport-sized Photo: If you upload a selfie, it would automatically make adjustments in accordance with the required specifications of the embassy.
  • 2. Automated Form-Filling: Once you scan your passport, the form details are filled automatically, again eliminating excessive manual work and tiresome form filling.
  • 3. Streamlined Document Preparation: We provide end-to-end assistance in document preparation per the specific user-profile like cover letter, NOC, travel itinerary, etc.

Visa2Fly is a platform that is dedicated to easing the lives of travelers. You can ease the process of getting a Vietnam Visa for Indians with us. Our guided assistance and 24*7 expert support would allow you to attain your visa smoothly. And guess what? It does not end here. Besides online Visa services , we also offer other travel services like travel insurance, SIM cards, and hotels. You can also visit our website for other detailed blogs for various countries. Still waiting? It is always recommended to apply for Vietnam Visa online beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles. Visit our website or call us at 1800-547-5030 for end-to-end visa assistance.