As far as vacations are concerned, we love to travel to places that can offer new experiences and provide us with an adventurous story to share with our friends or add to our memories. A tan on the beach or a hike in the mountains seems like a great idea to avoid the Monday blues.

But have you ever considered enjoying the night away drinking and dancing with your friends and making the best drunk memories ever? When it comes to nightlife, most people prefer Dubai or Vegas but let us take you to experience the vibrance of Baku nightlife.

Azerbaijan is witnessing a boom in its tourism as more and more tourists around the world are choosing it as their travel destination. According to the State Tourism Agency of Azerbaijan, 1.3 million tourists have travelled to the country from January to August this year and they aim to keep this number increasing.

With its unique Eurasian culture, beautiful landscapes and notable history, Azerbaijan offers a one-of-a-kind experience to travellers. In fact, its capital Baku has one of the most happening nightlife experiences in the world. 

Explore these Clubs And Bars to Experience the Best of Baku Nightlife

Baku is famous for its vivid architectural marvels, a blended tradition and culture, its delicious Persian and Turkish food and aesthetically pleasing places.

However, the city is a hub of happening nightclubs and bars where you can relax, enjoy and party your heart out. Read more to find out about the places to enjoy the Baku nightlife on your trip to Azerbaijan. 

We have a comprehensive list of the best bars and nightclubs to experience the best Baku nightlife for party animals!

Madrid Bar

Do you want to experience the fun of a Spanish bar, but don't want to spend a fortune in Spain? If yes, this is the place to be! The bar offers a splendid Spanish vibe with its famous drinks and cosy ambience which is perfect for a sundowner on a work-cation or just to have a chill night on your holiday.

Our Tip: Visit this bar when you want to chill with a couple of beers with your friends after a long day of exploring the city.

Location: National Flag Square Complex Baku

Timings: Monday-Saturday: 3PM-12AM, Sunday: 3PM-3AM

360 Bar

Ever dreamed of sipping wine while overlooking an entire city as the sun sets on the horizon of the Caspian Sea? We have found just the place to experience this.

Head over to the 25th floor of Hilton Baku Hotel where 360 Bar offers a 360° view of the city as it rotates slowly. I

t is an ideal place for a romantic date night with delicious cuisine, drinks as well a mellow ambience to enjoy offering one of the best experiences of the Azerbaijan nightlife.

Our Tip: Plan a surprise romantic date for your better half at 360 Bar and enjoy the evening while sipping wine.

Location: 25th floor of Hilton, Baku

Timings: Monday-Sunday: 6PM-3AM

IN Club

This club is credited with introducing the Techno music genre to the Baku nightlife.

With eccentric electronic music and crazy parties every weekend, this is the place to dance your heart out without any worries in the world! Make sure this one is on your list of places to visit to experience Azerbaijan nightlife because you will definitely enjoy the fun and youthful crowd with endless energy.

Our Tip: Hop in here when you want to get drunk and dance like crazy with your squad!

Location: 18A Jeyhun Salimov, Baku

Timings: 6PM onwards

ETUD Cafe and Bar

Jazz music, live performances, funk parties, classical music performances, youthful crowd, ambient vibe and ofcourse, flavourful cocktails. What if we tell you you can find it all at one place?

Etud Cafe and Bar is a famous hang-out spot to experience the Baku nightlife among tourists as well as locals. Hop to this underground bar for a heartful session of gossip and laughs with a round of beer while vibing to the vibrant music. 

Our Tip: Visit this place on one of their live music nights to experience the best of Baku nightlife.

Location: 16 Islam Safarli Street, Baku 

Timings: Sunday-Thursday: 5PM-1AM, Friday-Saturday: 6PM-2AM


What if we tell you that you can witness a South American experience while enjoying the Azerbaijan nightlife?

Nested in the heart of Baku, this place has been enhanced with attractive interiors with lounging places, amazing views, great food and cocktails as well as one of the most happening parties in the town. The place is famous for its ambience which was perfected by Blue Sky Hospitality Studio from London.

Our Tip: Hop in here to relish the best sushi in town every Tuesday with exciting offers!

Location: Seaside Boulevard, Baku

Timings: Monday-Sunday: 4PM-12AM, Friday-Saturday (Weekend Parties): 11PM-6AM

Enerji Club

The club stands up to its name as the two different floors embracing the two different themes come together to form a high-energy experience for the tourists.

The place is famous among tourists and locals alike and you can head over here to dance the night away with your friends on the electric music beats of the DJ.

Our Tip: This is the place to be if you are looking for a high-end party experience with your friends.

Location: National Flag Square, Bakı, Azerbaijan

Timings: 6PM-12AM

Buddha Bar

To experience the high-end Baku nightlife, you need to visit a high-end place in Baku.

Add Buddha Bar, located at the JW Marriott Absheron Hotel, to your list of nightclubs in Baku to witness one of the most beautiful bars in the city with Asian art pieces and mesmerising chandeliers. It is a multipurpose place which inhabits a bar, restaurant as well as a nightclub as the sun goes down and the party spirit rises high. 

Our Tip: Visit this place to experience an Asian fusion of art and entertainment with high-end DJs who will make you groove on their beats.

Location: Azadliq Square, JW Marriott Absheron 3rd floor, Baku

Timings: Sunday-Thursday: 12PM-1AM, Friday-Saturday: 6PM-3AM


If you want to sit back, relax and chat with your girlfriends while sipping wine but also want to witness the Azerbaijan nightlife, we have the perfect recommendation for you.

Head out to Zeppelin, a wine bar, located in the heart of Baku which always offers a unique experience to its customers be it a girls’ night, vodka party or wine day with unlimited wine.

Make sure to visit one of the first conceptual wine bars in Baku which provides a mellow atmosphere with live music, karaoke sessions, stand-up comedy nights and even themed parties. 

Our Tip: Head over here for a happening girls’ night with your girlfriends.

Location: Natavan dongesi, Baku

Timings: Monday-Sunday: 6PM-6AM

Paulaner Brauhaus

We cannot leave this iconic brewery out of the Azerbaijan nightlife! Paulaner Brauhaus is a haven for beer-lovers all around the world with its unique German taste which it preserves within its microbreweries. Keep away the Monday blues with their unlimited Beer nights and vibe to the delightful music on Saturdays with their live music performances. Here’s a beer!

Our Tip: This is the place to relish the authentic German food and drinks with your friends.

Location: Baku White City Showroom

Timings: Monday-Sunday: 4PM-12AM

 OTTO Club

Party like a local at one of the first nightclubs in Baku to experience the true vibe of Azerbaijan nightlife! The place is famous for its live music performances and concerts and provides the most happening crowd in the city. On your next trip to Azerbaijan, make sure to visit this gem for tasty snacks as well as unique drinks with minimal prices. 

Our Tip: Head over here if you want to experience the Baku nightlife in the local style without burning a hole in your pocket.

Location: 3 Abdulkarim Ali-Zadeh St, Baku 

Timings: Monday-Sunday: 11AM-2AM

Tips to experience the best of Baku nightlife

  • Reserve your tables: Make sure to call up the bar and reserve your table before heading to the place to ensure entry as many places require prior bookings. 
  • Dress up for the night: Throw on your best attire for the night as popular bars and nightclubs have a strict dress code and do not allow entry in casuals. Dress your best to party all night!
  • Drink responsibly: The happening Baku nightlife is the most fun when you are drinking responsibly. Do not drink and drive and it’s better to hire a cab if you plan on getting drunk for the night. Better safe than sorry!
  • Look for events: To make the most out of Azerbaijan nightlife, we would suggest you attend specially curated events like live music performances, DJ nights, girls’ nights or themed parties.

What else can I do in Azerbaijan at night?

  • Go for a Baku night tour exploring the various tourist sites in moonlight 
  • Take a bicycle route at night and enjoy the quiet and serene landscape 
  • Dine at the popular fine-dining restaurants of Baku and relish the authentic taste of Azerbaijan
  • Visit the Old City and enjoy the local delicacies within the historical core of Baku 
  • Visit the happening nightclubs and bars for an amusing Baku nightlife experience

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