Set on the Caspian Sea, everything about Azerbaijan is extraordinary. Intertwined with Europe and Asia, this country boasts a unique culture that profoundly influences its culinary heritage. Each dish here is not only different but also delicious, reflecting the distinctiveness of Azerbaijan's food.

Imagine enjoying a traditional meal that you have never tasted before with a semi-arid view. And, as you take your first bite, the aroma of saffron and herbs blended in spices tantalise your taste buds.

Azerbaijan is one such country that is known for its diverse food like saffron-infused Plov, Dumplings prepared differently, soups with traditional spices, and flavorsome desserts. The Azerbaijani feast is something you must try at least once in your life. 

15 Best Azerbaijan Food & Cuisine

To savor the authentic famous food of Azerbaijan, make sure you don’t miss out on these food items-  

15. Kefli Becha 

Also known as drunk chicken, Kefli Becha is a famous Azerbaijani dish. It is a simple dish yet very unique in itself because the chicken is cooked in wine. In case you are visiting Nakhchivan city of Azerbaijan, then you must try this dish.

 Where to try?

  • At Malacannes 145 

14. Djiz-biz

Djiz-biz is a traditional Azerbaijani dish made with fresh lamb or sheep meat. It is fried meat that is both flavorful and nutritious.

Locals highly prefer this dish during the summer. Djiz-biz is unusual and interesting, so be sure to include it on your menu when visiting Azerbaijan.

 Where to try?

  • Eskulap Restoran

13. Pakhlava 

Also spelled as Baklava in some regions, this delightful pastry is a perfect sweet treat after a lavish Azerbaijani lunch.

It is also known as Sheki Pakhlava, this traditional Azerbaijani dessert originated in the region of Sheki, Azerbaijan. It is a generational treat, and the method to make this delicious sweet has remained unchanged. 

Where to try?

  • Gabala 

12. Bozbash

This famous soup, popularly known as the national soup of Azerbaijan, is a bowl full of history and stories. Made with a variety of traditional Azerbaijani spices, every sip is comforting and flavorsome.

Interestingly, this soup is found in every region of Azerbaijan, but the flavors vary depending on the locality, so make sure you try this for an ultimate experience of  Azerbaijani food.

Where to try?

  • Qedim Qebele Restaurant

11. Dushbara 

Tiny dough, filled with meat and local herbs, is an Azerbaijani-style dumpling. Although it looks like a regular dumpling, it has a distinct flavor and delicate form.

This Azerbaijan food is famous, especially in winter, making it a perfect choice for comfort and warmth. If you are planning to visit Azerbaijan around the New Year, make sure to enjoy this specialty.

Where to try?

  • Terrace 145

10. Magal Salaty 

A traditional and famous salad that tops every food menu in Azerbaijan. Perfect for brunch, unique in its taste, it will give you a unique culinary taste of Azerbaijani food.

A refreshing combination of seasonal vegetables, herbs, and sometimes meat. Perfect for tourists who plan to keep their diet light during the holidays but enjoy the authentic flavors of Azerbaijan at the same time. 

Where to try?

  • Sahil bar and Resturant 

9. Azerbaijani Kebab

Kebab has been a cultural pride for the Azerbaijani community since ancient times, it’s a symbol of hospitality and reflects their tradition that goes beyond the dining experience in Azerbaijan.

Although Azerbaijani cuisine offers an array of Kebab types, you must try your hands on lula kebab(made with minced meat), dana bastrima, and antrikot kebab.

Where to try?

  • Mugam Club

8. Lavangi

This dish typically is prepared with a whole fish, seasoned with local herbs and spices, the whole dish is then baked. 

Lavangi is a creative dish that showcases the culinary skills of Azerbaijan’s food. Is often released during festivals, special celebrations, and house gatherings. Trying Lavangi will give you the ultimate taste of the region's authentic culinary heritage. 

Where to try?

  • Sirvansah Musey Restaurant

7. Gutabs 

Gutabs are the ultimate appetizer in Azerbaijani parties. This dish is prepared extraordinarily and offers a unique flavor that may be unlike any other dish.

The ingredients that make this dish so special are local ingredients and a variety of fillings like minced meat, pumpkin,  seasonal herbs, lentils, and dry fruits. So, make sure to experience this ultimate Azerbaijani food. 

Where to try?

  • Nergiz

6. Buglama 

Buglama in Azeri means ‘steamed’, a traditional lamb stew that is slow-cooked for approximately two hours.

This hearty dish is one of the most traditional stews, a typical Azeri-style meal cooked in a special pot. This dish is a testament to the artistry and authenticity of Azerbaijan’s food and culture.

Where to try?

  • Sehri Tandir 

5. Piti 

This supreme Azeri soup is famous for its authenticity in the regions of Azerbaijan. The broth is made of lamb and chickpeas.

The preparation of this soup is very distinctive, it's slow-cooked and very healthy to consume.  Try this traditional Azerbaijan dish in Sheki, one of the famous places for Azerbaijan food. 

Where to try?

  • Gagarin

4. Saj Ichi

A special fact about  Azerbaijan food is its preparation. If you see most of the Azerbaijani dishes, they are slow-cooked in clay pot vessels. Well, this process has been followed by generations.

Saj ichi is one such traditional Azerbaijan barbecue, cooked uniquely in copper or clay pots. Make sure to try this lip-smacking Azeri dish with Aryan, a super relaxing Azerbaijani-Turkish drink, a perfect combination to perfectly relish the Azerbaijan cuisine culture. 

Where to try?

  • Qaynana Restaurant

3. Dolma

It is a traditional Azerbaijani dish, stuffed with meat, and vegetables blended with traditional Azerbaijani spices and then wrapped in grape leaves. Interestingly, this Azerbaijan food is famous in Eastern Europe too.

It's a good option to go for a starter, and perfect to enjoy with gatyg, an authentic Azeri dip, made with yogurt and garlic. A divine combination of experiencing Azerbaijan’s culture through Mediterranean cuisine.

Where to try?

  • Dolma Restaurant

2. Shah Plov

Also known as Khan ashi, is a wholesome lunch to relish Azerbaijan's authentic food. This Azerbaijan dish consists of a rice base, topped with meat, and dressed with a crust fried dough.

This dish is mostly cooked during weddings, parties, and other special occasions. And, do you know Shah plov is known to be the best rice dish in the world? So make sure this tops your list. 

Where to try?

  • Tongal

1. Plov 

Plov is the most famous Azerbaijan dish. It is a rice dish, which is found in every region of Azerbaijan. Plov is known by many different names and is the staple food of Azerbaijan.

The preparation and ingredients used to make this dish differ but are flavourful at the same time. Make sure to try plov at least once in, when you visit Azerbaijan. 

Where to try?

  • Sehirli Tendir

Why should you visit Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is one of the oldest countries in the world but what makes it unique is the perfect blend of East and West culture.

The language spoken here is either Russian or Turkish, as it shares a border with Russia, and a portion with Turkey as well. The cultural blend is being reflected in Azernbaijan’s food and lifestyle. They drink tea similar to Iranians and Turks but at the same time enjoy vodka, alongside. 

There is so much more to experience about Azerbaijan, especially in Baku, the oldest city in Azerbaijan. 

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