Russia has a wide scope for winter destinations, things to do, things to eat, and more. This will surely be a memorable time for you.

Russia is a combination of the most beautiful places. On one hand, is the unique charm of Vladivostok, featuring steep hills and suspension bridges.

On the other hand, is Moscow, the city known for the display of Russian architecture. The compelling St. Petersburg which features a blend of history, culture, and contemporary life would leave an everlasting experience in your mind.

Ready to explore Russia in the backdrop of a calmly cold winter time? Well, let's begin this exciting journey and learn the top places to visit during winter in Russia.

Our Recommended Places to Visit in Russia in Winter

The processing time of a Russian E-visa is just 4-5 business days. So, you can accordingly plan your trip.  Let us first go through some winter attractions of Russia!

1. Moscow

Imagine visiting Russia and not going to Moscow.

It’s like eating a cake without cream! Sparrow Hills, one of the highest points in Moscow, Armoury Chamber,  Red Square, Moscow Metro, Saint Basil's Cathedral, and more, are places you can explore here! Furthermore, the winters of Moscow help you experience the place's magnificence a little more.

The Moscow Kremlin, the world's largest medieval fortress is another place that cannot be missed.

Winter Tip-  The famous Russian doughnuts called Ponchiki can be tried here. They are best eaten hot and you can find them everywhere, in street stalls or cafes!

2. Sochi

Even though Sochi is more of a summer place, you can enjoy it here during winter as well. There is a wide range of activities you can indulge in.

Moreover, you can begin a tour to not miss on things and enjoy the travel to the fullest here. Furthermore, Sochi Park welcomes you with another opportunity.

This place offers a wide scope for clicking good photos, sitting beside good cafes and restaurants, and embracing the winter in Russia.

Winter Tip- You can go for a cable car ride and deeply admire the views of the Caucasus mountains!

3. Ustyug

Be it children or adults, the place of Ustyug invites people from all across the world with the tourism opportunities it offers. Little Northern Dvina, Gleden was a fortress, and several other museums form a major part of the travel of this city!

Ustyug is one of the best places to visit in Russia in winter.  And then, one of the best parts is the Museum of New Year and Christmas Toys here. So, it's time to explore the tenderness and hospitality of the place. 

Winter Tip- You can visit the residence of Grandfather Frost, in Veliky Ustyug, considered his hometown. And, also meet his granddaughter Snow Maiden!

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4. St. Petersburg

St Petersburg, popularly called Venice of the North, is a truly beautiful place to go to. The beauty and intensity of the fondness of the place just increase more during winter!

This place gives you plenty of reasons to go to. You can wander around preserved infrastructure here. The Winter Palace is one of the most favored spots to visit in Russia. Palace Square and the Museum of Glass Art are other destinations to explore in St Petersburg.

Winter Tip-  St Petersburg encompasses amazing cafes. During winter, you can try. pelmeni (meat dumplings), as well as blini (thin pancakes) here.

5. Kazan

The cityscape and architecture of Kazan would apprise you of the best of Russia! The place provides a serene view and aura of River Volga. This place is a blend of ancient architecture and contemporary designs.

From bars, cafes, cheap eats, and proper restaurants, there are a lot of eating options here. Further, you can book hotels to spend a day or two in Kazan. Church of Kazan, Icon of Our Lady, Kazan Kremlin, and more are some of the places you can visit here.

Winter Tip - Riviera Aquapark is a huge indoor water park. You can experience an adventure of pools, saunas, slides, and jacuzzis here.  You can also enjoy ice skating, and snow tubing at Riviera Ski Resort is another famous sport.

6. Winter Kola Peninsula

The sky is never-ending, and so is the winter beauty of Winter Kola. In January, you can witness the Northern Lights. Moreover, you can explore the Snow Village which is a wonder. 

You can go snowboarding at the Big Wood Ski Resort and have winter fun. Also, you can taste some of the Sami delicacies as well.

There is a blend of museums, monuments, botanical gardens, waterfalls, and cliffs, obviously in the backdrop of winter in Russia.

Winter Tip- You can go for numerous winter activities like ice skating, and snowshoeing in Murmansk.

7. Winter Karelia

The freezing winter months of Karelia is a popular tourist destination. The amazingly designed cultural front encompasses the famous Kizhi Island, which is a classified UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The site has several remarkable features, in addition to its age and incredible state of preservation. The Church of the Transfiguration and the Church of the Intercession are admired for their mind-blowing architectural features they have. Not just this, there are so many outer sports that you can engage in!

Winter Tip- In the backdrop of the amazing northern lights, you can go for sports like ice fishing and dog sledding.

8. Yakutia

It is known that Yakutia is one of the coldest cities in the world. This place is the perfect destination for experiencing a cold climate.

If you look at the water here, it won't be water, but ice. The temperature goes as low as 40-50 degrees Celsius! One of the best things you can do here is sip some hot coffee, and apple cider and feel the magic of winter! This is one of the best places to visit in Russia in winter.

Winter Tip- Remember to pack many warm clothes and accessories, like, woolen socks, gloves, hats, scarves, and more. The polar nights are dark, hence keeping a headlamp is advisable.

9. Vladivostok

This educational and cultural capital of Russia would open your heart widely. It’s known as the terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The welcoming winters and overall environment would be an admirable one.  Theatres, beaches, museums, and parks are all here!

The Russian Island, the Golden Bridge, and the Railroad terminal are some of the top tourist attractions here. This is another place among the best places to visit in Russia in winter.

Winter Tip- You can explore the panoramic views of the city at Eagle’s Nest Hill, which is the highest point in Vladivostok. The winter temperature of the site records up to -20 degrees Celsius.

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