The Visa Interview is the last, yet one of the most crucial steps of your visa application process. Visa Interview is the final stage of getting a visa.

Everything plays an important role, from your appearance and style of answering to the content of your answer.

There are some countries for which you need to appear for an interview like the US, while for some like Thailand and Malaysia, you need not!

One should make sure to prepare certain basic questions that have a high probability of being asked. This way, one can easily ace the visa interview.

So, let’s have a look at some visa interview questions and answers that will surely help you ace your visa interview!

Top 10 Interview Questions To Know

Question 1- Where do you reside?

Answering Approach: This is one of the most popular and general questions that your interviewer may ask.

The essential thing to know is that you should say your complete address when asked this.

At the same time, you should mention if it is a temporary address or a permanent one.

Question 2- Why are you traveling to this country?

Answering Approach: An answer to this question should be a very honest one. You just have to truly tell your reason.

It could be tourism, business, medical purposes, or education. After you have told your purpose, a relevant document to prove it is needed.

For instance, if you are going for tourism, you can show your itinerary, flight booking, and hotel tickets.

Question 3- Are you married?

Answering Approach: In this question, you should know your exact marriage date, and answer without hesitation.

For those who are unmarried or divorced, simply state the right fact!

Question 4- Have you made any bookings?

Answering Approach: This is an important question, and you have to be ready for it by showing all the booking details.

For instance, you have to give a copy of the travel and accommodation booking.

This would further act as solid proof as it depicts the starting and ending date of your reservation and thereafter showcases true information!

Question 5- Do you have a leave approval letter from your employer?

Answering Approach: A leave approval letter is an essential document in case you are an employee.

A leave approval letter from your employer should be stamped and signed. This is the only way the visa officer would consider the fact to be true.

Question 6- Do you have health insurance coverage?

Answering Approach:  It is always beneficial to have health insurance to minimize the risk and tackle health uncertainty!

If you have health coverage, then provide the evidence of the health insurance for the period of stay in that country.

For Schengen regions, holding travel insurance is mandatory. So, you better have it.

Question 7- How do we know that you will return back for sure?

Answering Approach: For the above question, you can share information related to your personal relationships, such as your family in the home country.

Furthermore, you can give information about business, property and other educational aspects. All these should give you reasons to return!

Question 8- Do you have any property in the country you are going to?

Answering Approach:  If you have any property in your visiting country, you have to provide the interviewer with the address and ownership details of the property.

This would give substance to the facts you present. 

Question 9- How would you manage the trip expenses?

Answering Approach:  When you are traveling to a foreign country, your budget may rise due to a number of factors.

Apart from the specified funds, you should also have some extra. When it comes to approval, proof of finance is a must.

This ensures that you will be able to finance your trip independently. Also, according to the place of a visit, the fund limit varies, thus you should check it accordingly.

Question 10- What is the plan if your visa gets rejected?

Answering Approach: This is one of those questions that are asked to generate a degree of stress!

You should emphasize the importance of your travel plan and display the need for it to work out. It is important to stay calm and present your point with confidence. 

Visa Interviews Made Easy with Visa2Fly

The saying ‘Honesty is the best policy’ works here! You have to be honest and give the answers with the right proof.

You should have a knowledge of immigration questions and answers for tourists, to be prepared in the right way!

Remember, apart from knowing the questions, and answering approaches, the key is also to be confident, carry a smile, and then go ahead!

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