Vietnam offers a true culmination of modernity, marked by the top cafes in Hoi An, to solace, marked by the traditional towns, and other ancient landmarks.

Vietnam is a beautiful country that has numerous beaches for all beach lovers, has a stunning view of mountains for all mountain lovers, all of it accompanied by classic culinary delights.

Furthermore, the museums and temples of the country wouldn't fail to mesmerize you.

However, to explore a foreign country the right way, it is quite important to have a properly framed itinerary. It helps you miss out less and make the full use of your time there.

To assist you with the same, here’s a Vietnam itinerary for  7 days, which may be useful for you. 

Vietnam 7 Days Itinerary - Your 1 Week in Vietnam

Day 1- Arrival In Hanoi

Nội Bài International Airport in Hanoi is the country's second-largest and busiest international airport

There is another airport named Tan Son Nhat International Airport, however, it is located in HO Chi Minh. So, once you go from India to Hanoi, you will land via Nội Bài International Airport.

Hanoi is the first stop on your Vietnam itinerary for 7 days. Hanoi offers a vibrant mix of history, heritage, culture, and a wide range of culinary delights to dive in.

You can keep some part of this day to explore Hanoi. Thereafter, during the second day, you can further explore Hanoi and go for an overnight cruise on Halong Bay.

Day 2- Hanoi and Halong Bay

Hanoi is an amazingly beautiful place to visit. There is so much to do here.

You can begin with the scenic views. Hanoi, the wonder capital city of Vietnam, is popularly known for its bustling street life and the famous French colonial architecture. It is known for its lakes and pagodas. 

Moreover, the city is famous for its various types. It is also famous for its vibrant food scene.

The wildlife and diversity of this region are splendid.  Ba Vi National Park is a must-visit. You can visit the famous Ngoc Son Temple, and connect with history. Furthermore, you can visit Hoa Lo Prison ‘The Hanoi Hilton’ and Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) which would please you!

Truc Bach Lake and West Lake stand out as one of the most captivating lakes in the city. They render deep serenity wrapped in the tranquil waters!

Furthermore, you can engage in the nightlife, and Hanoi nightlife will not be complete without a sidewalk on Ta Hien Street and engaging in various street activities with local people!

There is a wide range of food options to try here. Cha Ca involves pan-fried chunks of meaty, fatty skinned fish, turmeric, dill, peanuts, shrimp paste, and rice noodles. Bun cha is one of the national dishes in Vietnam

Tasting the fried spring rolls at a local restaurant would be a good option.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is situated 125km away from Hanoi. If we judge by the time, it takes around 2-2.5 hours to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay.

Regarding transportation, you can use a local bus, motorbike, private car, train, or even waterways to travel. 

The breathtaking landscapes, hidden caves, and more make Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The majestic beauty of the place would fascinate you fully!

The atmosphere is clean, serene, and thus pleasing enough. You can choose a cruise that fits your needs. That is, various day and night cruises are available here.

It’s also to note that Halong Bay is one of the top 25 kayaking destinations in the World.

This is another aspect that makes the Vietnam itinerary 7 days, more exciting!

Day 3- Hoi An

Once you finish exploring Halong Bay, you can take an internal flight from Hanoi to Da Nang. Thereafter, you can go to Hoi An later on. 

When you enter Hoi An, Hoi An features a vastness of experiences, as well as a cultural connection. This is because it is an ancient city. 

Hoi An has a vibrant cafe culture that is well worth exploring. The town has numerous cafes.

In the beginning, you can have aromatic Vietnamese coffee at Faifo Coffee, which is known for its excellent brews. Rosie’s Cafe is another option to pick when going to cafes. 

Hoi An Museum is excellent for learning about the town’s history and culture. Also, it’s an ideal destination to immerse yourself in the daily life of the people here!

The museum boasts a vast collection of artifacts reflecting the ancient town’s rich cultural heritage. You can find various items, including pottery, porcelain, and traditional clothing

Japanese Covered Bridge, located in the charming town of Hoi An, is a must-visit destination for tourists. It’s a beautiful wooden bridge dating back to the eighteenth century.

Besides, it serves as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam and Japan.

The unique design and structure of the bridge reflect the harmonious blend of the two nations’ architectural styles, and its intricate details and carvings are a feast for the eyes.

Day 4- Hoi An

Hoi An is a mark of a highly preserved and culturally rooted town in Vietnam. Hoi An is famous for its rich cultural heritage and immersive scenic beauty.

Talking about the history of the city, the exploration can begin with the two famous villages, which are- Hoi An Silk Village and Coconut Village. 

To our amazement, we see that this city is not just acting as a historical place but also has commercial importance. Hoi An is a well-preserved example of a traditional Asian trading port!

This charming ‘yellow town’ is packed with various things to do and would create everlasting memories for you! Firstly, visiting the city during the first festival of the Lunar New Year, which is the biggest celebration, can be a fulfilling experience.

Furthermore, other things that can be done include going on a boat tour and taking a stroll around the city.

The journey doesn't end here, thereafter, museums such Museum of Folklore and

Museum of Trade Ceramics can be explored. For all the beach lovers out there, one of the top beaches you can go to is Cua Dai Beach.

Day 5- Hue

From Hoi An, through beautiful mountains, you land up in  Hue and even go to Hai Van Pass. You must be thinking about what the Hai Van Pass is. Well, it is the dividing line between North and South Vietnam that offers spectacular views! 

Hue walks you through a part of Vietnam's history. Hue is known for its number of historical sites as well as cultural landmarks.

Some of the top attractions include the Imperial City (Citadel), Thien Mu Pagoda, the Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang, the Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc, Perfume River, and more.

The best time to visit Hue is between January and April.

Day 6- Ho Chi Minh and Mekong Delta

Ho Chi Minh is another bustling metropolitan stop in the country. To reach Ho Chi Minh, you can take an internal flight via Hue’s local Phu Bai Airport. Once you reach the city, you can have a good meal, as the city is known as the food hub all around. 

Ho Chi Minh features immense beauty and serenity. The city opens the horizon of a plethora of things to do. Starting from a very unique experience, that is, touring the Cu Chi Tunnel.

The Cu Chi Tunnel tour is an exclusive chance for you to tour around and explore the tunnel interconnectivity. The best part is that not all countries offer this type of tour.

Thereafter, for a thriving experience, you can visit the famous Bitexco Financial Tower. The 49th floor provides a wonderful view of Ho Chi Minh City from Saigon Skydeck.

A visit to the War Remnants Museum can also be paid.

One can try the Local beer and Tailored clothing, things which the city is famous for. And guess what? The vibrant Ben Thanh market shopping is another activity to engage in.

Then, in shows such as AO Show and The Dar Show, a live performance of energetic rhythm can be experienced. The famous church Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral, is located in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, and can also be visited. Furthermore the 45-minutes- Water Puppet Shows can also be experienced. 

Mekong Delta

Visitors to the Mekong Delta can be really fun. It begins with exploring  traditional villages, and floating markets, 

Furthermore, you can find good food at an economical rate here. There are a huge number of must-see attractions in the Mekong Delta.

The best time to visit the region is considered between November to April. Between December and February, many of the flowers along the Mekong bloom and offer a mesmerizing view!

Day 7- Departure from Ho Chi Minh

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) in Ho Chi Minh can be reached for a direct departure flight to India. It is one of the busiest airports in the country, and also the largest one. It is located 7 km away from downtown Ho Chi Minh City. You can take a cab to get here.

This marks the end of your Vietnam itinerary for 7 days.

Hotel Recommendations and Overall Budget 

Vietnam has good accommodation options for all ranges of travelers. Be it budget travelers or luxury ones. Here are some hotel suggestions:

Hotels in Ho Chi Minh include Liberty Hotel Saigon Parkview- with an average of INR 4500 per night and then  Sofitel Saigon Plaza- with an average of INR 7000 per night.

Hotels in Hoi An include Anio Boutique Hotel Hoi An and Bel Marina Hoi An Resort.

For food and drinks, budget travelers can expect to have a budget of around INR 500-700 per day on food and drink, while mid-range travelers can expect a budget of around  INR 1,000-1,500 per day.

As far as transportation is concerned, taxis and public transportation are available, with average costs of INR 10-15 per km for taxis and INR 5-10 per ride for public transport.

Vietnam Weather 

The best time to visit Vietnam is between November and April.

There is a split weather you can experience in Vietnam. This means that in Hanoi and the north, May to October is marked by hot and humid with high levels of rainfall. Thus, this is a time to visit Vietnam and plan a Vietnam itinerary for 7 days from India.

Whereas, from November to April, the climate is particularly cool and dry.  

When we talk about the far north side, December and January are the coldest months. So, you can plan your trip accordingly.

Things To Remember 

Here are some things to remember when visiting Vietnam.

1. Currency 

Vietnam's currency is the Vietnamese Dong. 1 Vietnamese dong equals 0.0034 Indian Rupee

2. Transportation 

Besides using a cab, public transport in Vietnam is good enough to be used.

3. Clothing

For the summer months, pack lightweight cotton clothes, they will be the ones that won't make you feel too sticky amidst the weather. Women tourists in Vietnam can wear half sleeves, shorts, and more, there is no such restriction.


In short, Vietnam is one of the most exciting foreign destinations to go to. This is because of manifold reasons.

On the one hand, where it is economical, on the other hand, you can find a lot of cultural, ancient, as well as modern cafes to spend time.

From a simple solo tour to a friend's adventure, Vietnam has something special for every kind of traveler.

Furthermore, the beauty, food, and handmade clothing of the country would secure a place in your heart for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Our Vietnam itinerary, 7 days from India, covers a wide range of things about the cities of Vietnam.

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