Vietnam is the talk of the town in recent years! The country is attracting tourists more than ever in post-pandemic years owing to its natural beauty, welcoming culture and unique experiences.

According to a report by the Vietnamese General Statistics Office, Vietnam welcomed more than 4 million tourists in the first three months of 2024, exceeding the pre-pandemic numbers. Our comprehensive guide to Vietnam in June will help you plan the vacation of your dreams!

Exploring the lush rice terraces, ancient temples and natural escapades sounds like a good idea for the summer, doesn’t it?

The vibrant culture of Vietnam is a cherry on top making the experience even more profound and delightful.

Moreover, June is the nesting season for Green Turtles so you might even spot some! So, pack your bags and get ready to witness the best of Vietnam. 

Here’s all you need to know about the diverse land before planning your Vietnam trip in June:

Vietnam Weather in June

Vietnam has a diverse climate during the month of June according to its varied geography. From sun-kissed beaches to pleasant hills, none of the areas are without certain rain showers.

June is the onset of the rainy season in the country. There are usually more than 10 rainy days in Vietnam in June.

However, since the rain showers are short and dry up quickly, travel and sightseeing are rarely hampered. 

You can expect an average temperature of 26-35 degrees Celsius on your Vietnam trip in June.

Depending upon the region you are travelling to, the temperature varies so make sure to check the weather report beforehand.

North Vietnam

The northern mountainous region of Vietnam enjoys pleasant weather during the month of June.

Days are sunny and cloudy while early mornings and nights are generally a little chilly. You can expect light showers during the day in some areas.

The lower areas of Vietnam, like Hanoi or Ha Long Bay, may have higher temperatures yet pleasant weather for sightseeing.

Rain showers are expected during the evening offering respite from the day's heat.

Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is the most ideal location for your Vietnam trip in June. The region has the most dry and sunny days making it perfect for exploration.

You may witness a few downpours but not as frequently as in other regions.  

South Vietnam

The southern region of Vietnam receives the most rainfall of all. However, the rain does not persist for the entire day giving enough windows for sightseeing.

The weather can be hot and humid so pack accordingly. 

Is June a good time to visit Vietnam?

Even though you may experience slight rain showers in Vietnam in June, it can’t keep you from exploring the beauty of this country.

Despite the rainy season, many Indian tourists choose to visit Vietnam since it is the month of summer holidays.

If you are looking forward to a relaxing vacation, this is your place to be! The short downpours bring back the greenery for a more lively and colourful experience of the landscapes. 

Accommodation and airfares

If you are tight on your budget, this may be the ideal time to visit Vietnam since it is a low season for international tourists.

With fewer tourists, the hotels and flight prices are generally cheaper. Make sure to book your trip well in advance to get the best prices.

On average, a 7-day trip to Vietnam in June can cost you around 50,000 INR or more. 

It is advisable to plan your trip during early June if you want to avoid tourist crowds.

Mid and later half of the month can get busier with tourist influx soaring the prices of accommodation and travel. 

Places to visit

These places should definitely be on your Vietnam travel list in June:

  • Sapa: Lush rice terraces and quaint villages
  • Ha Long Bay: UNESCO World Heritage Site with beaches, islands, natural caves and floating villages
  • Hoi An: Historical town with Lantern-covered streets, bars, beaches and art galleries
  • Hanoi: Historical museums, monuments, nightlife and markets
  • Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park: Flora and fauna, waterfalls, caves 
  • Da Nang: Beaches, water sports and markets
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Nightlife, local food, war museums, tunnels, markets
  • Con Dao Islands: Green Turtles, beaches, wildlife
  • Ninh Binh: Limestone cliffs, natural caves, flora and fauna

Things to do on a Vietnam trip in June

Happening nightlife

From Ho Chi Minh’s rooftop bars to the vibrant night markets of Hanoi, Vietnam has an amazing nightlife.

There are many beachside clubs and bars that you can visit for a refreshing sundowner.

Experience the best and unique nightlife in Vietnam in June at dinner cruises, traditional dance performances and beach parties. 

Relax by the beaches

Vietnam is famous for its pristine sandy beaches with blue-green water. Spend some quality time soaking under the warm sun.

There are many adventure sports activities available for adrenaline junkies too. Swimming, diving, kayaking, snorkelling - explore the waters as per your preference.

Explore the natural wonders

Vietnam is blessed with beautiful natural attractions that will take your heart away. A trip to Vietnam in June is perfect to explore these natural wonders.

From the lush rice terraces to unique flora and fauna, floating villages and adventurous caves, Vietnam has it all!

Celebrate Events and Festivals

Enjoy the zealous events and festivals on your trip to Vietnam in June.

The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is not just a celebration but an international competition.

Various countries of the world participate to showcase their pyrotechnic skills.

Catch the best views of the firecrackers at the banks of the Han River or from a hotel rooftop. 

Hoi An Lantern Festival is among the most famous events in Vietnam. Tourists all over the world visit the historical town of Hoi An to witness this unique tradition held on the 14th of every month. People light paper lanterns as a symbol of good luck and happiness while exchanging gifts.

Relish the Vietnamese Cuisine

You have to embark on a food tour on your next trip to Vietnam! If you enjoy trying new and unique cuisines, you are in for a delight. The traditional Vietnamese food will leave you craving for more. Pho, Bun Cha, sticky rice, Goi Cuon (spring rolls), rice rolls and Vietnamese coffee is a must-try!

Things to remember on the Vietnam trip in June

  • Carry an umbrella or raincoat to avoid rain showers.
  • Pack sunscreen and SPF since it can be very hot in Vietnam in June.
  • Light, breathable clothes and comfortable footwear are advisable.
  • Wear appropriate clothes at sacred and spiritual places.

Vietnam is a lively country that welcomes tourists with open arms. No matter the weather conditions, you are bound to have a good time in Vietnam in June with sunny skies and occasional rainfall to cool off the temperature. So, pack your bags and get ready for a fun summer vacation!