With a vibrant culture and beautiful places, Turkey is so much more than kebabs and coffees!

According to the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry, more than 33 million foreign tourists visited this gem in the first eight months of 2023.

Thinking of flying to Turkey in May? Make sure to plan your trip with the right knowledge and information. 

Is flying into the sunset on a romantic hot-air balloon ride on your bucket list? Are you passionate about Arabic art and culture? Do you start drooling at just the mention of Turkish cuisine?

If yes, then this is your sign to book your Turkey trip in May this year to witness the magic of this country! 

Turkey Weather in May 

May is the ideal time to plan a trip to Turkey. It marks the period of late spring and early summer so you won’t be burnt by strong afternoon heat strokes!

The days are sunny for beautiful sundresses and summery shirts to shine.

The average temperature of the coastal regions (Bodrum, Antalya, etc.) falls between 20-25 degrees celsius while that of the inland destinations (like Istanbul and Cappadocia) ranges between 15-20 degrees celsius. Rainfall is mostly the least in Turkey in May.

What are you waiting for? Book that Turkey trip in May to enjoy its scenic beauty!

Cost of Turkey trip in May

May is the peak season to visit Turkey so you can expect the cost of the trip to be slightly higher.

However, the cost of a Turkey trip in May totally depends upon the type of accommodation you choose, your eating preferences, personal spending habits, etc.

It is advisable to book your trip to Turkey in May well in advance to avoid soaring prices. 

November-March is considered to be off-season in Turkey. The prices are relatively lower and more affordable and you can even avoid long tourist lines at various attractions during this time.

How to plan a trip to Turkey in May on a budget?

If you want to experience the pleasant weather of Turkey in May while exploring its picturesque cobblestone streets and majestic attractions, here’s how you can plan your trip on a budget:

  • Book early: Book your flights and accommodations well in advance since it is a peak season and the prices will only go higher as your travel dates come closer.
  • Go local: Shop, eat and drink local. Avoid high-end restaurants and try the famous Turkish street food. We guarantee that you will not regret it! Also, shop artifacts and souvenirs from local shops and street vendors for lower prices and support the local economy.
  • Accommodation: If you are on a budget, you can opt for hostels and homestays. You can easily get multiple occupancy rooms for a fair price. You can also find budget hotels that are not too heavy on your pocket!

Hostels in Turkey: Second Home Hostel, Wabi Sabi Hostels, Bahaus Hostel, Stay Inn Taksim Hostel, Hostel Le Banc, Be Bold Hostel, Flaneur Hostel, Diadem Cappadocia Guest House and Hostel

Budget hotels in Turkey: BayMari Suits City Life, Gleam Collection Hotel, HaciBayram Hotel, Mula Hotel, Akgun Istanbul Hotel, Adalya Port Hotel, Lara Marine Homes, Audo Studio Hotel, Notus Suites, Costa Bodrum City

  • Public transport: Instead of renting transportation, go for public transport like buses, metros, and trains to travel cheap like a local. Who knows you might end up making some cherished memories!

Places to visit in Turkey in May 

There are so many places that you can head over to capture the true Turkish beauty.

From eye-catching cityscapes to breathtaking landscapes, there is so much to explore in Turkey in May. The blooming season is a cherry on top as it gives an added touch of charm!

Here are some of the best places to visit on a Turkey trip in May:

  • Istanbul: Historical sites, cafes and restaurants, mosques, European and Asian influence
  • Cappadocia: Caves, Uchisar Castle, scenic landscapes, hot air balloon rides
  • Antalya: Beaches, Roman ruins, water sports, museums, parks
  • Bodrum: Bodrum Castle, museums, ancient ruins, nightlife, beaches
  • Pamukkale: Thermal spa terraces, historical sites, travertines, caves
  • Ankara: Historical sites, mosques, museums, art and culture
  • Marmaris: Nightlife, beaches, museums, boat tours
  • Alacati: Beaches, windmills, cafes, vineyards, cobbled streets

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