Thailand, the Land of Smiles continues to attract a wide range of tourists due to its diverse landscapes, welcoming hospitality, top beaches, and shopping paradise.

Thailand has continued to be one of the major tourist destinations in South Asia. The country is known for its beautiful elephant and Buddha figurines, and dry fruits collection.

One can also explore a great range of accessories and silver jewelry. You can bring back some of the best spices from the country for all the food lovers out there.

So, without waiting further, check out the best things to buy in Thailand and the top places to buy them from, and take the best gifts home.

Unpack the Top 11 Things to Buy in Thailand

1. Thai Spices 

The story of Thai food keeps revolving around various parts of the world. This being said, Bangkok continues to be an ideal place to grab some Thai spices.

If you are thinking of a gift for your friend or something to take back to your home, then this is a useful option for sure.

Where to buy from - Spice Story, Gourmet Market, Little India

2. Silver Jewellery

Thai Silver Jewellery is one of the best ones you can shop for. Be it necklaces, bracelets, or anklets, there are just so many options to try.

Furthermore, there is a good range of styles available. These ornaments also leave a glimpse of the cultural heritage and are often designed by tribal folks in the northern part of Thailand.

Where to buy from - Yaowarat Road, Siam Paragon

3. Dried Fruit

The quality of dried fruits is the fundamental concern whenever buying them.

When it comes to the dry fruits of Thailand, you will find the best ones. Be assured that the dry fruits are authentic without added sugar and flavor.

Where to buy from - Chatuchak Market, Pratunam Market

4. Naraya Bags

Every country has a special brand, and it is Naraya in the case of Thailand. Naraya offers a great and beautiful variety of purses, bags, and several pouches.

The best part is that you can explore some quirky patterns, different sorts of fabrics as well as good quality. 

The signature design of NaRaYa bags is made of silk with a beautiful ribbon in the center. Thus, if you are looking for something to buy from Thailand, then this is one thing that can be considered.

Where to buy from - Naraya Siam Paragon, Siam Paragon Shopping Mall

5. Aroma

Are you someone who loves Aroma and other herbal products? Well, to take away your tiredness, Bangkok features some of the best aroma houses around.

The uniqueness of these aromas lies in the fact that they are handmade from local herbs. Thus, as far as some good home decoration gifting is concerned, this is an ideal choice. 

Where to buy from - Organic Aromatics Brands, Local Shops

6. Benjarong Pottery

Benjarong Pottery is a refined and glossy artwork to take home from Thailand. The pottery is famous for all the porcelain items it presents, that too at an affordable price. 

From dining wares, and home décor items to beautiful and elegant gift sets, there are a lot of shopping options.

Where to buy from - Narai Phand Thai handicrafts store, Chatuchak Siam Paragon Mall 

7. Coconut Products

Thailand comprises a huge coconut harvest which is further used in various forms. Coconut fiber and shells are used to craft decorative items like baskets, ropes, and utensils.

The best part is that these products can be found all over Thailand, including local markets, stores, and street vendors.

Thus, these coconut products are a popular take-home gift to take home.

Where to buy from - Coconut Museum Koh Samui, the Chatuchang Market Bangkok, Farmer’s Market Bangkok

8. Thai Silk

Thai silk is known for its vibrant colors and extremely intricate designs. From scarves and clothing to home furnishings, Thai silk maintains its uniqueness in almost every aspect.

You can also purchase Thai silk from Thailand’s famous Jim Thompson House, where you can explore a range of silk products to suit your needs. From beautiful scarves to smart blouses and skirts, there is a lot that you can buy. 

Where to buy from - The Old Siam Bangkok, Quees Thail Silk Chiang Mai, Jim Thompson House Bangkok

9. Accessories

One of the most fun shopping is accessory shopping. The experience has become more happening in Thailand with a wide range of scarves and handbags to explore.

From necklaces, and keychains to earrings, there is a lot you can buy.

Where to buy from- Night markets, Koh Samui gift shops

10. Thai Alcohol

Thai Alcohol is another item that is quite well known and can be brought to Thailand. A Western alcohol brand would add up to the cost of taxes.

However,  taking On Koh Samui, Chalong Bay (local rum) and Sang Som (whiskey) are good options in Thailand. 

Where to buy from: Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Specialized Liquor Shops

Pick The Best Things To Buy From Thailand

The fun of traveling to Thailand, being a part of a festival there, going to a relaxing spa, and eating Thai food, makes up the perfect memory.

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