Singapore is the ultimate paradise for all kinds of shopping, be it a simple product or a lavish one. The country is the land of multi-ethnicity and ultimate innovation.

The culture is so diverse and unique that a few things that you find in Singapore cannot be traced anywhere else.

Your shopping bags will never remain empty here and your shopping extravaganza will only fill in more and more each time. 

For your skincare enthusiast friends, the essential oil of Singapore’s national flower- orchid can be a memorable gift.

You can also surprise parents or annoying siblings with cool gadgets. 

Planning your trip to Singapore? Be ready to shop the best with this list of things to buy in Singapore.

Top Things To Pick From Singapore

1. Bakkwa 

Bakkwa is a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat product, quite similar to jerky. The technique of making Bakkwa originates from China and is quite popular.

So, you can get into trying the unique flavors of Bakkwa like hawthorn bakkwa, yuzu osmanthus bakkwa, and black truffle bakkwa.

You can take Bakkwa from famous joints namely Fragrance Foodstuff stores, Bee Cheng Hiang Stores, and Kim Joo Guan Stores.

2. Orchid Perfumes

Orchid Perfumes offer a lingering pleasant fragrance and make a perfect partner for your dressing.

Singapore Girl and the Orchids by the Bay are some of the top fragrances you can try. These perfumes can be taken for gifting purposes, or you can even buy them for yourself.

The best part of this perfume is the preserving fragrance and freshness that stays!

3. Coconut Jam 

The coconut jam of Singapore is highly famous, and known for its creamy texture.

It is made up of fresh pandan leaves, coconut milk, sugar, and eggs. It is traditionally eaten along with toast and butter. You can get yourself the kaya jam if you love your breakfast. 

4. Gold Plated Orchid Ornaments

Singapore orchids are of various types, be it the gold-plated one or a silver one. The orchids are gold accents presented with a degree of elegance each time. 

Everything is unique and has a fresh look. So, if you are planning to take a gift back home, then this can be considered!

5. Merlion Souvenirs 

The Merlion souvenirs are again one of the best things you can buy from Singapore. Merlion souvenirs are the ones you have never seen before.

Trays, tape holders, and night lights can be found, designed intricately! Many souvenirs like key chains, refrigerator magnets, ashtrays, and chocolates are there to choose from.

6. Lakse Paste 

Lakse is quite a famous dish in Singapore, and this Lakse paste cannot be found anywhere else. It is prepared from herbs, spices, dried shrimp, and coconut milk.

The satisfying taste of the dish asks for more each time. So, what are you waiting for? Savor these flavors of Lakse and bring them home.

7. Egg chips

Egg chips are one of the most famous and tasty snacks in Singapore. These chips have an abundance of curry leaves and salted egg yolks are used for their overall seasoning.

One brand you can consider is Irvin’s salted egg chip brands in Singapore. Irvin's Salted Egg chips can be purchased from Plaza Singapura or Westgate now. 

8. Curry Puffs

The tasty curry puffs of Singapore continue to be a true delicacy for a classic meal. The skin of the crust is thin, flaky, and buttery, and has a tasty crunch to it!

Nasi Lemak Curry Puffs and Chilli Crab Curry Puffs are some of the best options to try. So, cherish this golden goodie and make it your mid-day snack. 

9. Tiger Ointment

Tiger Balm is one of the world’s leading analgesic remedies and is one of the best things to take from you from Singapore.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must’ve heard about the curing benefits of Tiger balm.

It renders a completely soothing effect on the affected area. Thus, it can become a useful part of things to buy in Singapore.

10. Singaporean Tea Blends 

For all the tea lovers out there, Singapore's tea blends render a deep aromatic fusion the best choice for you.

It offers a display of the East and West. From traditional Chinese tea to English blends, each brew offers a unique taste of Singapore. So, buy the tea blends and have a cup of solace each time!

11. Books

Book hoarders assemble! The Singapore book collection is another best thing to take back from here.

The poetry would refresh you, the local literature would help you connect better and the novels would surprise you! We’re sure you can’t go wrong with a book purchase. 

12. Herbal Medicines

Singapore is one of the herbal pharmacies in the world, which offers ancient Chinese remedies. Traditional medicines pave the way for a natural pathway towards healthy living.

While these may be difficult to obtain somewhere else, it's easy to purchase them from Singapore. From Ginseng to Goji berries, the products can extensively help you!

13. Singlish Slang T-shirts 

When you visit Singapore, then what’s the reason to not get into some Quirky Fashion? Well, the Singaporean T-shirts would surely help you chase your fashion desires and have some cool looks out there. You can also take these T-shirts for your squad!

14. Jade Jewelry

The intricately crafted jade jewelry of Singapore would please you in all ways. Be it a necklace or a bangle, the designs are a perfect match to suit all occasions. 

Furthermore, the gems are symbolic and display a deeper meaning, for instance, a symbol of purity, wisdom, and deep elegance.

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