International Travel helps you explore more and makes you a good learner as well. One thing about international travel that makes people confused is what to carry in the luggage and what not to carry.

Even if you are a frequent domestic traveller, it is great to have a detailed understanding of what to carry and what not to carry on the flight.  The number of bags and the weight of your baggage are several factors that need to be taken care of.  

Therefore, we have got you covered with all the basics you should know about which things are not allowed in flight. So, the next time you pack your bag for going abroad, you have a readymade checklist to pick from!  

But first, it's essential to understand the various types of baggage you can bring on board. Airlines have specific rules and regulations regarding baggage, and knowing what's allowed can make your journey smoother.

What is carry-on luggage?

A carry-on is a piece of luggage that you can bring on the plane with you. This means that you can carry it inside the plane cabin. It is kept in the overhead bin. Therefore, the size should be taken care of. It should not be extra large.

The number of carry-on bags a passenger can carry would vary according to the airline with which you plan your commute. The passengers are usually allowed to carry one bag. So, this luggage is placed in the passenger compartment instead of a separate cargo compartment.

What is checked luggage?

Checked luggage is kept with the airline at the airport. It is then stored in the plane's cargo hold area. This makes it inaccessible to people during the flight. 

The possible question in your mind could be, "Can I carry 2 bags as checked baggage?" The answer is no. You cannot use two bags. Every airline has a weight and size restriction. Not following the restrictions attract a penalty. The maximum size dimension of the bag is also up to a limit only. 

No, you cannot use two bags with the weight allowed for one without paying a penalty. Airlines have weight and size restrictions for checked baggage. 

What is cabin baggage?

Carry-on bags, sometimes known as hand luggage or cabin baggage, are the luggage that is taken into the plane's cabin.

In other words, it is exactly the same as a carry-on luggage. It is carried to the plane cabin which makes it cabin baggage. 

International Carry-on and Checked Luggage Weight

  • Weight and Dimensions of Carry -On- Baggage

 The weight for carry-on luggage on an international flight is generally  16 to 18 lbs 

 However, British Airways is an exception and allows its carry-on weight limit to be up to 51 lbs.

As a  very general guide, carry-on baggage should have a  maximum length of 56 cm, width of  45 cm, and depth of 25 cm. 

  • Weight and Dimensions of Checked Luggage

The weight limit of checked luggage for international flights is the same as for domestic flights. The limit is 50 lbs. This is the appropriate limit set by various airlines for safety. 

International flights in the region of the US and European Union set a weight limit of 70 lbs for checked luggage(you may have to pay fees if you exceed the 50 lb limit guideline). Thus, all this information should be checked with the airline you are traveling with.

Furthermore, the dimensions of the checked luggage are set at a standard of  62 linear inches for international travel. 

What are the allowance criteria?

Airlines charge some extra fees and allow you to carry some extra weight apart from the set weight. However, these criteria would vary from airline to airline, which should be checked accordingly. 

After learning the bag types, weight guidelines, and allowance criteria, let us know the things not allowed in flight in your cabin and checked baggage respectively. 

What are the things not allowed in flight in the Hand Luggage?

Here is a list of things not allowed in flight in your hand luggage.


If you intend to take any cosmetics with you which are in liquid form, then the key is to put it in a  small container. The liquid should be around 100ml only. A big bottle would not be allowed. 


Well, no marks for guessing. Guns, including any guns, even if it is a toy gun, cannot be taken on a plane.

Sporting Goods

Hiking poles, golf clubs, and hockey sticks are certain sporting goods that are one of the things not allowed in flight. 

Flammable Items

Fuses and light refills are the flammable items that we often miss to keep a check of. They are not allowed on a plane as it could catch fire.

Any kind of Blade

Bowling pins, any kind of blade, and more are again not allowed on the plane.

Fresh Farm Produce

The basic concept is that these farm products like cut fresh fruits or meat products carry a risk of attracting an infection, or disease, by attracting a pest around it.

To understand the gravity of the situation, you need to know that this infection is the one you will carry all along to another country. Therefore, you need to avoid it. But, at the very same time, solid(uncut) fruits and vegetables may be kept in. 

The above restrictions may be too many. However, each of these carries its justified explanation to avoid a situation of an accident, crime, or any unfavorable scenario. 

What are the things not allowed in the checked luggage on a flight?

1. Bug Spray- The bug sprays that you spray in the air are not allowed on the flight. However, you can carry mosquito repellants for your protection.

2. Meat Cleavers are also not allowed. 

3. Box Cutters- Box cutters have come in the category of sharp equipment, so it is not allowed. 

4. Aerosols- Aerosols are for various purposes. While medical purpose aerolls can go in, other ones like spray paint, air freshener, or cooking spray are not allowed in a flight. 

5. Christmas Crackers- You may be going on a Christmas vacation, but you cannot carry Christmas crackers with you.

6. Fireworks- Similar to Christmas crackers, fireworks are not allowed as well. 

7.  Medical marijuana - You cannot carry medical marijuana.

8. Paint- When we talk about artist paints, they are usually non-flammable, so they are allowed. 

9. Torch Lighters- especially lighters emitting a high-temperature jet of flame- are not allowed on airplanes.

10. Scissors- scissors with a sharp tip cannot be taken 

11. Matches- You can carry safety matches in your carry-on, but no matches are allowed in the checked bags, so remember that.

Mercury thermometer- It is not allowed in the checked bag. Also, a barometer is not allowed. However, if you are a government employee, then you can carry it.

  • Hazmats- Various radioactive materials, poisonous, toxic substances, or flammable liquids are not allowed inside the checked-in baggage.
  • Box Cutter- A box cutter is a kind of razor blade knife, a carpet knife, or a stationery knife in a way. Therefore, it is one of the things not allowed in flight.
  • Explosive Replica- Even if an explosive is a children’s toy, any kind of toy identical to a bomb, grenade, and more, is not allowed.

Golden Rule for Packing Checked Luggage

After you have seen the items that are restricted in your checked baggage, let us look at another aspect. Items such as passports and travel documents, prescriptions for medicines, electronics, cameras, jewelry, an item of precious clothing, eye drops( any personal item that is irreplaceable for you), cherished stuffed toys should be avoided to be packed in the checked luggage.

Here, the golden rule is that valuable items stay close. So, anything that is valuable should not be put in the checked luggage. You need to understand that this is the bag that goes in the plane's cargo. It doesn't remain with you.

For this same reason, you can remain on the safer side if there is a baggage loss or a damage benefit.  Travel insurance could always come in handy in this case and can compensate you for the loss.


Question 1- Is perfume allowed in check-in baggage?

Answer- Yes, you can carry. However, there are two things to keep in mind. Firstly, it should not be open from the opening, and should not have a breakage or any hole which could make it spill. Secondly, the quantity should not be more than 500ml (16.9 ounces) per container. the overall quantity of perfume in your luggage should not exceed 2kg (4.4 pounds). 

Question 2- Is ghee allowed on international flights?

Answer- Yes, ghee is allowed when you are traveling abroad. Remember to pack it securely enough, so that it doesn't have a chance of opening.

Question 3- Can we carry masala on international flights?

Answer- Some food items like spices and condiments that are mostly dried spices are allowed to be carried. At the same time, when traveling from India basic Indian spices such as garam masala or sambar powder can be carried along. However, you again need to note that it should be unopened and a commercially labeled package.

Question 4- Can I take fruits with me?

This is a frequently asked query by travelers when going on an international flight. So remember, you are not allowed to bring any type of fresh produce. It being peeled or cut does not matter at all, it is still restricted. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and mushrooms, all are prohibited.

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