The world we have entered is an era of globalization and extensive exposure to various international worlds, and destinations like South Korea have started becoming more and more demanding than ever. The country is often called the Land of Morning Calm! This Asian country has numerous unique things about itself.

For instance, the obsession with makeup makes it the makeup capital, and then late-night snacking is something you should surely try here. This is because of their exceptional food-delivering experience.

Moreover, the capital city of South Korea, Seoul is the largest city in South Korea and also the third-largest city in the world!  And then comes Kimchi. This is not just a normal dish eaten for fun but helps you with your digestive health, so this is another thing you should not miss to eat when you go to Korea. 

Besides all this, visiting the country on a planned budget must be your priority. Let's explore the basic rates and have an idea of how to plan the  South Korea trip cost from India. South Korea, which is an exciting as well as complex country, will surely astonish with everything it has to offer. 

Planning the South Korea Trip Cost from India

The expenses will be on four major things. They include flights, hotel stays, food, and commutes. Let’s have a look at a detailed travel plan and also the budget figures, which will help you to plan your trip in a more economical and yet interesting manner.

  • Plan Your Accommodation

The hotel cost in Korea could vary from a range of Rs 3000 to Rs 11000 and more. This depends upon the hotel you are staying in, and the location of the hotel. 

  • Show ITR For the Last Three Years

It is necessary to have documents prepared beforehand. Having an ITR for the last three years should be noted. 

  • Trip Tickets

Make sure to book your round-trip tickets early. This is because it makes the ticket price less expensive. If you book your tickets,  seven to eight weeks before, you can actually get a better price.

  • SIM Connection

You can purchase a SIM card or a wifi card from the airport itself. The price at the airport will be cheaper and you will be able to use your devices without a pause. 

  • Travel Insurance

Safety is never an expense, it is precisely invaluable. Therefore, make sure to get travel insurance done before you go. 

Day 1

When you arrive in South Korea you can go to the Hongdae area. If you arrive by late evening or at night, then you can have a warm welcome in this area.

This area is extremely famous for its nightlife and fun and has various options to explore shopping easily.  The night market here will please you for sure. The downtown area helps you connect with the locals and gives you an opportunity for sightseeing. 

As far as accommodation is concerned, then you can either book a hotel, or a guest room(which will be cheaper) and spend the night. Guest Rooms in Korea, and neat, clean, and decent enough.

So, you need not worry. If you choose a hotel, the hotel cost per night would start from a minimum of Rs 2800 and can go up to Rs 600 for hotels like Fairfield by Marriott in Seoul. This insight could help you choose a hotel that would balance your overall budget.

Day 2

Thereafter, the following day, you can head to the city which will make your experience more meaningful. Yes, it is Seoul. The local sightseeing in Seoul, visiting Seoul Tower, Bukchon Hanok Village, National Museum of Korea, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Lotte World Tower, Itaewon, Blue House, Seoul Museum of Art, Jingwansa Temple, Bukhansan National Park, Cheonggyecheon and so much more.

Moreover, the love locks concept at the Seoul Tower is quite popular. Well, do not ask us to visit the country and experience it in the best way. Seoul Museum of Art and Bukhansan National Park are free tourist attractions.

For the Seoul Tower, the 1st floor of the Plaza of the N Seoul Tower provides a 16,000 WON ticket for an adult, which allows you to go up to the tower. Thereafter,  when you have filled your heart with all the fun here, you can head towards the famous Jeju Island.

As far as the commute is concerned, you can take a cab for a reasonable amount. The fares range from Rs 140 to Rs 630 in accordance with the distance traveled. From Seoul, you can also catch KTX to Makpo, Busan before catching a ferry to Jeju Island. 

Day 3

Now, after you have given a day to Seoul, you can head to one of the best places in South Korea, the famous Jeju Island.  The island welcomes you with the best natural beauty and immense serenity.

Gloucester Hotel Jeju, Ecoland Hotel, and Hallim Resort are a few hotels in Jeju Island that you can get on a budget of Rs 5000 per night. There are hotels available at a price lower and higher than this. You can pick as per your budget. 

Day 4

Well, on the fourth day, you can explore more of this stunning island of Jeju or go to Jeju City. There are around 70 casinos on this island.  Jeju Oriental Hotel & Casino, and Lotte Hotel Jeju are just a few of them. 

The price begins from Rs 500-5500. Sangumburi Crater, Eco Land Theme Park, Hallim Park, Udo, Dongmun Market, and more can be explored when you are on Jeju Island. Korea’s cherry blossoms start blooming in mid-March here. So, if you visit Jeju around this time, do not forget to cherish this lifetime experience with your loved ones.

Day 5

After having all the fun on Jeju Island, you can head back to Seoul. Since you are now aware of the fares, you can choose the most economical mode as per your budget.

You can pay a visit to Myeongdong- a shopper's paradise that features a wide range of shops. Myeongdong is the place that can give you so much to carry back to India as a memory of Korea. 

Furthermore, Seoul experiences cherry blossoms in early April. If you are a true gazer of this natural scene, then plan your trip accordingly!

Day 6

Furthermore, you can also go to Nami Island and Petite France in Seoul. Korean movies and serials have made these places quite popular.

There is an entry ticket for them. The entry ticket for Nami Island is around Rs 1000 for adults and Rs 620 for children. The entry ticket for Petite France is around Rs 620 for adults and Rs350 for children.

Nami Island is a half-moon-shaped island situated in the Gangwon Province of South Korea. The beauty of this place will mesmerize you!

Day 7

The next day, you can depart from South Korea.  Seoul’s main as well as largest airport is Incheon International Airport.

It is a hub for over 80 local and international airlines such as  British Airways, Emirates, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, and more. It is 48 km west of Seoul. You can reach here via bus, rail or taxi. 

Tips to Make Your South Korea Trip Cost from India Economical

Firstly, choosing hostels and guesthouses rather than hotels will bring down your expenses. There is no harm in carrying some homemade snacks with you. Instant tea or coffee sachets can also be taken. It will save you a lot in one week when you plan to calculate your South Korea trip cost from India.

Moreover, try to taste the food of the small eateries in alleys rather than expensive hotels. They are more delicious as they offer a typical local and real Korean taste. Korean beer and Korean Soju can be tried rather than drinking wine.

Thirdly, using public transport can be a smarter choice. Metro and buses are cost-friendly as well as convenient. Sometimes free buses for tourists are available from Seoul.

Fourthly, you can also download the free “Subway Korea” application which provides live updates on the current timetables of the subway lines and the aligned cost. Moreover, trains for intercity travel are again a good alternative. 

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