South Korea is also known as the land of morning calm. It encompasses cherry trees, amazing cuisine, Buddhist monasteries, fishing villages, islands, high-tech cities, and a lot more. While Indians are spending big on travel, there’s a hub of tourist destinations to choose from like Switzerland, Thailand, Dubai, etc.

So, what according to you makes South Korea special? The uniqueness of the country and the welcoming reasons of the country are undeniably many. From its awe-inspiring economic ascent post-Korean War to the pulsating rhythms of K-Pop echoing worldwide, South Korea resonates as a paragon of resilience and innovation.

In this blog, we have got you covered with some facts about South Korea that would amaze you!

16 Amazing Things About South Korea 

1. The Fan Myth

Countries across the world have different kinds of fears but this fact about South Korea is amusing and unique.  If you ask a Korean to sleep with an electric fan and doors closed, they will be scared to death. So, that's the story of fear in South Korea. Does your country have a similar fear story?

2. Seoul and Education

Seoul is one of the top destinations for pursuing education. Seoul is a beautiful city and has several tourist attractions also. This city provides affordable living around university areas. Seoul encompasses a large number of universities. Besides this, there are some grants available for overseas students.

3. Cosmetic Surgery

We hear stories of different kinds of stories, but how often do we hear of cosmetic surgeries? The amazing part of South Korea is that it is a hub of cosmetic surgery. People from different parts of the world visit South Korea for cosmetic surgery. Perhaps, it has one of the world’s highest plastic surgeries done per capita. 

4. Korean Dramas

K-pop and K-dramas have been gaining a special place in the hearts of people these days. The growing access to platforms like Netflix is fostering a degree of greater access to these shows. However, besides their popularity, the dramas of Korea are actually one of a kind. They portray a deep, swoon-worthy, and heart-touching reality in a captivating way. The Korean twisted tales,  as well as glamorous stories, have been highly engaging for a long time. K-pop and K-dramas have emerged as two of South Korea’s most renowned cultural exports.

5. Drinking in Public

When we enter the travel domain, we often see various countries where you cannot drink in public. There are various kinds of restrictions and penalties. However, when it comes to South Korea, drinking is popular, and drinking in public is highly common. Not only this, when you visit Korea, you are free to drink anywhere, even on a moving street. Yes, that’s like a dream come true.

6. Seaweed

Seaweed is an essential component of Korean cuisine.  Korea is known for producing 90% of the world’s seaweed. Seaweed is a nutrient-rich marine delicacy of Korea and is eaten in various forms. Seaweed soup is popularly eaten all across the country and is a specialty.

7. Kimchi

Did you know that Kimchi holds an honorable place on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List? Yes, and Korea delivers more than 150 distinct types of kimchi in the world. The diversity of kimchi offerings in Korea would just capture your heart. Moreover, the Kimchi Field Museum documents a staggering 187 different varieties of Kimchi. 

8. Work Hours

Another interesting and enlightening thing about South Korea is that it is a hardworking country. South Koreans undeniably dedicate around 55 hours per week to work, which is quite a good statistic.

9. Fruits as a gift

We often wonder that home decor, clothes, makeup, and more make a perfect gift. However, in South Korea, if you take fruits to someone’s place, it is considered a wonderful gift. Fruits are quite precious to people in Korea.

10. Facial Hair

Facial hair being absent is one of the astonishing facts about South Korea. Unlike Western countries, facial hair in Korea is not a prominent thing. In Korea, facial hair is seen as a sign of poor hygiene and an uncaring attitude toward one’s appearance. 

11. Blood Type

Just like we check zodiacs for understanding and defining people's personalities, blood types are used to understand the personality traits of people in South Korea. This is a bit amusing but if a Korean is asking you your blood type, they are just wanting to know you better.

12. Internet

The people of Korea have no complaints from their internet service provider. An amazing fact about South Korea is that its internet speed is extremely fast. They are on a lead when it comes to internet speed. On average, South Korea has the fastest internet connection speed, thereby outstanding in almost every country.

13. Food delivery

Well, how the food is delivered, matters a lot. And this is understood by South Korea in a way better than almost all the countries of the world. Koreans are known for managing food delivery in a wonderful way.  When ordering food from a Korean barbecue restaurant or a fast-food restaurant, mostly an employee on a motorcycle will be seen delivering food to you. 

14. Sleep Deprivation

The sleep patterns of Korea show a diminished average statistics, which is around 5-6 hours. This means that South Koreans sleep quite less. It is one of the most countries in the world. Therefore, in South Korea, you can see the time of sleeping at night to be quite late and the waking up time to be quite early in the morning.

15. Makeup

Makeup is a highly popular, loved, and to-go thing in Korea. Be it males or females, they are using some or the other cosmetic thing. Thus, this is one of the facts about South Korea.

16. Credit Cards

When we talk about credit card usage, South Korea again ranks highly. In South Korea, locating a place that doesn't use credit cards is difficult. Almost all restaurants, taxi drivers, and grocery stores use credit cards. If you intend to ask a shopkeeper if they use a credit card or not, you say, ‘kadeu dwaeyo’?

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