Singapore offers a variety of diverse experiences. From strolling around a sidewalk to visiting a museum, Singapore has the best in store for you.

Some of the top tourist attractions of Singapore include the Singapore Zoo, Singapore Botanical Garden, and East Coast Park. The best time to visit Singapore is June to July. 

A Singapore trip could be expensive if not planned in the right direction with the right hacks. 

In this blog, we’ve outlined the best hacks to save money on your trip. So, let’s know more about how to stay economical and travel Singapore on a budget.

10 Tips To Save Money in Singapore 

1. Local SIM Card

One of the best hacks to save money is availing a local SIM card. The good news is that the airport lets you purchase SIM cards. You can go from stores 7-11.

There are three different brands of tourist SIM cards namely Singtel, M1, and Starhub.

You can compare the price and package, and choose according to your need.

Furthermore, if you cannot pick up a SIM from the airport, then there are stores around the city as well! Thus, you can save money by getting a local SIM card. 

2. Shop Local

Firstly, you can go for fresh local vegetables from the wet markets, which offer a cheap price as compared to supermarkets or any other place.

Secondly, for all your fashion needs, you can always visit some popular local shops and get the best product at a reasonable price.

For instance, Elizabeth Little creates colorful vintage-inspired slow fashion pieces that you can pick.

Brands like ‘Cat Socrates’ and ‘Actually’ are some other affordable options you can try.

3. Family Membership

If you are visiting Singapore with your family, it is best to take advantage of the family discounts.

By enrolling in a family membership, you can surely avail reduced entrance fees and explore the key attractions in Singapore in the best ways.

Places such as Singapore Zoo and Universal Studios all offer family memberships.

4. Grab

When you are a traveler, then transportation fare is one inescapable expense to bear. Concerning this, when you plan to use a taxi, you can download Grab.

Grab taxis let you fix a price for your journey beforehand and let you take the ride accordingly. So, you can save money this way. 

5. Free Light Show

Your Singapore visit may demand a pleasant evening time, but what when it becomes affordable?

Well, the fun increases. Several themed light shows can be experienced at Universal Studios. The shows are free but one should remember to reserve a ticket using an EZ card. 

6. Free Concerts

For all the music lovers out there, the blend of music and cultural vibes welcomes you at these free concerts.

Classical music, narrated stories, and many more outdoor events can help you avail the fun without disturbing your budget.

7. Passion Card

Passion Card is a card that offers exclusive privileges for various kinds of PA courses, activities, and programs.

It also works as an EZ-Link card, a debit card, and a senior concession card. By availing a passion card, you can also get a discount on shopping.

8. Using Sidewalks

Singapore transportation is an expensive one, but the good part is that walking is always an option. Singapore is one of those countries that has a lot of sidewalks.

These sidewalks are quite peaceful and have protection from rain and sunny weather.

The sidewalk also has shophouses to visit and enjoy your time during the walk.

Thus, this is another hack on how to save money in Singapore.

9. Hawker Centres

Hawker Center is another popular place to visit when in Singapore. These hawker centers are like food courts and are quite huge.

There are no waiters here, you can pick food yourself and everything here comes within a reasonable budget!

10. Free Tours

The last hack is to make the best of the available free tours. Various free tours are offered, such as the ones offered by tour companies and the guided museum tours.

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