The winter season calls for a tropical getaway to relax and rejuvenate along the waves! What better destination than Singapore for a tropical beach vacation? The island nation offers a multitude of activities to enjoy on your vacation with bustling city life and serene beaches in Singapore. 

For this very reason, Singapore is a tourist hub attracting travelers from all over the world. According to the Singapore Tourism Board, more than 2.9 million tourist arrivals were recorded in the first three months of 2023.

As winter is approaching, most people wish to relax their minds by sunbathing along the seashore. In this sense, Singapore qualifies as your next ideal vacation destination. You can spend your leisure time swimming in its pristine waters and exploring the rich city life with its unique culture. 

The best beaches in Singapore are majorly located on Sentosa Island or East Coast. While Sentosa Island beaches are more lively with many activities to engage in, East Coast beaches in Singapore are more peaceful and solitary, better for a relaxing getaway.

13 Best Beaches in Singapore to Explore

Let’s have a look at the best beaches in Singapore that you can visit for an exciting tropical vacation:

1. Siloso Beach

Among the most popular beaches in Singapore, Siloso is a pristine hub of activities on Sentosa Island. Along with clean waters, it offers so much to engage in!

You can spend time here partying, swimming, horse riding, canoeing, or playing volleyball. Relish some lip-smacking delicacies at the eateries and shacks along the beach after a long day of fun.

Best time to visit: November-January, May-August

2. Changi Beach

This laid-back beach on the East Coast is the perfect destination for your tropical getaway. Popular among families who come here to spend some leisure time, the beach offers a quaint environment with activities for all.

There are many trails for you to hike, enjoy an early-morning jog along the waves, or get ready for some adventurous beach sports - Changi Beach has it all!

Best time to visit: January-March

3. Kusu Island

Translating to the ‘Tortoise or Turtle Island’, Kusu Island is famous for its mystical folktales and traditions. It is believed that the island is dedicated to a giant tortoise who saved the lives of two men and thousands of turtles and tortoises have been living here since then.

The lush green trees, colorful environment, clear waters, shimmering white beaches, ancient architecture as well as a turtle sanctuary - all make the island a perfect destination for your Instagram stories. Immerse within the natural experience at Kusu Island to make your tropical vacation interesting!

Best time to visit: September-November

4. Punggol Beach

One of the unexplored beaches in Singapore, Punggol Beach remains a hidden gem amid the Punggol Point on Sentosa Island. Even though it is well-connected by MRT shuttle and bus routes, it is not widely visited by tourists making it the perfect picnic spot for your beach trip.

The white sand and black boulders give it a unique yet Instagrammable appearance. Pack your picnic baskets to catch sunrise or sunset at the beach while taking a swim in its pristine waters!

Best time to visit: March

5. Palawan Beach

Located in the heart of Sentosa, Palawan Beach is a popular destination among swimmers for its pristine blue-green water, shimmering sand, and scenic views. The beach is loved by children and adults alike as it offers many recreational activities for all ages.

It is famous for the suspension bridge that connects the beach with the southernmost tip of Continental Asia. With many theme parks and water parks, your children will enjoy to the fullest while you can sip delicious cocktails at the restaurants and beach bars. Make sure to visit Palawan Beach on your next trip to Singapore!

Best time to visit: February-March

6. Pulau Ubin

Tired of watching the skyscrapers and hustle-bustle of Singaporean cities? What if we tell you that you can explore the pleasures of slow living and tranquillity at one of the beaches in Singapore?

Pulau Ubin offers a unique experience to tourists who are looking for a peaceful escapade. Its serene and secluded beaches, lush greenery, and beautiful island architecture will give you a one-of-a-kind tropical experience. Not to mention, its local delicacies made with lots of patience and love are to die for!

Best time to visit: March-June

7. Lazarus Island

If you want to experience the best beaches in Singapore, Lazarus Island is definitely the place to be! Its beaches are secluded from the hustle-bustle of the city and have remained off-beat even now.

With no restaurants or resorts on the island, the beaches have retained their peace and serenity. The refreshing atmosphere and tropical vibes make it the perfect honeymoon destination. Take a swim to explore the beautiful coral reefs and marine life in the clear waters of the island or stroll around its lush tropical jungle to find exotic flora and fauna. 

Best time to visit: November-January

8. Tanjong Beach

One of the best beaches in Singapore, Tanjong Beach is a crescent-shaped man-made beach located on the south coast of Sentosa. With shallow clean water, beautiful white sand, tropical palm trees, and the best nightclubs, the beach is the perfect destination to party all night long.

Due to its unique location, Tanjong Beach is a hidden gem where you can relax and rejuvenate on your trip to Singapore.

Best time to visit: October-February

9. Pasir Ris Beach

One of the largest beaches in Singapore, Pasir Ris Beach is another go-to picnic spot for tourists. Stretching over a distance of 6.6 km, the beach is filled with lush mangrove forests which make for a whole other adventure.

You can enjoy a family picnic at the beach along the waves and cool ocean breeze to relax your mind or go for a short stroll around its nature parks to explore exotic birds and plants.

Best time to visit: February

10. East Coast Park Beach

Established in the 1970s, this themed beach park welcomes tourists with a motto of ‘Recreation for all’. The beach park has an urban setting with all that is needed for the recreation of people across ages.

You can jog, relax, cycle or enjoy the water sports along the coastline, making it a perfect spot for a family vacation. There are a variety of water and land sports activities at the Xtreme Skate Park, a theme park for all. 

Best time to visit: August-October

11. Coney Island

One of the cleanest beaches in Singapore, Coney Island is a captivating getaway for a tropical vacation. Its natural beauty and tranquillity attract many couples for a leisurely romantic time.

The panoramic views, rustic trails, and great restaurants with mouth-watering food on this island will definitely make you fall in love with its simplicity. Sunbathe by the beach or go for a nature walk exploring the flora and fauna with your partner at Coney Island.

Best time to visit: May-September

12. St John’s Island

With its exquisite location and natural marvels, St John’s Island is one of the most famous and best beaches in Singapore to visit on your next trip.

There are many passages and caves that catch the attention of adventure freaks along with its lush mangrove forests that call for short hikes.

One can spend their day exploring nature, hiking and strolling around the island, or indulging in thrilling water sports, or simply relaxing under the warm beach sun. The friendly cats roaming around the island make it a paradise for cat lovers!

Best time to visit: December-March

13. Sisters Island

Exotic marine life, shimmering white sand, crystal clear water, various species of corals as well as a rich mystical tradition - all these make Sisters Island the perfect tropical getaway.

It is a group of two islands - Big Sister’s Island aka Pulau Subar Laut and Little sister’s Island aka Pulau Subar Darat, which are separated by a water channel.

There are many local stories surrounding it that appeal to tourists. The beauty of this island is truly unmissable! However, make sure to check for any required permits before heading to Sisters Islands.

Best time to visit: February-April

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