The diverse land of Vietnam has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

In the first quarter of 2024, Vietnam welcomed more than 4 million foreign tourists as per the General Statistics Office, Vietnam.

Travelers to the country explore its distinct geography along with culture, cuisine, and shopping in Vietnam. 

You may have heard a lot about Vietnam’s rich history and culture and planned to visit its beautiful beaches and peaceful hills.

But did you know that Vietnam has a vibrant shopping culture as well? From street-side flea markets to branded stores, many shopping places in Vietnam are great for your retail therapy. 

Exchanging currency for shopping in Vietnam

The currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong or VND. 1 INR equals approximately 305.74 VND. Some shops, restaurants, and markets may accept USD for payments.

However, it is always advisable to get your currency exchanged due to higher exchange rates that might be levied at shopping places in Vietnam.

You can get your INR exchanged to VND easily at the airport if you haven’t done it before traveling.

You will be required to show your passport while exchanging currency. ATMs are also widely available in cities that dispense money in VND.

Make sure to check the international transaction fees with your bank beforehand.

Vietnamese Dong is unique and the denominations are quite different from Indian currency. Check out the Vietnamese denominations:

How much money should you take for shopping on a trip to Vietnam?

This totally depends on your personal spending habits. If you shop on a budget and prefer street shopping, you can keep a shopping budget of around 10,000 INR for the entire trip. 

Those who love to spend lavishly and are ardent collectors of artwork or high-quality handcrafted goods shall keep 20,000 INR or more for extravagant shopping in Vietnam. 

Top 10 Shopping Places in Vietnam

It’s time to take out your shopping bags to get some memorable souvenirs from the best shopping places in Vietnam!

1. Ben Thanh Market

Trendy clothes, textiles, hand-crafted souvenirs, watches - what isn’t there in Ho Chi Minh’s Ben Thanh Market? Vietnamese Coffee is its best-selling product so don’t forget to take some home for an authentic Vietnamese brew in the morning.

Frequented by both locals and tourists alike, this is one of the best places for shopping in Vietnam.

2. Hanoi Night Market

Make the best out of your shopping experience under the Vietnamese night sky at one of its most famous night markets.

Savor the most delicious street food while shopping your heart out and enjoying the happy vibe of this place.

The market is lit up with decorative lights at night making it perfect for some street photography. 

3. Central Market Hoi An

Elevate your shopping experience in Vietnam by visiting the heritage Central Market of Hoi An along the banks of River Thu Bon.

From fresh produce of vegetables and spices to local handicrafts and handmade textiles, this place offers an authentic experience for shopping in Vietnam. 

4. An Dong Market

This indoor shopping complex is one of the best shopping places in Vietnam. Each level is dedicated to a specific good making your shopping experience more convenient.

The market’s large variety of clothing and jewelry attracts tourists from all spheres. You can check out the top floor if you prefer local items more than commercial produce. 

5. Cai Rang Floating Market

This unique market in the Mekong Delta offers a shopping experience like no other! Explore the vibrant produce of fruits, vegetables, and handicrafts while floating on a boat.

Remember to spot a picturesque bridge that serves as the perfect photography location on your shopping expedition. Avoid morning hours to stay away from huge crowds. 

6. Nha Trang Market

This is one of the busiest shopping places in Vietnam. From clothes, trinkets, watches, and sneakers to the first copies of branded clothing, you can buy anything at a good price if you are a budget shopper.

The storey building is well-organized for shoppers to navigate easily. On the backside of the market, you will find various delicacies to relish after your shopping spree. 

7. Dong Xuan Market Hanoi

Low on a shopping budget? Try this one-of-a-kind market for shopping in Vietnam.

You will find almost anything you are looking for - from everyday food items to clothing, handbags, and fabrics.

Nestled in the historic town of Hanoi, this market offers goods at wholesale prices so shop till you drop!

8. Trang Pottery Village

For a unique and fun shopping experience in Vietnam, head to Trang Pottery Village.

Take a bus from Hanoi that will drop you to the traditional village of Bat Trang which is close to the market.

Here you will find beautiful and intricate pottery and ceramic shops selling trinkets and household items. A visit to this quaint pottery village is a must-do on your trip to Vietnam!

9. Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

This is the place for all the luxury shoppers. This mall has more than 600 flagship stores, various restaurants and cafes, and one of the largest art galleries in Vietnam.

You will find the best of international brands here elevating your shopping experience.

This megamall also houses a waterpark with various attractions making it the perfect place to spend time with your family. 

10. Ha Long Night Market

Shop with a vibe at one of the best places for shopping in Vietnam. Located at Ha Long Bay, this night market is perfect for an evening shopping stroll.

There is a variety of products to shop including seashells, local artwork, handmade crafts, etc.

Once you are done with shopping, you can relax at the Bay’s promenade enjoying the evening views. 

How to bargain while shopping in Vietnam?

Bargaining is a must while shopping in Vietnam so don’t hesitate to ask for a price that you think is suitable for your purchase. Here are some tips to get shopkeepers to lower their prices:

  • Ask for half of the price mentioned by the shopkeeper and negotiate accordingly.
  • If you are not satisfied with the price, walk away. It is likely that the shopkeeper will agree to your price.
  • If a product has a price tag, it is likely that the price is non-negotiable.
  • Malls and big departmental stores do not negotiate prices. Use your bargaining skills to the best at local markets.
  • Learn some local phrases, it will elevate your chances of negotiating the price. For example, “Qua Dat” means too expensive.

Make the best out of your experience at the most famous shopping places in Vietnam with this shopping guide. From vibrant local markets to unique night markets and high-end malls, the shopping scene in Vietnam is one-of-a-kind. 

Don’t forget to get some beautiful handmade souvenirs for your loved ones! Speaking of shopping, get your Vietnam visa from the comfort of your home with Visa2fly. Happy shopping!