Why did my Schengen visa get rejected? This is a highly common question heard from people when they want to travel to Europe. Well, we all have heard that getting a Schengen visa is not too easy. But the question is what makes it difficult?

Let's understand the mechanism to proceed with the visa in the right manner. The fundamental mantra is to minimize all the Schengen visa rejection reasons. When there are numerous reasons upon which the visa acceptance is conducted, then controlling the reasons for rejection is the way to get your visa approved and go for your trip seamlessly.

For instance, not having a detailed itinerary, being nervous during the interview, or perhaps, not being able to present financial proof.  All these reasons could become a hurdle in your Schengen visa-obtaining process. This blog covers everything that you need to take care of. So, let's know more about this. 

Common Reasons Why Schengen Visa Applications Get Rejected

1. Unclear Purpose of Travel

As it is said, the intent has to be clear. It does not matter which country you are traveling to, your purpose of travel should have clarity. Whether you are traveling for business purposes or a family vacation, you should provide clear information to avoid any kind of rejection on the visa.

2. False  Documentation

The entire visa-obtaining process is grounded upon the documents you provide. Any kind of illegitimacy becomes one of the Schengen visa rejection reasons. For instance, using a fake identity could have highly unfavorable consequences.

Also, if any of your documents contain information that is not legitimate, then your visa can surely be rejected. Henceforth, one should ensure to always cross-check and avoid any unintentional misinformation as well. 

3. Damaged/ Invalid Passport

It is quite obvious to understand that a torn passport or if the pages of the passport are detached, will never leave a good impression.

So, the condition of your passport should be good. Secondly, things like presenting a 12-13-year-old passport, or a passport with very little remaining time, are cases of passport invalidity. 

4. Full Proof Indication of Not Overstaying

The visa period of the Schengen visa is 90 days, so the time of stay duration needs to be planned.

This means, not just your leaving the country dates, but returning the country dates and flight must be planned and booked. If you do not show proof that you will not overstay, your visa might be rejected. 

5. Unable to Provide Accommodation Details

Accommodation details play an important role in the visa-obtaining process. This could be an invitation from a host, or your hotel reservation.

Furthermore, not having a pre-paid tour could also pose a challenge. The fact of where you will be staying when you are in a foreign country has to be shown clearly to the authorities. 

6. Travel Insurance

Travel or medical insurance that provides coverage for your trip is a compulsory requirement. The main thing to check is that your travel insurance should have coverage throughout the EU. So, this is one of the Schengen visa rejection reasons.

7. Criminal Record

You mustn't have a criminal record. Past incidents play a crucial role in sorting your visa application. If you have a history of indulging in any crime, child abuse, drug abuse, uncontrollable addiction, and more, then this history has a chance of getting your visa rejected.

8. Failing Interview

Once all the documentation is done, the visa interview is the next and final milestone to pass. Even if your documents are accurate and well organized, an inferior performance in the interview could be unfavorable for the visa. You can learn more about visa interviews as it's one of the important Schengen visa rejection reasons.

9. Insufficient Funds

When you are visiting a country abroad, the expenses do go up. A minimum bank balance of at least €50 per day, although it differs from country to country, is required.

It is essential to provide a true picture of your financial information so that it is ensured that you will be able to stay and come back to the available funds. This includes presenting a 3-month bank statement, credit card statements, Financial statements, and more. 

10. Weak Travel Itinerary

Your travel itinerary is another powerful tool for strengthening your visa process. This means that if you are traveling for seven days, then you should have a place-wise roadmap of your trip and the activities you will be doing. This helps in giving a stronger opinion on your purpose of going to that particular country, thereby reducing visa rejection chances. 

5 Tips To Boost Your Visa Application

  1. If you are a frequent traveler, then the chances of your visa approval add up.
  2. One should Avoid Last-Minute transactions right before one applies for the visa to portray a stable financial situation.
  3. Birth and marriage certificates are needed, so they should be kept handy.
  4. It’s always a pro tip to be confident, open, and yourself during the visa interview.
  5. Have a rough roadmap of your detailed itinerary.

If you prepare your application by taking into consideration these steps, your visa approval chances increase.

Quick FAQ’S

Which Country has the highest Schengen visa approval rate?

Lithuania is known to offer the least rejected visas. It has an approval rate of 98.7%

Can I reapply if my Schengen Visa is rejected?

Yes, you can reapply for a Schengen visa if your first application has been rejected. You need to find out the reason for the rejection, change the error, and proceed accordingly.

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