With recording 93.5 million tourist visits in the year 2022, Saudi Arabia stands to be one of the most attractive and captivating tourist destinations in the world. The recent initiative of E-visa services for Indian travelers is expected to usher in an exciting era of digital transformation in the country. 

To enhance its tourism sector and move forward in achieving this goal, a Saudi instant e-visa has been launched. The Saudi government has begun the e-visa program for Saudi Arabia. 

The Saudi new visa rules apply to two categories of travelers-

  1.  The visitors holding UK, US, and Schengen visas
  2. All permanent residents of the UK, US, and any EU country 

When a traveler decides to travel to a country, the simplicity and complexity of the visa application process can go a long way in deciding on visiting or not. 

The new instant e-visa program instills a great degree of simplification in the visa application process. All eligible visitors can now effortlessly obtain tourist e-visas from the official website.

With the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the way countries aim to take initiatives in the sphere of their soft power is crucial and effective in the long run. This is where Saudi Arabia attains an edge.

What are the Saudi New Visa Rules ?

Traditional visa methods no more! Saudi Arabia is fostering growth with a new change. The country eases its norms of e-visa processing by providing a simple method, which is quick. It gives you a chance to explore the rich heritage, vibrant culture, and diverse and breathtaking landscapes of the country.

Duration of E-visa will be a one-year, and it will allow multiple-entries in the country. Moreover, the visitors can stay for a period of 90 days.

It should be noted that the tourist e-visa allows one to explore tourist attractions but is not valid for going on the pilgrimage hajj.

Saudi Arabia’s Tourism: Now and Then