Russia is one of the most sought-after European destinations of all time.

With experiencing millions of tourists annually, it continues to be a thriving tourist spot.

In 2021, Russia generated around 6.31 billion US dollars in the tourism sector itself. 

Moreover, In 2021, Moscow ranked 44th among the world's most popular cities. The good news is that now, Indians could experience the greatness of the country with lesser hassle when the country extends a greater welcoming hand to Indians.

Russia is all set to launch an electronic visa (e-visa) for Indian passport holders from August 1. It is notified that the e-visa would take around four days to be processed. Furthermore, the Russia e-visa facility would require a $40 fee to process. The answer to the question of who is eligible for this e-visa is simple. All Indian passport holders can avail of the service. The e-visa will facilitate entry into the Russian Federation for a variety of purposes, such as business trips, guest visits, and tourism, among others.

Visa Guidelines and Details

Following the news from the reports, the new e-visa will be valid for 60 days on a single entry. Furthermore, the visa would allow travelers to stay up to 16 days at a time in Russia. Moreover, citizens of some countries can also get a six-month-long tourist visa approved based on their hotel reservations.

With  Russia e-visa for Indians, Indian travelers will be able to obtain their Russian visa more quickly and efficiently.

A Step Towards Betterment

A country faces certain difficulties during the time of war or war-like situations. Similarly, Russia suffered a decline in its tourism sector due to the prevailing scenarios. However, looking on the positive side, this step rings bells of optimism, smoother travel, and a better connection with Russia globally. The development would positively help Russia with a greater FDI Inflow and greater share of forex in the long run. Therefore, the Russia e-visa facility looks promising in all aspects.