Previously known as the abode of the great demon Ravana, Sri Lanka holds religious significance among the Hindus. In fact, the people of South India as well as Sri Lankans revere him as divine for his wisdom and knowledge and have dedicated many Ravana temples in Sri Lanka. 

However, in the present times, it has attracted many tourists owing to the beautiful topography of its island, a hub to exotic wildlife, serene beaches as well as its cultural heritage. 

In the previous years, the Sri Lankan government has made attempts to promote tourism through the Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour which explores multiple Ravana temples in Sri Lanka attracting a huge population of tourists all over the world. There are more than 50 Ramayana places in Sri Lanka ranging from Ravana temples to the place where Sita was confined as well as the Ram Setu. 

8 Ravana Related Places in Sri Lanka

Are you a mythology enthusiast and love to explore historically significant places? If yes, then these Ramayana places in Sri Lanka should be your go-to. Here is a list of Ravana temples in Sri Lanka that you can visit:

1. Ella

Ella is a town in Uva province of Sri Lanka famous for its Ravana caves and Ravana waterfalls. There is a man-made cave which paves way to many larger caves and according to legends, these caves were once inhabited by Ravana. 

A 1,080-feet high waterfall can also be spotted around these caves. These caves hold religious significance to the Ramayana places in Sri Lanka.

2. Thiru Koneswaram Temple

The legend dictates that the Thiru Koneswaram Temple was built by Sage Agastya as directed by Lord Shiva since he was impressed by the devotion of Ravana towards him and thus is one of the important Ravana temples in Sri Lanka. 

According to the legends, Ravana, along with his mother, worshipped Lord Shiva here. The temple is located in the town of Trincomalee which is also known for its beautiful and serene beaches. It is believed that Lord Rama erected the second lingam here after he killed Ravana to atone for his Brahmanical sin. 

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3. Munneswaram Temple

As the legend goes, this is the place where Lord Rama prayed to Lord Shiva after killing Ravana. 

He believed that he had been cursed by the Brahmahatya Dosh by killing Ravana as he was also a Brahmin and killing a Brahmin is considered as sin in Hinduism. Lord Shiva suggested Lord Rama to atone for the killing by erecting five lingams.