Russia is known to be one of the highest consumers of Vodka in the world and for all the right reasons!

There is no doubt that its nightlife is going to be anything but disappointing! The country which is famous for its great thinkers and philosophers, is also a great place to loosen up and party all night.

According to a report by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), more than 187,000 foreign tourists visited Russia in the first half of 2023,  and the number is likely to grow.  

The capital city of Moscow is the perfect blend of Russian heritage and vibrant nightlife. Best known for its marvelous architecture that reflects its historical significance, Moscow offers an exciting experience to its tourists.

If you are someone who loves to explore the rich cultural heritage while also having a good time dancing your heart out, Moscow is the place to be!

10 Best Clubs & Party Places In Moscow

Our list of hand-picked recommendations for the best places to party in Moscow will definitely help you plan a fun night out.

1. Propaganda

One of the oldest and best clubs in Moscow, Propaganda has been offering a good time to its visitors since the 1990s.

Known for its state-of-the-art interiors, economical prices as well and world-famous DJs, the club attracts huge crowds every weekend. Its LGBTQ-friendly policy makes it an inclusive and vibrant place to party. 

Timings: 12 PM-12 AM (Mon-Wed), 12 PM–6 AM (Thu-Sun)

Location: Zlatoustinskiy Bol'shoy Pereulok, 7, Moscow, Russia, 101000

2. Lookin Rooms

Known for its lip-smacking delicacies that are too good to resist and a grand dance floor to party the night away, Lookin Rooms is among the trendiest places to party in Moscow.

Serving as a popular eatery and bar during weekdays and nightclubs on weekends, this place is a must-visit on your trip to Moscow. Make sure to try their Asian Styled Chicken!

Timings: 11 AM-12 AM (Mon-Thurs), 11 PM-6 PM (Fri-Sun)

Location: Tverskaya st. 18 Building 1, Moscow, Russia

3. Gipsy

The perfect place to party in Moscow - Gipsy is a go-to place even for the locals. Its international menu which even serves mouth-watering Indian dishes is a must-try.

With a diverse range of music, leading DJs, and a massive dance floor, Gipsy offers a night to remember. Not to mention, its well-furnished air patio delivers a vibe on a whole new level!

Timings: 11 PM Onwards (Fri-Sat)

Location: Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, 3, строение 2, Moscow, Russia, 119072

4. Gestalt Club

Atmospheric vibe, expensive interiors, helping staff, and delicious cocktails - that’s Gestalt is for you.

Its ambience is top-notch to party with your friends all night with a wide range of spirits and cocktails.

With average city prices, the club offers vibrant and engaging programs for its visitors who love to come here again and again. 

Timings: 10 PM-6 AM (Thu-Sun)

Location: Milyutinskiy Pereulok, 15 building 2A, Moscow, Russia, 101000

5. City Space Bar & Restaurant

If you are looking for a place to sip drinks with a captivating view, City Space is your place! Located at the Swissotel, it is one of the highest panoramic restaurants in Moscow offering a majestic view of the Russian skyline.

Serving an elegant crowd, this place is one of the best places to party as the sun goes down. Make sure to dress your best for the evening!

Timings: 5 PM-12 AM (Mon-Sun)

Location: Kosmodamianskaya Naberezhnaya, 52, building 6, Moscow, Russia, 115054

6. 16 Tons

Deriving its name from the classic song ‘Sixteen Tons’, this is one of the most happening clubs in Moscow.

A blend of Russian and foreign artists makes this place a must-visit party spot in Russia for tourists who want to dance to the trendiest beats.

Its English bar and brewery offers a wide range of drinks for all. Drink and dance but responsibly!

Timings: 11AM-6AM (Mon-Sun)

Location: Ulitsa Presnenskiy Val, 6, building 1, Moscow, Russia, 123022

7. Troyka Multispace

Known for its high-technology transforming space, Troyka is a haven for party animals.

Divided into three floors, the place has massive space to accommodate huge crowds for its crazy parties featuring world-class artists.

The first floor is a welcome zone with two dance floors on the second and third floors respectively.

Make sure to make the best out of the party experience by checking their events beforehand. 

Timings: 9 PM-6 AM (Mon-Sun)

Location:  Yauzskaya Ulitsa, 1/15с3, Moscow, Russia, 109028

8. Gazgolder

Among the newest and best places to party in Moscow, Gazgolder is the hub of hip tecno parties that will blow your mind. Its unique interiors and decor catch the attention of many tourists who look for a great party in Moscow.

Check out their weekly party updates featuring leading DJs for a fun time on your trip to Moscow. 

Timings: 9 PM-3 AM (Fri-Sun)

Location: Nizhniy Susalnyy Pereulok, 5, Moscow, Russia, 105064

9. Space Moscow

With one of the largest dance floors in Moscow, friendly staff and a hip vibe, Space is one of the best places to party in Moscow.

Its state-of-the-art interiors are a delight for many tourists who come here to enjoy shows and DJ sets by various artists.

Once you visit Space, you will definitely want to visit it again soon!

Timings: 7 PM-5 AM (Sun)

Location: Kutuzovskiy Prospect 36, str.11, Moscow, Russia

10. Three Monkeys Club

With a fusion menu to relish your taste buds with talented mixologists who make refreshing cocktails for you, Three Monkeys Club is the talk of the town.

Its exciting events with great local and foreign artists make it one of the best clubs of Moscow to visit on your trip.

The club also organizes specially curated events for birthdays and private parties so make sure to check reservations in advance. 

Timings: 10 PM-6 AM (Sun-Thu), 9 PM-8 AM (Fri-Sat) 

Location: Bolshaya Gruzinskaya St, 2/12, Moscow, Russia, 123242

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