Clear blue skies meeting the crystal-clear blue waters at the horizon while you sip wine at the shore - sounds like a perfect vacation, doesn't it?

What if we tell you that Greece in October has that dreamy charm that you might be looking for on your next trip!?

According to a report by Hindustan Times, more than 22 million tourists visited Greece during the first eight months of 2023.

It’s time to book your Greece trip in October this year. With blue-white aesthetics, state-of-the-art architecture, historical sites to marvel, and delicious Greek cuisine, you are in for an experience of a lifetime.

Here’s everything you need to know before planning your trip to Greece in October:

Greece Weather in October

With mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine for day-outs, October is the ideal time to visit the country of Aegean islands.

Greece in October has temperatures ranging between 24-14 degrees celsius.

There may be some rain showers towards the end of the month as the colder months approach, but otherwise, the weather remains pleasant during October. 

Is October a good time to visit Greece?

Being the shoulder season, Greece is not too packed with tourists during October.

If you are someone who doesn’t like long queues at tourist places, a Greece trip in October may be a good idea for you! 

It is the ideal time to explore the various Aegean islands while island hopping, rock climbing, biking, or hiking.

Along with fewer tourists, you may also get cheaper hotel and flight costs compared to the summer months. 

What should you pack for a Greece trip in October?

  • Make sure to pack sunscreen if you are planning to relax on the beach. The days remain warm in Greece in October. 
  • Pack swimwear, sundresses, T-shirts, and other light clothes for your day outings. 
  • The evenings might get chilly so it is advisable to pack light layers. 
  • Carrying an umbrella wouldn’t hurt since rain showers are not frequent but likely in October. 
  • Pack breezy sandals or flip-flops to wear on the beach and comfortable shoes if you plan hiking.

Places to visit in Greece in October

  1. Athens: For those who love to discover interesting historical facts.
  2. Santorini: Who doesn’t want to get some Insta-worthy shots with the signature blue-white domes in the background?
  3. Mount Olympus: A paradise for adventure seekers and hikers.
  4. Corfu: From vibrant trails to pristine beaches, Corfu has something for all.
  5. Rhodes: Explore the magnificent Venetian forts or relax by the beach.
  6. Mykonos: A place for party animals to groove.
  7. Meteora: For some breathtaking views of the rock formations and monasteries.
  8. Delphi: Famous for archaeological sites and ancient temples. 

Things to do on a Greece trip in October

  1. You HAVE to go on a wine-tasting tour on your trip to Greece in October
  2. Explore the various archaeological and ancient sites diving into the rich Greek history
  3. Visit the multiple art galleries to discover the contemporary art scene in Greece
  4. Relax and relish cocktails on the pristine beaches
  5. A trip to Greece is incomplete without witnessing the soulful sunset at Santorini
  6. Greek food - that’s what you gotta try in Greece!
  7. Join local farmers picking up fresh olives and grapes during the harvest season
  8. Go on some adventurous and mesmerizing hikes that will heal your mind

We hope that our insights have been helpful in planning your Greece trip in October.

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Greece with its natural attractions, vibrant culture, and world-class hospitality, offers an experience like no other! Are you ready to embark on the land of Aegean islands this October?