Who hasn’t dreamt of spending their dream vacation among the aesthetic Aegean islands of Greece? The Mediterranean country has been attracting visitors from all over the globe owing to its beautiful architecture and picturesque islands among other things Greece is famous for. 

According to the Central Bank of Greece, the country reported an approximate 22.65 million tourists till August 2023. The number is projected to grow with tourists flocking to enjoy skiing. 

Santorini is the most loved and one of the most famous things in Greece and for all the right reasons. The beauty of Santorini remains unmatched even now! Not to mention its state-of-the-art blue-white architecture that is just perfect for all the Instagram stories. Yet Greece has so much more to offer than just Santorini.

10 famous things in Greece

Read below to find more about the 10 famous things in Greece that make it the perfect vacation spot!

1. Theatre

Greece is famous for its theater as the artistic styles of comedy and tragedy in theater originated in Greece. The concepts of ‘catharsis’ and ‘deus ex machina’ came from the Greek tragedy theater and revolutionized the art. 

All the literature and performance art enthusiasts may find it very appealing to witness the breeding ground of theater as we know it today!

2. Democracy

One of the famous things in Greece that is widely celebrated around the globe is Democracy. 

Not many people know that the origins of Democracy are traced back to Greece around the 5th century BC when male Athenians were given the right to vote. This shift in the political scenario brought about a revolution in global politics for the years to come.

It is because of Greece that we can choose and select our representatives in the government. Quite interesting, isn’t it? The ancient Greek voters used to gather at Pnyx in Athens to cast their votes which remains a popular tourist attraction even now.

3. Cuisine

Among the famous things in Greece, its food has got to be the best! Since Greece is surrounded by blue waters, its seafood is a haven for any foodie who enjoys rich taste. 

Not to mention, the famous Greek feta cheese and wines are just unmissable! Fishes, cheese, wheat, and olive oil are some of the common ingredients in most Greek dishes making it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Best Greek food to try: Feta cheese, Greek coffee, Greek salad, Meze, Ouzo, Shrimp Saganaki, Calamari, Taramasalata, Dolmades, and Grilled meat.

4. Architecture

Among other things, Greece is known for its architecture which is popular across nations. The signature blue-white buildings have amassed a unique identity for Greek architecture. Many Greek-inspired buildings, restaurants, and hotels are being built even in India to attract people. 

The beautiful blue domes and white-washed walls of Santorini are the best examples of the renowned Greek architecture that has taken over the world. Get ready with your cameras to click some aesthetically pleasing pictures with the state-of-the-art Greek architecture!

Best architecture in Greece: Athens, Santorini, Knossos, Meteora, The Parthenon, the Archaeological site of Olympia

5. Philosophers

Greece is famous for the origin of its Western philosophy as the Greeks got involved in conversations around the purpose of life around the 6th century BC. Renowned philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato emerged as the bearers of Greek philosophy as their ideas became widespread influencing people around the world. 

The famous Pythagoras theorem that almost every kid knows was given to the world by the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagorus. 

6. Beaches

Surrounded by pristine blue waters and shimmering sands, Greece is known for its beaches too! If you are looking for a quaint and soulful getaway along the coast, then this is the perfect destination. 

The crystal clear blue-green waters along the serene Greek coastline offer an escape from the crowded and bustling destinations. You can even put together a small picnic basket to enjoy a peaceful day out by the beach while enjoying a swim or water sports. Or hop on a ferry to catch amazing sunsets while island hopping!

Best beaches in Greece: Mykonos, Corfu, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Santorini, Cephalonia, Thasos, Naxos

7. Mythology

Greece is famous for its mythological legends that have been passed on from generations to generations. 

Much like Hinduism, the legends of Greek gods have been long praised and shared among people. One can spot ruins of ancient temples and acropolis across the country dedicated to these Greek gods, the most famous of which is the Acropolis of Athena. 

Best temples in Greece: The Parthenon, Temple of Hera, Temple of Poseidon, Temple of Apollo, Temple of Athena, Temple of Zeus, Valley of Temples

8. Olympic Games

One of the most famous things in Greece is its sports tourism through the Olympic Games. The country is credited with the introduction of the Olympic Games in 776 BC as a tribute to the Greek god Zeus. 

Despite the religious significance, the Games were abolished in 393 AD and reintroduced in Athens in 1986. Who would have thought that the origins of the most celebrated sports event could be traced back to ancient Greece?!

The Greek Marathon is a 42-kilometer race included in the major games in the Olympics and was introduced in the first-ever Olympic Games in Athens.

9. Language

It is very interesting to find that many words of English have been derived from the ancient Greek language. English words like history, psychology, and philosophy have Greek origins.

In ancient times, Greek was among the widely used languages in Europe in scriptures, epics, poetry, theater, etc. Today, the Greek public uses modern Greek to converse and communicate. 

10. Olives and Olive Oil

Among the most famous things in Greece are its olives and olive oil. Greece is said to produce the best olives in the world along with Italy. The Greek olives are traded worldwide given their unique taste and virgin oil contributing to the nation’s economy significantly. 

The next time you are in Greece, make sure to try their homegrown olives that are savored widely as appetizers in Greek restaurants!

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