Japan is an archipelago located on the eastern edge of Asia. The beauty and tourism prospect of the country rises with the prominent islands of  Hokkaido, Honshu, and Shikoku.

The workaholic environment of the country stands on one end, and the high life expectancy of people stands on the other.

From the land of the rising sun, with its immense beauty to the tales of our beloved Pokemon, Japan’s fascination is never-ending.

From trying sushi to cherishing the cherry blossoms, the country has a lot to explore.  This being said, let’s have a look at some of the cool facts about Japan and know the country better. 

What Makes Japan Fascinating?

 1. Oldest Company in the World

Japan is one of those countries where you can locate 900-year-old tea and other old businesses.

From Tsuen to confectioner Ichimonjiya Wasuke, there are many old companies in Japan. Furthermore, the oldest hotel in the world has been in Japan which is believed to have been open since 705 in Yamanashi.

 2. The Land of Vending Machines

Japan and vending machines are synonymous, just like quick shopping is a trend in the country. Japan is considered to have a fast-paced urban lifestyle. 

This is what brings vending machines into the picture. Japan has over 4 million vending machines offering different types of products. 

 3. Slurping is Encouraged 

Well, it is quite indifferent yet cool that slurping noodles in Japan is not considered mannerless.

It is assumed that slurping noodles helps in cooling them down. Slurping is encouraged as it is also believed that it enhances the noodles' flavor and is a sign of appreciation!

 4.  Train Etiquette

Firstly, the trains in Japan are the most punctual ones ever. The average delay that you can expect is not more than 18 seconds. Well, isn't it amazing?  At the same time, there are some train etiquettes that everyone is expected to follow. For instance, not eating on the train and not standing ahead of the yellow line. 

5. Kit Kat Mania

Kit Kat holds a deep cultural connection in Japan. It is often given as a good luck gift to children and is popular among other sections of the people as well.

The Kitkat first came to Japan in the year 1973, but the first 100 percent arrived during the millennium by Nestlé Japan.

The distinct feature is that they have a lot many flavors of Kit Kat. They include matcha (green tea), strawberry, and sake. 

6. Sushi Secret

Your most beloved dish, Sushi has its own historical story. It would be a surprise to know that Sushi was a way to preserve food and not a dish to eat particularly.

The famous Narezushi was a blend of fermented rice and salt fish. The rice was later thrown and only fish was eaten.

This is one of the cool facts about Japan that you may not have heard before!

7. Fortune Cookies

Your all-time favorite crispy fortune cookies originated in Japan. Yes, fortune cookies have been a top item of Kyoto confectionery shops from as early as the 1870s.

These cookies spread to Japanese Americans and later Chinese during the time of the second world war.

8. Eating Meat

Even though today we see Japanese cuisine with meat products, it was not the same as before. In the past, Japan was greatly inclined towards Buddhist ideas and traditions.

Thus, killing an animal and consuming meat was forbidden. However, with the opening to Western ideas, things have now changed.

9. Finishing Meal

According to Japanese culture, it is believed that one should not leave food on the plate. While this trend may be unlike most Western countries, still it is how it works in Japan.

Furthermore, if you order a chef's special dish, then it becomes more important to finish it. Thus, it is advised to order only what you can finish eating.

10. Life Expectancy

Did you know that Japan has the third longest life expectancy in the world? Japan needs appreciation for this and there is a lot to learn from the country; with men living to 81 years old and women living to almost 88 years old.

11. Suicide Forest

Did you know that Japan has a ‘suicide forest’ which is world's second most popular suicide place.

Aokigahara forest is known for its geological location and has a reputation of being home to ghosts of the dead.

12. Beverage Choice

As a general notion, the most preferred and popular beverage in Japan is green tea. Be it a restaurant you visit, or a friend’s place, or any other acquaintance, this is one sure beverage they would offer.

Green tea in Japan is considered quite healthy and is consumed throughout the year. It is served hot or cold depending upon the time of the year.

13. Drinking Water

People in Japan use the same water to drink as to do other activities such as bathing. 

It is to be noted that tap water is safe to drink in Japan. The water passes through the water purification plant and impurities are removed.

Also, you will find that it has a better taste than bottled water. 

14. Greeting

There are different ways of greeting in different countries. As far as Japanese culture is concerned, the best way to greet is a gentle bow.

Even though the Japanese do not mind a tourist shaking hands as a symbol of greeting, it is good to blend in with the culture.

15. Social Situation

Hikikomori is a kind of social situation in Japan – where men tend to lock themselves up in their bedrooms.

Thereafter, they stay locked for fear. This problem seems to affect over a million men in Japan. 

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