“Leave your footprints and take hundreds of memories, for this is the only life we have “. We can neither underestimate the joy of a cup of coffee in a Dubai skyrise resort nor the wildness of a wildlife ride in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. 

This blog apprises you of all the wonderful travel destinations that accept an E-visa for Indians. Well, yes, travelling is not a distant dream anymore, and applying for visas is no more a hurdle with us by your side. Apply for your E-Visa online today and start planning your dream trip! 

What is the Benefit of E-Visa Application?

Unlike sticker visas, E-Visas are not time-consuming. They can be obtained pretty quickly. So, if you have not made a vacation plan because your visa is not ready, then here is the solution! Furthermore, E-visas or we’d like to call it an easy visa for Indians as they are fully online and hassle-free. 

E-visa applications are often less expensive than traditional visas. A valid passport, passport-size photographs, an invitation letter, medical insurance, and other basic documents are all you need for an E-visa. 

Top 6 E-Visa Countries for Indians

1. Dubai

From world-class shopping malls to the simplest of aquariums, followed by a natural glimpse of the famous Dubai fountain, you have it all here! While the exterior of the country like the high-rise buildings will fascinate you, the intriguing culture here will please your heart internally. 

Although it comes with its own precautions, it is all worth it. So, you can hit the desert or have a relaxing swim in the ocean here. With the facility of e-visa for Indians, you can apply for your Dubai visa from the comfort of your own home.

2. Malaysia

You can begin your visit from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur here. At the same time, you can travel across the Malaysian coast to the largest island, Langkawi. The east coast fills you with adventurous water activities while the west coast mesmerizes you with the wondrous street food here. 

George Town, the capital of Penang, is another place to visit in Malaysia, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, whether you’re looking for an amazing beach holiday with its magical nature escape or a deep cultural experience, Malaysia has it all. So start planning your trip to this diverse and fascinating country today. Hurry, begin your e-visa application today.

3. Singapore

From a simple and loving dog cruise to popping into a fascinating museum, Singapore captures the best for you. When you feel like Instagramming a little more, then the Haji Lane is another spot that offers you the best here. 

You can explore the best of Vibrant sky-high art and graffiti right here. Getting into Chinatown, eating all the traditional dishes, and visiting Merlion Park and Gardens By the Bay are some places that will make your trip the best ever.

And guess what? With an E-visa, you can plan your vacation at very short notice. So you just have to look around for a good long weekend coming and the magic is all ready.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia, popularly known as the island of Bali, will always be too little to describe the vastness it carries. 

From the Buddhist heritage, and pristine coasts, to one and the magnificent flora and faunas, you have it all here. It is perhaps one of the most favored and enjoyed tourist destinations across the globe. So, be quick to fill out your e-visa application.

5. Myanmar

Be it lazing at the seaside, hiking, or exploring an adrenaline rush with a watersport, you can do it all here! Myanmar encompasses some of the best places for tourists with a wide range of cultures, diversity, and breathing taking scapes. 

Moreover, there is a lot more that you can visit, including Mandalay, a popular pilgrimage site, or Hpa-An, for a mesmerizing view.

Also, Mawlamyine is a mark of the ultimate perfect rustic countryside destination. No wonder it is considered one of the top e-visa countries for Indians.

6. Thailand

Thailand is one of the most beautiful travel destinations. One of the most satisfying things you can do here is clear your vibe and reconnect with nature. Thailand encompasses the best beaches that could give you immense solace. 

Kata Noi, Sunset Beach, and Karon Beach are just a few of them. The country is also a vibrant spot for festivals like the Candle Festival, Lantern Festival in Bangkok, and a lot more. Also, be updated with Thailand travel tips before visiting the country. 

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