The time of autumn has something unique about it. From a cozy and comfortable temperature to spectacular foliage, the time of fall is one of the most beautiful and special times to plan a vacation and take some time off. 

From breathtaking views to the wildness of the crazy outdoor activities you can actually do, it is time to pack your bags soon. The countries of the US, Canada, and France, welcome you with a pleasant atmosphere in the month of October.

The onset of November and December bring a comparatively cooler climate. We sought out a list of places that you will love. Also, the plus point is that these will be budget-friendly destinations, and in many places, October is the off-season month. Thus, the reduced working hours, and reasonable prices. 

The vibe of the local culture, the bliss of just sitting near a tree, the time of fall brings the time of magic for you. So, do not think more, just read on to discover where to go for a rejuvenating as well as affordable autumn vacation with the list of these cheap fall vacation places.

Cheap Places to Travel in October

Let’s explore the best and cheapest vacations that you can plan in October!

Lanzarote, Canary Islands 

The Canary Islands would soulfully welcome you with the best autumn. With a smaller crowd and amazing things to do, this is one of the cheap vacations in October. Your visit to the Canary Islands offers you a personal package of white sand, turquoise water, and learning about the history and geology. The stay and restaurant prices here are affordable. 

A few places you can explore include Timanfaya National Park, Jardín de Cactus, Jameos del Agua, Papagayo Beach in Los Ajaches National Park, Cueva de Los Verdes, and a lot more.


This laid-back island is the second-largest island in Italy. It lies in the republic region of Italy. It is officially called Regione Autonoma della Sardegna or the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

One can get affordable travel here when compare it to the US, UK, or other Scandinavian countries. This beautiful destination has many spots you can explore.

They include, Brandinchi beach, Cala Luna, Neptune’s Grotto, Torre dell’Elefante, Costa Smeralda and more. It is one of the cheap places to travel in October.

Saint Tropez, France

The blissful quietness of a beach has no other substitute on the planet. Saint Tropez in France gives you reasons to affirm that even more.

This beach along with a seaside resort completely takes you to experience something beautiful and different.

The beach has a culmination of comforting weather and stunning seaside. Moreover, the posh boutiques and restaurants would not fail to render serenity to you. Also, during this time of the year, it is less crowded. 

Louisville Kentucky

Louisville experiences a mild and dry temperature in October. The average high temperature ranges to 21 degrees Celsius while the average low is 9 degrees Celsius.

A mostly cloudy sky can be seen and it makes the atmosphere comfortable for many activities. Louisville Kentucky is one of the cheap vacations in October. 

If you are into history, culture, and sport, then this place is for you. You can also explore Ali Center, Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, Kentucky Derby Museum, Frazier History Museum and more. 

Asheville, NC

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Are you into horse riding and bike riding? The Blue Ridge Parkway is a scenic road that offers amazingly spectacular views to tourists visiting. It runs for 469 miles along the Appalachian Mountains.

The flora and fauna all around here, would not fail to please you. You can also pay a visit to the famous Biltmore Estate. No, we would not tell you about it, rather leave it to you, to actually see the magnificence for yourself.

To visit Asheville is to experience a blend of natural beauty, top attractions, and a fantastic taste of art. There are studios displaying the local and national artists all along. So, start planning your visit for this place that would be a cheap fall vacation for you.


The month of October is an off-season month in Alaska, and thus you will not see many tourists. It is one of the cheap places to travel in October. From the northern lights to the wildlife in Alaska, the time of fall brings magic for its tourists.

In October, the Alaskan nights are long and dark, as much as which is enough for the aurora borealis to be seen. You can experience the northern lights from several locations in Alaska, but the best places are away from city lights.

Furthermore, some truly amazing spots that you can explore in Alaska are Fairbanks, Denali National Park, Coldfoot, and Utqiagvik, Timanfaya National Park, Jameos del Agua, Jardín de Cactus, Cueva de Los Verdes and Papagayo Beach and more.


The time of October is one of the most fun-filled times in Chicago. We see that the Chicago Marathon, the Chicago International Film Festival, Halloween-themed activities, and more, are experienced in Chicago.

Furthermore, the temperature is quite comfortable for travelers. If you are looking to enjoy the fall foliage, and have a connection with the local culture in Chicago, then this is the ideal cheap fall vacation place for you.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico is a wonderful destination to explore this. In October, you can enjoy the warm weather, the beautiful beaches, and the rich culture. There are many places to explore in Cancun.

The Xcaret Park reflects cultural diversity and then the Chichen Itza. Perhaps, this is one of the most famous places , also being marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Furthermore, you can explore Isla Mujeres which is a small island off the coast of Cancun radiating just tranquillity for you. And finally the Cancun Jazz Festival is up to add more to your trip.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts offers you a spectacular view with its impressive autumn vibrance all along. With the Freedom Trail Foundation’s hiking route to the extremely lush green sceneries, travelers have an opportunity to visit numerous sites here. 

We hope that these amazing destinations this fall without you breaking your budget!

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