Everything About the Best Time to Visit the Philippines in 2024

With lush green hills, majestic cave formations, and shimmering white sandy beaches, the Philippines is truly a paradise for those looking for a good time! The archipelagic country is becoming popular among tourists all over the world. 

According to the Philippines Department of Tourism, around 1.2 million international tourists visited the country in the first two months of 2024. What is the best time to visit the Philippines? Read more to find out.

A collection of thousands of islands, the Philippines is an exquisite tropical destination if you don’t want to follow the crowds to Thailand or Bali.

Filipino culture is so vibrant that it will definitely steal your heart away! In fact, this country has so many indigenous cultures and traditions that you won’t be able to keep count. Read below to find out the best time to visit the Philippines.

Philippines Climate: What to expect?

The Philippines has a tropical and maritime climate with high temperatures, humidity, and ample rainfall. The average annual temperature is 26.6 degrees Celsius. 

January is the coolest month while May is the warmest in the Philippines. The months of March and September record relatively higher humidity levels. 

There are mainly two seasons in the Philippines: Rainy season (June to November) and the dry season (December to May). It is advisable to plan a Philippines trip from India during the dry months. 

What is the best time to visit the Philippines?

While the best time to visit the Philippines depends on various factors, tourists generally prefer to visit the archipelagic country from December to May, during its dry season.

The rainy season can be tricky as there is an added risk of cyclones and typhoons which may also disrupt outdoor activities. 

The dry season offers accessibility and is more viable while planning a Philippines trip from India.

It is ideal for activities like hiking, trekking, sightseeing along with various water sports. Even the remotest regions are easily accessible for those looking for an offbeat adventure!

What is the cheapest time to visit the Philippines?

The dry months attract the most number of travelers so you might find yourself stuck amid long queues of tourists.

If you are someone who enjoys serene getaways with a lesser crowd, the shoulder months (May and October) are for you.

The prices are lower and the weather is mostly pleasant for you to enjoy a trip to the Philippines from India at its best. 


Places to visit in the Philippines

Now that you know the best time to visit the Philippines, let’s talk about places! The Philippines is among the best tropical destinations around the world known for its picturesque landscapes and blue-green waters.  

Here are some places that you can enjoy on your Philippines trip from India:

  1. Experience the majestic tropical sunsets of Palawan
  2. Party your heart out at beach parties in Boracay
  3. A trek through the lush Banaue Rice Terraces
  4. A tour of the Chocolate Hills for nature enthusiasts
  5. Explore the island life at Pangasinan
  6. Dive into the waters of Calabarzon
  7. Escape the bustling cities and relax at Batanes
  8. Witness the Spanish architecture at Vigan
  9. Find volcanoes as well as beaches at Bicol
  10. Take a bike tour of the Zamboanga City 

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