Dubai has been one of the favorite worldwide destinations for ages. This is rooted in the warm hospitality of Dubai, tourist attractions, high skyscrapers, and shopping fever.

Yes, you heard it right. Dubai is one of the best places that provides an unmatched shopping experience for all the shopaholics out there.

Be it a local market thing or a luxury shopping experience, Dubai has something for every kind of shopper. 

23 Best Things to Buy from Dubai for the Shopaholic in You

Dubai offers something for everyone, whether you’re a stylist, a food lover, or just seeking a unique gift to take home.

So, get ready to indulge and explore these amazing 23 things to buy from Dubai, and let the Dubai memory stay with you forever!

1. Pashmina Shawls

Style up your dress with quality drive pashmina shawls of Dubai. The Pashmina shawl from Dubai is known for its ethnic designs exclusive to the UAE.

The vibrant colors and the embroidery of the shawl make it an exotic gift to carry back home.

Thus, if you are thinking about what to shop in Dubai, then the Pashima shawl is one of the top things to buy from Dubai.

2. Precious Stones

When we say precious stones, Dubai is the next natural word that comes to mind. Certain high-quality diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other semi-precious stones are sold in Dubai.

These gemstones are perfect for yourself as well as for a gift. It is to be noted that you should always request a stone authenticity certificate!

3. Handicrafts

Dubai also showcases a set of rich artistic traditions and craftsmanship. One can find a diverse range of intricately designed items such as pottery, woven baskets, and wooden carvings, reflecting the cultural heritage of Dubai.

There are various traditional markets and shopping malls that offer these products.

4. Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Dubai is also known as the ‘City of Gold’, thus some gold shopping can be a good idea. Regarding real gold ornaments, Dubai is one of the best places to purchase gold from.

This is because favorable tax policies ask for a lower tax rate, and after some adjustments, you can get quite a reasonable price. Moreover, you can add diamonds to your list of things to buy from Dubai. 

5. Arabian Coffee

The love for coffee continues to be globally shared. If you are a coffee lover visiting Dubai, refreshing Arabian coffee is one of the best things to buy in Dubai.

This coffee is known for its strong taste and unique aroma.

6. Arabic Attar

Arabic Attars are famous for their aromatic fragrance and are highly used by men and women.

Another good thing about these attars is that they are alcohol-free and are available in various scents (through blending). Thus, it is one of the best things to buy in Dubai. 

7. Electronic Items

From laptops, and smartphones, to tablets, there is a wide range of electronic items that can be brought from Dubai.

The best part is that they render a good value for money. So, if you are worried about the cost and need an electronic gadget immediately, then you can purchase it from Dubai.

8. Coffee Sets

There is always something aesthetic about coffee sets. To add to your collection of coffee sets, you can take it from Dubai.

Coffee sets in Dubai are available in various designs, engraved with some precious stones. The simple truth is that you won't find a better coffee set than the Dubai one, anywhere!

9. Ceramic Crockery

Dubai has an exquisite selection of dinnerware. The high-quality dinnerware, serveware, and cutlery here would simply amaze you!

Ceramic crockery once purchased can go on for a long time. Thus, buying ceramic crockery from Dubai is always a smart choice in the list of things to buy from Dubai.

10. Dubai Spices

The magic of Dubai flavors is undeniably the best! Be it any curry you wish to make, the essence of Dubai spices would fully lighten up your dish in every way and add more taste to your dish.

Dubai spices are not too expensive and can be purchased from local markets. Thus, these spices are on the list of Dubai's famous things to buy.

11. Persian Rugs 

We live in a world of machine-made rugs, but the value and exquisiteness of Persian hand-made rugs stand different.

They again make quite interesting and valuable things to take home. They come in different sizes, and thus the prices vary accordingly. 

Furthermore, you also have the option of customizing your carpet if you don't like a pre-tailored one!

12. Lanterns

Are you a home decor freak? Well, then one item that could be on your list is the famous Arabic lanterns.

They serve as a perfect memory to take away from Dubai, that too at a cheaper rate (if you go for glass lanterns). The overall work and pattern on these lanterns are one of a kind!

13. Kava Pots

The locals of Dubai prefer to have strong black coffee, which is highly pure and is called coffee.

To add more value to this coffee culture, the coffee is often served in fancy pots called kava pots. Kava coffee pots are usually lined and decorated with gold or silver. These kava pots do make a great gift to take home from Dubai.

14. Incense Holders

Your love for incense is fostered here in Dubai, with a collection of noteworthy incense holders.

The rich and aromatic fragrance of the incense is one of a kind and is also widely used in wedding ceremonies and various religious celebrations, making it one of the best things to buy from Dubai. 

15. Traditional Arab Shoes

Another thing to purchase from Dubai is traditional Arab shoes, which have intricate designs. Arab shoes are available for both men and women with their unique styles.

So, if you are still considering a gift for your friend, or family, then this thing from Dubai can be considered.

16. Hukkah

If you are again looking for a fancy gift, or just want a smartly designed huukkah as a showpiece in your home, then you can buy it from Dubai. A wide number of houses in arab have kept Hukkas for a royal show!

17. Camel Milk chocolate

Are you a chocolate lover? Well, then the famous Camel Milk Chocolates, a local delicacy, is a must-buy thing for you.

These chocolates have found their origin in Dubai and are shipped all across Europe.

If there is any chocolate that could compete with Swiss chocolates, then this is it! It is to be noted that the very original camel chocolates are available only at Al Nassma.

18. Khanjar

If you have been fascinated by the curved khanjars, which are found in silver and gold, then this is a must-buy from Dubai.

They are considered an important element of Emirati men and are quite appealing and royal in appearance.

Also, often these are decorated with silver and gold. You can get them at the best prices at the Dubai Museum. 

19. Oudh and Bakhtoor

Agarwood Oudh is an expensive fragrance oil that is found in Dubai and can be brought to calm up the vibe at your home.

It is made from the wood of the Southeast Asian agar tree. It comes in different forms, such as pure oil, mixed oil, floral oils, or perfume fragrances.

At the same time, Bakhoor (agarwood chips) can be brought, which can be used as a room freshener. 

20. Aladdin Lamps

Numerous Arab markets sell beautiful Aladin lamps. The best part is the overall work on the lamp.

Furthermore, the variety of colors, the stone carving, and the varied sizes make it easier to purchase a gift like this. Thus, without fail, these beautiful lamps are on the list of Dubai's famous things to buy.

21. Sweets

Dubai is highly known for its sweets like Baklava, Khabees, Maamoul, and Batheeth, which are famous all around the world. So when you are in Dubai, then missing these sweets is like missing the best of Dubai. And isn’t buying sweets for your friends and relatives back home an ingrained ritual? 

22. Tea Blends

Are you a tea lover? Well, then the exotic tea blends that fuse the traditional flavors along with a touch of luxury will please you for sure.

Tea blends of different flavors can be found in Dubai, such as Saffron-infused teas and rose-flavored teas. These freshly scented tea leaves can be purchased and relished for months and years.

23. Calligraphy Art

Arabic calligraphy is one of the most prominent forms of artistic expression that can be discovered in Dubai.

This calligraphy art ranges from traditional scripts to contemporary styles, often depicting verses from the Quran or poetry.

Not just this, you can get customized calligraphy art from various art galleries in Dubai and even from cultural events and exhibitions!


Ques: How much gold can we bring from Dubai to India?

Answer: As per Indian government laws, carrying gold has certain restrictions. The total value of gold should not be more than INR 50,000 which is 20 grams for a male passenger and 40 grams, which is INR100000 for a female passenger.

Ques: What are the famous things to buy in Dubai for women?

Answer: Dubai offers a lot of things to purchase for women, ranging from Oudh to gold jewelry like bracelets, rings, and pashmina budget-friendly options such as coffee and kava pots.

Ques: What is cheaper in Dubai than in India?

Answer: Electronic items in Dubai are usually cheaper than in India such as mobile phones, laptops, TVs, Cars, or bikes. You can expect a beget difference of around INR 10,000 on electronics such as iPhones in Dubai. 

Ques: What are the best things to buy from Dubai duty-free?

Answer: Certain brands are cheaper as compared to India while shopping from Dubai duty-free. These brands include Apple, Dio, Georgio Armani, Samsung, and Chivas Regal, Dolce & Gabbana.

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