The constant urge to munch on the most sinfully delicious munchies one can find, as soon the clock hits 4 pm.

While one craves to experience the lavish hospitality of eating in a restaurant, the craze for street food doesn’t end.

Every country has its own street food and for countries like India that have multiple good street foods, it becomes even better. 

Street foods add to the overall fun when taking a stroll across the streets of various countries. In this blog, you’re up to imagine and relish the top 9 best street foods in the world.

Let’s begin our exploration journey by tasting the famous Dimsums of Melbourne to Switzerland's hot fondue, and a dessert on the list. So, pack your bags and go after your tasting expedition by discovering these street foods.

9 Best Street Foods Options To Try

1. Dimsum- Melbourne

Are you a Chinese food lover? Well, then trying the dim sum in the South Melbourne Market would render you a completely ecstatic experience!

They are a mix of meat, cabbage, and lamb which is wrapped in a thick wrapper, and have a flavor of subtle spices.

They can either be eaten in steamed form or deep fried. The South Melbourne Market’s stall No. 91 – off Cecil Street, is the perfect place to try dim sum. So, be ready to savor this street food and fall in love with dim sums all over again.

2. Tacos- Mexico

Tacos find their origin in the Mexcio city. They are a gift from Lebanese immigrants, who arrived in the country in the early 1900s with dishes from home. They consist of a taco a small hand-sized corn- or wheat-based tortilla topped with a filling.

A yummy tortilla is then folded around this filling and then it gets ready to it. You can taste the best of tacos downside the Calle Luz Saviñon when you reach Manolo’s original taco cart, which is located across the street. Try out these tacos and make the best of the street food options in the world.

3. Arcini- Italy

Italy is one of the best places to try street foods. It is mostly associated with pizza and pasta, and a wide range of cheesy delights which are popular from all over the world.

The deliciousness of foods such as Pizza al tagio and Arancini (a fried rice ball with a variety of fillings)  would captivate your taste buds without a doubt. So, try some good pizza alongside Arcini when you are on a stroll in the streets of Italy.

4. Churros- Spain 

If you are wondering about having a good dessert when on a vacation, then Churros could be one of the best options! A churro is a type of fried dough that finds its origin in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine.

It is made up of a choux pastry that is dough piped into hot oil with a piping bag. These crispy sticks are further rolled in some cinnamon sugar and dipped in your favorite chocolate.

Even though Spain offers a lot of savory street food options, one thing you want to experience on your visit here is churros! Slurping, already? 

5. Pho- Vietnam 

Vietnam has been known for its culinary delights for ages. The country offers an abundance of street food options. But, one dish that you would not want to miss is Vietnamese Pho.

It is a typical kind of soup made up of rice noodles, herbs, and meat. The soup is prepared from the most fresh ingredients and thus it is one of the best street foods in the world.

6. Baguette Sandwich-Paris

Are you a sandwich lover? Well, then the baguette sandwiches of Paris would top your food list. They are a tasty combination of vegetables in the baguette. So, from baguettes to focaccia, there’s no shortage of amazing fresh bread in Paris.

The Caractère de Cochon is probably where you’ll find the best baguette sandwich in Paris. They are highly popular for their crips and freshness. Nevertheless, it is one of the best Street foods in the world.

7. Heng Heng Chicken Rice- Bangkok

Hainanese-style chicken rice is one of the most tasty foods to try.  A slightly peppery-sweet soup with whole chicken bone is served with utmost love!

The rice has some garlic flavor and it is boiled with chicken. If you are more into fried food, then you can pick the fried option as all.  You can always pair it up with anything else, such as a curry or salad.

8. Fondue

The love for Switzerland is never-ending, but the love for Fondue just grows each time you have it. Also, if you have it during winter, then it is the best experience.

Fondue means melted in French and thus can be found in Switzerland, France, and Italy. It is a pot of melted cheese, wine, and garlic, which is served on the open flame and one can dip their bread pieces.

Le Dezaley, Swiss Chuchi, and Chasalp are the top places where you can find Fondue. Furthermore, accompanying fondue with some tea makes a wholesome meal.

9. Luqaimat

The Luqaimat is a hot Arabic dessert and is popular in most of the Khaleeji homes. It is sweet, crunchy dumplings, and is served with honey or any sweet syrup. Luqaimat is prepared during the month of Ramadan and is made after iftar when the fast is ended. 

The dumplings themselves are not sweet but the syrup or date honey poured over the fried balls adds to the overall sweet taste. 

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