A June holiday is the best chance to unwind from routine life, and spend time with your family. Are you yearning for a good June vacation? Let us tell you why it’s the perfect time to embark on an unforgettable journey of newer experiences. 

While there are some countries that have a comfortable average temperature like Japan and Thailand, countries such as Iceland and New Zealand have an amazing winter experience during this time. Thus, as you plan to take an escape from your daily routine, these 11 countries could be the best places to visit in June. 

These places render a blend of cultural richness, natural beauty, and a wide range of immersive experiences. From national parks to surfing and good food, you can have it all here! Read on to find out more. 

Our Recommended 11 Countries for a Summer Retreat This June

1. Iceland

Iceland, without a doubt, is one of the best countries to visit in June.

Even though it is known for its winters, showers are a perfect and blossoming experience during the summer months as well. Be ready to witness the beauty of summer in Iceland, when it is in full bloom. 

The average temperature in June is 9°C (48°F) but it can go as high as 15°C (59°F) or more. The best way to see Iceland is to rent a car and get out on the open road. 

Things To Do: 

  • Camping in Iceland, as there are many beautiful campsites all over the country.

2. Japan

June welcomes hydrangea blooms and festivals, thus making Japan an appealing destination to explore.

The temperature across Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku is around 25-27° C. Japan offers diverse experiences, and events such as the Hydrangea Festival at Fujinomori Shrine, Sanno Festival, and many more. Thus,  Japan is one of the best places to visit in June.

Things To Do: 

  • Immerse yourself in the bewilderment of the city of Tokyo, witness the serenity of traditional tea houses and temples in Kyoto,
  • Relax in the hot springs at Hakone.

3. England

This time of year, the average temperature is 16°C  and can go as high as 21°C on average. During June, there are various things you can do in England. 

The UNESCO-listed Jurassic Coast offers extremely stunning cliffs and prehistoric rocks. Moreover, the South West Coast Path, which is spread 1000 km, gives opportunities for surfing by the beaches, eating tasty seafood, and a lot more.

Things To Do:  

  • Hiking trails and biking, horseback riding, and kayaking 
  • Attend the Bath Fringe Festival

4. New Zealand

The country of New Zealand invites a wide range of experiences during June. 

The temperatures tend to vary between -5 °C and the lowest temperatures and the highs are usually recorded around 20 °C.

In June, New Zealand features a variety of indoor city sightseeing in Auckland and Wellington. The South Island is one of the best parts to be at.

Thus, if you are planning a trip in June, then the winters of New Zealand open a good opportunity.

Things To Do: 

  • Engage in snowboarding
  • Explore the Abel Tasman National Park, the Marlborough Sounds, and Golden Bay. 
  • Queenstown Winter Festival.

5. Denmark

When you visit Denmark during June, you can engage in a wide range of outdoor activities. Thus, this is the best part as the weather is comfortable enough, that is around 26°C.

The beauty of Denmark allows you to unwind and rejuvenate. Thus, Denmark is one of the best places to visit in June if you are seeking an embarking adventure and a break from your routine.

Things To Do: 

  • Exploring Car Park Greens Pool,
  • Explore the elephant rocks
  • Visit the Denmark Animal Farm and Pentland Alpaca Stud 
  • Boat tours

6. Thailand

The weather in Thailand in June is around 29-31°C, in the backdrop of chances of rain. The country offers a wide range of diverse experiences.

June is a good time to visit Thailand with some of the best places to visit which include the Gulf Islands.

These islands include Koh Samui, Koh Tao & Koh Phangan, and more. All these places feature a wonderful experience and help you connect with nature better.

Things To Do:  

  • Explore  Chiang Mai,  Pai, Mae Hong Son Doi Inthanon National Park,  Chiang Rai, 
  • Visit the Erawan National Park 
  • Attend the annual Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival 

7. Vietnam

The average temperature in Vietnam during June ranges from 26°C to 35°C. Along with this, you can find some days when it rains as well. You can explore Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, and more.

Thus, Vietnam is one of the best countries to visit in June ,which unfolds a culturally rooted yet modern experience for you!

Things To Do: 

  •  Cycling
  • Exploring the market
  • Relaxing at beaches in Danang and Nha Trang
  • Visiting Hanoi( there are chances of rain here)

8. Indonesia 

Bali in June boasts pleasant weather, making it an ideal time for beach lovers and cultural enthusiasts.

Weather in June is around  33°C and 34°C. Flores, Komodo National Park, Sumba, and other places can be explored.

Moreover, June is one of the best months of the year to visit Lombok & the Gili Islands as well.

Things To Do: 

  • Discover cultural treasures at Ubud
  • Witness mesmerising sunset views at  Uluwatu Temple
  • Unveil the pristine Seminyak beach
  • Engage in nightlife

9. Switzerland

The wonders of Switzerland never go unheard. This country brings something enchanting every time and in every season. Thus, visiting Switzerland in June is another good option to pick!

The average temperature would be around 16°C. The vibe of blooming meadows, with mild temperatures, would sum up to a memorable experience

Things To Do: 

  • Explore the outdoor activities at Interlaken
  • Visiting Matterhorn
  • Explore architecture at Lucerne

10. Malaysia

The country of Malaysia invites diverse experiences in June. The islands like 

Could help you gaze at a clear sky. Amidst this all, the calm waters in the backdrop just add light and magic to the overall scenario.

Malaysia ranges around 28 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius in June. If you are planning a trip , then Malaysia is one of the best places to visit in June.

Things To Do:  

  • At Kuala Lumpur, visit the iconic Petronas Towers 
  • Explore mangrove forests
  • Visit the tea plantations at Cameron Highlands

11. Baku

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan is another amazing destination to go to in June.

The temperature of the city would be around 18-20 degrees Celsius and would be comfortable enough to travel. The culmination of festivals and pleasant weather helps you explore to the fullest.

Things To Do:  

  • Baku Boulevard Stroll
  • Gala Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

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