Have you ever dreamt of living the London life as you enjoy its urban lifestyle spending time at a coffee house or bookstore while working on your dreams?

Living and working in a European country is a dream shared by many Indians who aspire for a better living standard and quality of life. With top economies of the world offering various benefits to skilled professionals in order to combat their labor shortages, Indians are moving out to foreign countries on a much higher scale with a desire to spend their lives in the best European countries to live. 

According to reports, about 32 million people of Indian origin and 13.45 million non-resident Indians make up the Indian diaspora all around the world. Indians often choose to spend their lives in many European countries like the UK, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain among others, after revoking their Indian citizenship. However, the question remains: which are the best European countries to live for Indians?

12 best European countries to live in for Indians

Read below to find out more about the best European countries to live in for Indians and the benefits they offer:


Ranked 13th among the World Happiness Index 2022, Germany is one of the top economies of the world which provides many career options to Indians.

A hub of leading Global conglomerates, it is a dream destination for engineers along with job opportunities in other fields as well. Providing facilities like healthcare, paid leaves, and a variety of experiences, the country is among the best European countries to live for Indians. 

Benefits: Enriching culture and diversity, work-life balance, healthcare, generous paid leaves 

Average Salary: 47,400 EUR 


Who doesn’t want to live in a safe as well as happy environment? Denmark is one of the safest and happiest countries to spend your life in.

With a high standard of living, the country is all for promoting work-life balance and social welfare causes and has the least income inequalities in Europe, which remains a big concern in India. According to the European Investment Bank Report, Denmark is among the top productive countries in Europe. 

Benefits: Greater employee satisfaction, higher average salaries, lesser working hours compared to other countries

Average Salary: 71,820 EUR


Sweden was ranked 7th in the World Happiness Index Report 2022 and is one of the best European countries to live for Indians owing to its culture and work-life balance.

The country is a great place to work if you have a knack for start-ups due to its growing and expanding market and an understanding of global operations.

Though the country has a competitive corporate culture, it provides a healthy job market along with vast opportunities having the 7th highest employment rate globally.

Benefits: Higher employment rates, healthy working environment, social security benefits, overtime compensation for over 40 hours of work time

Average Salary: 49,014 EUR

The Netherlands

Do you seek to become a successful entrepreneur and are looking for an ideal place that can provide you with the best initiatives as well as social security and work-life balance to live a happy and fulfilling life?

If so, the Netherlands is the place for you. Ranked 5th on the World Happiness Index 2022, it is among the best countries to live for Indians while having a strong economy. The country also promotes sustainable energy with the aim of a cleaner and healthier environment thus seeking employees in the energy and tech sectors. 

Benefits: Since you need to be sponsored by a company to work in the Netherlands, there will be less expenditure on your part as it covers many benefits. The country is more suitable for long-term employment and also invests in many investor support programs. 

Average Salary: 38,500 EUR


The UK has a reputation for being one of the best European countries to live not only for Indians but even for Americans. The country offers competitive benefits, employment opportunities, space to grow, social and health benefits as well as a well-established economy for Indians to work and live a prosperous life.

A hub of education, it is home to world-renowned universities like Oxford and Cambridge universities that provide global exposure to the best employment prospects. With English as the official language of the country, Indians naturally find it easier to settle in the UK.

Benefits: No language barrier, inclusive of diversity and culture, competitive salaries with social security benefits, world-class educational infrastructure with practical and theoretical exposure

Average Salary: 31,461 Pounds


Would you consider living among the Scandinavian beauty, enjoying its cosmopolitan lifestyle? If yes, then Norway could be your home! The country ranked as the 6th best according to the World Happiness Index 2022.

While it provides potential growth in the energy sector, the country also offers a large number of opportunities in other sectors like IT, engineering, and telecommunication. Owing to all the benefits it offers to the employees, it is one of the best countries to work in all over the world. 

Benefits: Pension and retirement benefits, paid paternity and maternity leaves, insurance, educational structure

Average Salary: 50,934 EUR


Living in a European country can be pretty expensive for an Indian employee. What if we tell you that this European country is one of the easiest countries in Europe to settle in due to its affordability?

Portugal was ranked among the most peaceful countries in the world in 2020 and also one of the best countries for the working class providing excellent education, vast job opportunities, favourable climate, and economic development. 

Benefits: Affordable and inexpensive, fixed bonuses, low crime rates, government aid by contributing to social security

Average Salary: 33,800 EUR


Offering higher salaries than most European countries, along with providing a lavish lifestyle with scenic beauty that puts the mind at ease, Switzerland is one of the best European countries to live for Indians.

A platform of rigorous competition, the country strives to balance between high-earning prospects and a healthy lifestyle. One can easily land a good position with proficiency in English in sectors like pharmaceuticals, engineering, technology, banking, and finance.

Benefits: Higher salaries, better living standards, the hub of tourism and experiences, competitive market

Average Salary: 1,05,000 EUR per 45 hours a week


Even while working at the best company holding the best position with world-class facilities, a person desires happiness the most in his life.

Ranking as the top country on the World Happiness Index report 2022 consequently for the fifth time, Finland can be considered one of the best European countries to live for Indians. In fact, Finland proudly offers equal pay and employment opportunities to men and women alike and is one of the most gender-equal societies in the world. 

Benefits: Equal pay and opportunities for men and women, excellent healthcare and security, government initiatives to ensure the wellness of the people

Average Salary: 43,440 EUR


According to reports, Ireland granted the highest number of work permits to Indian nationals in the first quarter of 2023.

With a population of merely 5 million, the country employs a large number of foreign nationals to fill the gaps created by labour shortages in various sectors providing competitive salaries and benefits in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the workers. However, you will need a permit in order to work in Ireland. 

Benefits: Less competition from the indigenous people, employee benefits, quality of work and life, no language barrier

Average Salary: 49,200 EUR 



With its rich and welcoming culture, France is among the top countries to settle in as it offers a unique and urbane lifestyle. The country is a hub of world-renowned education with lots of opportunities in research and humanities subjects along with English-taught courses that have made it easier to live in France.

Moreover, France is known for its technological advancements and was ranked 12th on the Global Innovation Index 2022, thus providing many opportunities in this field for tech junkies. 

Benefits: Welcoming culture and rich heritage, educational hub, research and tech opportunities

Average Salary: 39,800 EUR (Net per year)


Not just for a luxurious trip, but Spain is an ideal country to work and love as well. With world-class healthcare and lower living costs, Spain has attracted many people all over the globe who have built a home and income over there.

The inclusivity and welcoming culture of the Spanish people have accepted these expats as their own making it one of the best countries to live for Indians. However, it is beneficial if you are fluent in Spanish to land great jobs in the country.

Along with opportunities in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and fashion sectors, Spain is seeking IT professionals to meet its shortage in the current scenario. 

Benefits: Great healthcare benefits, rich culture and tradition, lower living costs compared to other European countries

Average Salary: 45,000 EUR per 40 hours a week

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