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About Canada

The World’s second-largest by total area - Canada - is part of North America and is the home of maple syrup, ice hockey and freezing climate. It is a conglomeration of French architecture (which can be seen in Quebec and Montreal) and lively metropolitan cityscape (such as that seen in Toronto and Vancouver). Most of its population lie in the Southern parts of the country, while the North is home to the snowy, icy forest Taiga - the World’s largest biome.

What Canada Offers

The CN Tower was once the tallest in the world. You can still visit it and enjoy marvelous views of the entire city from the top. The country is also a popular attraction for those who wish to experience the spectacular Northern Lights. For natural tourism, Canada is the one country you must visit. It is home to over 30,000 lakes, 60% of the world’s polar bears and the largest coastline in the world. Even though the country is cold, you can have a relaxing time at the beaches or even go whale watching in Newfoundland or British Columbia. The Canadian Rockies are another popular tourist attraction where people enjoy hiking and skiing. There are also numerous national parks (within the Rockies) like the Banff National Park which tourists can visit as well. If you like history, Canada has plenty of that as well! You can indulge in Canadian history and understand the influence of French culture which has now become a part of Canada’s identity. You can also experience some of the many vibrant festivals like the Pacific Rim Whale Festival, Quebec Whale Carnival and the Calgary Stampede which are hosted every year. Lastly, Canada has unique dishes like poutine, butter tarts and frozen wines that you must try.

COVID-19 Travel

Canada is now permitting Indian travelers to visit the country again. Visitors must apply for a Canada visa or have a valid Canada visa (Canada tour visa, Business Visa Canada, Canada tourist visa, Canada visa for visitor). Only those Indian travelers that are fully vaccinated are permitted to travel to Canada. The last dose must be administered at least 14 days (about 2 weeks) before boarding and the vaccine must be approved by Health Canada. Proof of vaccination certificate (PVC) must be uploaded digitally at ArriveCan before boarding the flight and passengers must also carry a copy of the receipt to present at boarding. Travelers are also required to present a pre-entry molecular COVID-19 test taken within 72- hours of arrival. Antigen tests will not be accepted and you will not be permitted to board the flight. You can easily fill a Canada tourist visa application or a simple Canada visa application online before planning your visit to Canada.

Weather, Transport And Culture

Although the weather is different all over the country, the best time to visit Canada is during the fall that lasts from September to November. The prices are better and you will also witness incredible views of the color-changing foliage. Tourists usually flock during the summer months as the weather is warmer so it is harder to get reservations and accommodations.

Canada is well connected by a public transport system. The means and providers will change according to the city you are visiting but some common forms of local public transport are subways, buses, taxis, dogsleds, and bicycles. For intercity travel, planes, trains, and buses are common forms of travel.

Although Canada is ethnically a remarkably diverse country, it has a heavy influence of French culture and Quebec is the best example of it. You can see heavy influences of Francophone culture throughout the city as this was the first French colony in Canada. The people are generally very polite and friendly towards visitors and would love to share their culture with you.

Visa, Flights And Accommodation

Indian travelers and tourists can easily apply for Canada visa online. You first need to determine the kind of Canada visa (Canada tour visa, Business Visa Canada, Canada tourist visa, Canada visa for visitor) you require and then fill the online Canada visa application. You can easily get a tourist visa for Canada if you have uploaded all the required documents appropriately. Once you pay the Canada visa fees, upload your documents, and submit your Canada visa application, it will take a few days for your visa to be processed and arrive. You no longer need to visit a Canada visa center. At Visa2fly, we offer online best visa service Canada and we ensure that your visa-obtaining process is hassle-free. Once you have your visa, you can now book your flight tickets and accommodations. If you plan on visiting Canada during the peak tourist season, make sure you book your accommodations well in advance to avoid last-minute issues as it is difficult to get accommodations later and they may even charge you more.