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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consists of 4 countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and 14 overseas territories. The UK is mainly known all over the world due to its history of the British Empire, its colonies and other literary, visual arts and cinematic influences. Classics like Harry Potter...

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consists of 4 countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and 14 overseas territories. The UK is mainly known all over the world due to its history of the British Empire, its colonies and other literary, visual arts and cinematic influences. Classics like Harry Potter...

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Important visa information for United Kingdom

Indian visa application for uk

All Indian passport holders require a valid visa to enter United Kingdom.

Applicant must have all the mandatory documents while applying for United Kingdom Visa online as mentioned in requirement tabs above

In addition to the documents mentioned, our visa experts or the concerned embassy may require you to furnish additional documents to process your visa. Your cooperation in furnishing any such additional documents is essential for a positive outcome.

If all the documents are not ready at the time of agent visit then additional charges levied when agent visits your residence again

The fee may vary for the country if the rate of the embassy fluctuates.

Frequently Asked Questions !

  • Do Indian travelers need to quarantine after arriving in the UK?

    Although Indian travelers do not need to be quarantined upon arrival in the UK, those traveling must be fully vaccinated with a Covid 19 vaccines approved by WHO and must present a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72-hours of boarding. You must also present a Proof of Vaccination Certificate during boarding. options.

  • Do you need to be vaccinated to travel to the UK?

    Yes, Indian travelers and tourists must be fully vaccinated by Covid 19 vaccines approved by WHO. (Covishield and Covaxin both are approved)

  • Which vaccine should Indian Travelers take to visit the UK?

    Indian travelers and tourists must be fully vaccinated with any vaccine which has been approved by WHO for Covid 19, Covishield and Covaxin both are approved.

  • Do I need a negative RT-PCR test report even though I am fully vaccinated to enter the UK?

    Fully vaccinated travelers must also present a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72-hours of boarding

  • Should I book my flight prior to applying for a UK Visa Application?

    Don’t book any flight or hotel before your UK visa is approved. If your visa is refused, you may lose the amount spent on your flight.

    Get a flight itinerary by either holding a flight reservation or buying a refundable flight ticket for your UK visa application. You can get a British Airways to fare quote on your email that works as a flight itinerary for your visa application. Some of the hotel booking sites like Expedia or offer plenty of "refundable / pay at check-in" options.

  • What is the current UK visa processing time?

    Generally, It takes 15 days as standard UK Visa Application processing time, though sometimes it can take more than 30 days depending on the embassy.

    Please note these are the processing times after your Biometrics have been completed. Ideally, it is advised to start your visa application process 6-8 weeks prior to your intended date of departure.

  • If my UK visa application is refused or denied, what options do I have?

    If your UK visa application is refused or denied, the first thing is to understand the “reason for refusal/denial”. If a lack of proper documentation or funds/proofs is the reason, then ensure sure to have those when you apply for the UK visa for the next time.

    You can re-apply for UK visa by making sure you have all the documents, funds or proofs that were lacking previously. You must pay the visa fee again as the fee paid for the old application was non-refundable.

    If you do not know the reason for your visa refusal/denial, give at least 6 months before you apply for the visa again.

  • Can I withdraw my UK visa application?

    Yes. You can withdraw your UK visa application. Any visa fee and priority service fee that is already paid are not refundable.

    The UK consulate will keep your passport for the entirety of the visa process. If you are applying for UK visa in a third country, it can be scary to not have your passport with you.

    In the event of an emergency, to withdraw your visa application, you must submit a withdrawal request along with the reason for withdrawal to the consulate via email. It might take up to 72 hours for the consulate to locate your packet and send it back to you.

  • UK Visa Application - Who needs a UK Transit Visa?

    You will need a transit visa if you have to pass through border control. You will pass through border control if:

    • you leave the airport building for any reason
    • you need to collect and re-check your luggage
    • your connecting flight departs from a different airport
    • your connecting flight departs on a different day to when you arrive
    • there is nowhere for you to stay in the airport overnight
    • you are transiting through the UK to get to Ireland
    • Note: You may need to re-check your luggage if you have connecting flights on different airlines.
  • UK Visa Application - For how long is a Transit Visa for the United Kingdom valid for?

    Transit visas for the UK are usually valid for 6 months and allow multiple entries (but it may vary depending upon the decision made by the embassy) as long as your future trips meet the same criteria as the original transit trip (e.g. if you were granted a Direct Airside Transit Visa, you cannot leave the airport). You are allowed to do a reverse journey with the visa (i.e. You can use the same visa on your return trip).

  • What you should know about A (DATV) Direct Airside Transit Visa?

    A (DATV) Direct Airside Transit Visa is valid for 24 hours which does not allow you to cross the UK Border Control (i.e. you have to remain ‘airside’). If you are in possession of a Transit Visa, You can pass through the transit channels and requires that you depart from the same airport on the same day. The DATV is perfect if you are traveling to Europe and need to catch a connecting flight in the United Kingdom.

  • UK Visa Application - What is a Visitor in Transit Visa?

    As a visitor in Transit Visa, It remains valid for 48 hours that allows you to change terminals and cross the UK Border Control. The Visitor in Transit visa is designed for travelers who need to re-check their luggage or catch a connecting flight at a different airport (e.g. If you land at Gatwick Airport and your onward flight departs from Heathrow Airport). You will only be allowed to stay in the UK for 48 hours.

India to uk visa

The UK Is A Popular Tourist Attraction Due To The Scenic Landscapes And Rich History. A Trip To The UK Will Surely Be A Memorable One!


London is the most popular city visited here as it has a little bit of everything here. London has a rich history and is home to the spectacular Tower of London which displays armor, weaponry and the Jewel House. You must visit Buckingham Palace to witness the Changing of the Guards. You can also head on over to Whitehall Road to see Big Ben, the Parliament Buildings and Westminster Abbey where the royal weddings occur. London has some of the best museums too! For a mystical experience, visit Stonehenge which sits on the serene Salisbury Plain. Fossil Spotting on the Jurassic Coast, Bath’s thermal waters and the Roman Era Baths are some other popular tourist attractions. Potter Heads must visit the Leavesden Studios for a breathtaking tour of the Harry Potter sets. If you wish to be smitten by history, walking through historic York will do just that! The Shambles is a street you must visit. In the city of Oxford, you can visit the historic Bodleian Library and the prestigious Oxford University. A short train ride from London can take you to the historic and quaint town of Windsor which is home to the majestic Windsor Castle which is the World’s largest inhabited castle! Manchester, Liverpool, Canterbury, Cotswolds and Lake District too are some of the cities you must visit.


Scotland is home to maybe the most scenic landscapes in the UK. The Highlands and Inverness attract thousands of tourists each year alone. The castes, history, culture and architecture will surely blow your mind. You must’ve heard the legend of the Loch Ness monster. Well, it originates right here in the Highlands at Loch (lake) Ness. The highlights here are the ruins of Urquhart Castle, the Lochs, Culloden Battlefield and the gravestones of warriors from the Scottish Clans. Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is considered to be one of the most attractive cities in the UK due to the rich blend of both the historic and modern world atmospheres. You can walk through the alleys of the Old Town or indulge in delicious dishes in New Town. You must visit the Holyrood Palace, Calton Hill, the striking Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s seat. Situated by the bustling Clyde, Glasgow is home to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Glasgow Science Centre and the Glasgow Cathedral which was built in the 12 th century is another significant infrastructure here. George Square and Necropolis, a Victorian Gothic garden cemetery are other places you can visit. Other places you can visit in Scotland are Aberdeen, Dundee, Aviemore, Perth and Fort William among many more.


Wales is rich in its unique culture, customs and traditions and is also home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Welsh industrial heritage can still be noticed in the cultures and landscapes. Shopping, hiking in the Welsh mountains, historic attractions, museums and galleries are some of the main tourist attractions in the country. Wales has 3 National Parks where visitors enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, mountain biking and much more. Wales is increasingly getting popular as a place for adrenaline-pumped extreme sports too! Cardiff, the capital, is the most visited city by tourists for vacations. The capital has many different attractions that you can visit. Caernarfon Castle and Caerphilly Castle are the most visited castles but there are many other stunning ones too. The ancient Roman fortress at Caerleon and St. Woolos Cathedral in Newport are some magnificent places you must visit. The highest mountain in Wales is Snowdon in Snowdonia. It is popular for mountaineering and walking destinations. There is a lot you can do here so make sure to research well and choose the places you wish to see!

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is situated on the island of Ireland but is independent of the Republic of Ireland. This province of the UK has some of the most beautiful and tranquil views with exciting and fun things to discover, witness and do! Belfast, the capital is home to some exciting things and places. St. George Market is the last-surviving Victorian Market in the city where over 300 traders and food vendors come and sell their goods and delicious Irish food. The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland. There are many myths and legends that you can indulge in as you walk down to it. A walk across the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge can be very thrilling too! Fans of Game of Thrones can take an exhilarating tour of the places where the iconic show was shot. The series in particular caused a resurgence in the number of tourists that visit the country. If you like history, you must visit the Derry Walls. These city walls were constructed in the 17 th century and are the only remaining city walls in Ireland. For a weekend escape, head on over to Rathlin Island which is the perfect blend of serenity and picturesqueness. Carrickfergus Castle is the most iconic and historic castle in Northern Ireland and you must visit it!

Weather And Transportation

The best time to visit the UK is from April to September as the weather is pleasant during these months. The UK does tend to get very chilly in the winters with temperatures dropping below 0 and snow but you can still visit if that is what you wish to experience. The UK does not have any fixed monsoon months so it can rain anytime. Make sure you know the weather forecast and carry an umbrella if needed.

The UK is well connected by buses, coaches, metros, trains, trams and taxis. Buses and local trains are the most common and cheap form of public transport. You can easily get tickets at booths or even have a pass made or pre-book a taxi to the train station or airport. You shouldn’t have much trouble accessing them and you can also see their schedules online.

POST COVID-19 Travel

The UK was one of the worse affected nations in this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic greatly impacted the tourism industry of the nation as well as the livelihoods of those dependent on it but the UK is fully set to welcome travelers from all over the world again. The country has already started opening its borders and permitting travel and tourism activities and removed almost all the travel restrictions as well. Travelers must make sure that they take all the mandatory precautions and follow all the rules and regulations mandated by the authorities to ensure that their travel is hassle-free. You do not need to take any COVID-19 PCR test or quarantine after arriving in the country. But of course you will require a valid UK Visa to enter the country for which you can easily apply for a UK Visa online too.

Visa, Flights And Accommodation

A valid UK visa for Indians is mandatory to enter the country. You can easily find the UK visa application online and apply for a UK visa online from India. All you need to do is fill out the UK visa application and pay the respective UK visa fees. UK visa on arrival service isn’t applicable for Indians so make sure you apply for your visa well in advance. Tourists will require a valid UK tourist visa and other travelers can apply for other types of visas (working visa UK, Student visa UK, Business visa UK etc.). There are many flights you can take to the UK. You can choose amongst different companies, the layover periods and the classes too. Most layover flights usually land in the UAE (Dubai or Abu Dhabi International airports). You can also find a range of different accommodation options in the UK. They have affordable hostel-style accommodations as well as high-end luxury spa-kind of hotels for you to choose from. Just make sure you book your flight tickets and accommodations well in advance as finding flights and accommodations suitable to your budget may become a task during tourist seasons. Also, read the check-in and check-out rules of your accommodations properly too to ensure a hassle-free stay and vacation!

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