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About Italy

Have you ever dreamt of savouring a delicious pizza while overlooking a beautiful summer sunset on a serene Italian beach? Well, Italy has a lot more to offer than that! Home to some of the greatest artists in the world, captivating tourists from various countries with its enchanting art and historical heritage.

From the majestic mountain range of the Alps to the soothing plains of Tuscany along with the sandy crescent beaches of Amalfi Coast and the historic canals of Venice, Italy has it all. The Italian is a blend of its magnificent history and contemporary popularity centred in the cities of The Vatican (home to the head of the Roman Catholic Church) and Milan (the fashion capital of the country).

With mouth-watering authentic Italian cuisine, a unique fashion style, history rich in cultural and traditional values, Italy is an abode for tourists with varying travel preferences all around the world.

Do Indians need a visa for Italy?

Yes, Indian passport holders who are planning to travel to Italy require a visa to enter the country for tourism or business purposes.

The standard sticker visa offers a single visa entry that allows Indians to stay in Italy up to 30 days. The sticker visa for Italy may be processed within 20-25 business days.

Please note that the entry type and validity are subject to approval by the embassy.

Italy visa on arrival for Indians

No, Indians cannot avail of a visa-on-arrival service in Italy. Visa on arrival enables travellers to obtain a visa at the time of their arrival at the destination country without applying for a visa in advance.

Indian passport holders need to apply for an Italian visa in advance while planning a trip to Italy.

Eligibility criteria for Italy visa for Indians

  • You must be a citizen of India

  • You must hold an Indian passport with a validity of at least six months beyond the last date of departure from Italy

  • The passport should be within 10 years of validity

  • You must have travel insurance that covers an amount of 30,000 Euros

  • Proof of travel including flight tickets, hotel accommodations, etc. is required

  • Documents explaining your purpose of visit and itinerary in Italy are required

  • You must have proof of financial means to support your stay in Italy

  • You must have a return ticket or onward flight ticket

  • A Bank statement for the last 6 months along with three passport photographs are required

  • Indian citizens applying for Schengen visa for the first time need to appear in person to provide their biometric information.

Financial requirements for a trip to Italy

Your financial requirements for a trip to Italy from India will depend on various factors like the length of your stay, activities you want to explore, type of accommodation you choose, your personal spending habits, number of travellers, etc.

Travellers must ensure that they possess at least 269.60 Euros in their bank account for a stay of 5 days per person in order to qualify for the minimum financial means to acquire an Italian visa from the embassy or consulate during the visa process.

Where to apply for an Italy visa online for Indians?

Follow these steps and apply for an Italian visa with Visa2fly without any hassles:

  • Visit Visa2Fly’s website and select Italy as the country of travel.

  • Choose the purpose of your visit/type of visa: tourist or business.

  • Provide your personal information, including your name, passport number and the date of entry and date of exit.

  • Pay the required Italy visa fee.

  • Our team of visa experts ensure end-to-end assistance to the customers while preparing the documentation required for the Italy visa. You may download our pre-prepared user-specific samples of documents like NOC, ITR, itinerary, etc., that will help you to arrange the documentation properly with all the requirements.

  • Submit the documents to our team for validation.

  • Documents once handed over to the visa officer are submitted to the embassy with the visa application.

  • Be patient as your visa will be delivered to your doorstep once approved by the embassy.

How to check the visa application status for an Italy visa?

You can check the progress of your visa application using your unique booking ID through our user-friendly platform.

Visafly offers a hassle-free and easy-to-use interface in order to enable its customers to avail visas within the comfort of their homes. Our team of experts ensure to assist you through each step of the visa application addressing all your travel-related needs including travel itineraries, flight and hotel bookings, SIM card availability, etc., making each trip memorable and fun for you.

Things to remember while travelling to Italy

  • Pack Light: The construction of various Italian towns is such that you will be climbing numerous steps while exploring. If you don’t want to lose all your energy carrying your suitcase to the hotel, we would suggest packing fewer clothes to reduce the weight.
  • Book your tickets in advance: Italy is a popular tourist destination with travellers visiting from all over the world. Make sure to book your tickets to popular tourist sites in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles or long queues.
  • Carry cash and card: Even though most places in Italy accept debit and credit cards, it is always advisable to carry extra cash just in case since many traditional establishments may not have the card service available.
  • Dress appropriately: A hub of culture and tradition, some cities are very religious and you must dress appropriately to respect their cultural values.
  • Extreme temperatures: Summers are too hot and winters are too cold in Italy. Plan your trip accordingly.
  • Learn basic Italian: Not fluent, but basic words and phrases would do you good to get by on your trip!

Arrival guidelines

  • Italy has poor cellular connections at some places so it's possible that you might get lost even while following the Google Maps. It is advisable to download an offline map to keep track of the route while you go out to explore the Italian cities.

  • The north and south of the country are entirely different from each other - the north being more industrialised and the south being more cultural. For a more laid-back and relaxed experience, plan a visit to South Italy.

  • Many Italian cities offer safe and clean drinking water so keep a reusable bottle handy and keep refilling it to save both money and the environment!

  • Italy was built for car drives, however, you can save plenty of money by travelling in public transport.

  • Trains are preferable if you are travelling between cities. Make sure to validate your train/bus tickets through the validating machines or you’ll be fined if caught.

Travel Checklist

Make sure to visit these places on your next trip to Italy:

  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Venice
  • Florence
  • Amalfi
  • Cinque Terre
  • Lake Como
  • Tuscany
  • Sicily
  • Pompeii
  • Naples